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The Strange Religious Cult Involvement Of Attorney Jill Clark's Client, Dan Faith Aschemann...

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It's scary, actually, how well-informed some of my anonymous blog commenters are, and what interesting nuggets of information they drop...

Recently, in the course of a blog story about "loon law" attorney Jill Clark and one of her cases firmly connected to North Minneapolis issues, an anonymous commenter pointed me to a current Clark case involving a guy named Dan F. Aschemann.

Aschemann is charged with 1.) Obstruct Legal Process--Lawful Execution Legal Process, 2.) Obstruct Legal Process/Interfere With Peace Officer, 3.) Disorderly Conduct.

Pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, right? Jill Clark is making a ridiculous epic battle of it, but then again Clark crosses the line between zealous advocacy versus lavishly wasting the resources of the courts almost every time she's in front of the bench. So Jill Clark is "pulling a Jill Clark" on some b.s. trifecta of relatively minor charges. There is nothing new under the sun.

But Dan Faith Aschemann's distinctive name, combined with his birthday, is a key that unlocks a vault of bizarre information treasures. Dan, you see, is involved in a freaky weird religious cult that, among plenty of other things:

1.) Has been accused of physical abuse of children, including an incident of "mass spitting."

2.) Was at the center of a massive web of bankruptcy, nine bankruptcy proceedings in four states.

3.) Has a weird hostility toward judges, accusing one judge of being like Hitler.

4.) Describes Christianity as a "death cult whose sole function is to eradicate those who refuse to be converted." They mention Protestant reformer Martin Luther in the same breath with Adolf Hitler.

The link to this Milwaukee newspaper article, click here, tells the whole incredible story of the cult, which is under the control of a guy named Avraham Cohen. Dan Faith Aschemann is just one of the followers, though the story of his divorce from a former cult member figures prominently in the article.

Obviously, this blog posts links all the time...well, this particular article is better than most; truly a Pulitzer-worthy effort by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Even if there wasn't a "Clark connection" to this cult, I would want to read this fascinating article.

Here is the link AGAIN, click here.

"Jill Clark's Aschemann" is clearly the same guy as the "the cult member Aschemann" based on information found in numerous court records. The "Milwaukee article" discusses how Aschemann was married to a woman named "Shushanie," who ultimately divorced him. (The former wife of Dan Aschemann may be the only person in the whole world named "Shushanie," judging by what my internet searching turns up)

Their divorce in Hennepin County Family Court became a public window into the alleged practices of the cult, including allegations of harsh and abusive child punishment, and therefore the divorce receives much play in the Milwaukee article. The divorce and custody case is 27-FA-07-214, entitled In Re The Marriage of Shushanie Esther Kindseth formerly known as Kindseth, Shusanie Esther. Custody of the children was awarded to the mother. The father was not allowed to involve his children with the culty weirdos unless the mother or the court agreed to it, and fat chance of that.

But keep your eye on that divorce and custody case. It's not exactly dead, and this may be how Jill "Conspiracy Theory" Clark enters the picture. The cultists, you see, scream a lot about conspiracy. If somebody doesn't grant them a building permit, or rules against them in court, or writes a critical newspaper article about them, it's discrimination, it's a conspiracy, it's all a devilish plot of the "Christian death cult." They are much put upon, these poor oppressed cultists with the massive string of bankruptcies and creditors all over the place holding the holy bag.

So who better to defend these misfits than Jill Clark? I mean, where does Clark FIND these clients or do they find her, dragging their poorly bandaged psychological wounds to her sympathetic doorstep in Golden Valley, speaking like Balaam's miraculous talking ass from the Old Testament, explaining how a terrible "meeting of the minds" has harmed them horribly and, oh, who but Jill Clark can peel back the complex layers and expose the oniony core of conspiracy?

It's not Dan Faith Aschemann's first trip to court, oh no. In 2004, when he was still married to Shushanie, they both went to court and successfully sought name changes. At that time they were known as Dan Faith Ritland and Shushanie Esther Ritland. They got the name change. Who knows what brought on this compulsion to change their name, but their cult leader likes to change his name, too. He has been known as R.C. Samanta Roy, and before that Rama Behera. (Assume any facts I cite about the cult come from the super-informative Milwaukee article, click here)

Aschemann was involved in a court battle with an entity called Lupient Leasing of Golden Valley, Minnesota. This appears to be a car leasing business. Aschemann has a judgment for $4,348.85. The cult leader reportedly wanted all the brethren to have flashy cars to give the impression of wealth.

In the Lupient Leasing case, Aschemann appears to have represented himself. In fact, he represented himself in the divorce, too, as did his former wife. Both Aschemann and his wife have been to law school, but Shushanie is a successful attorney while Dan, well, he's taken the bar exam three times since graduating from law school in 2004 but has failed every time. This is documented in a Minnesota Court of Appeals decision where Aschemann fights over his child support payments, click here.

By the way, Aschemann wasn't completely unsuccessful in his appeal.

In another case, Capital Alliance Financial sued Aschemann who acted as his own attorney but apparently didn't bother to fight. A default judgment was entered for $7,977.31. I see no evidence that it has been paid. There was also a lawsuit by "Butler and Allen, PA" which was cancelled. A notation says "party not served." The plaintiff in this case appears to be a law firm that specializes in fathers' rights.

Dan also has a court case and default judgment under his former name of Dan Faith Ritland. An entity called Palisades Acquisitions XVI LLC obtained a judgment of $6,459.51. This company buys up bad credit card debt and has been repeatedly accused of unscrupulous practices.

These are all the court cases I can find on Dan Faith Aschemann, a/k/a Dan F. Ritland. But remember how I told you to keep your eye on that old divorce and custody case?

Realizing the current criminal charges looked like some (purported) resistance against a legal process, I compared the date of the criminal complaint summons (5/20/2011) to anything happening with Aschemann's many other legal cases.

On 4/12/11, the judge currently assigned to the divorce and custody case (there have been SO MANY!) ordered a guardian ad litem to be appointed. I assume most readers know what this term means but, since it's half in Latin, I'll explain: this is an impartial person appointed by the court to represent somebody's interests who can't effectively represent themselves: a child, a nursing home patient with dementia, an insane person. That kind of thing.

The guardian ad litem made a report to the court on 5/23/11. These two dates bracket an incident that occurred on 5/20 or, arguably, could have happened a few days before but it took until 5/20 to file a charge. Who cares to bet dollars, doughnuts or I-told-you-so this incident stems from some kind of incident involving an unwelcome visit from the guardian ad litem to see what's up with the kids? Are they being kept away from the weird freaky cult like the judge ordered?

Even as I wrote this blog post over the course of a couple days, the criminal case against Dan Aschemann was decided. He beat two of the charges, but was convicted of Obstruct Legal Process, Interfere With Peace Officer.

Aschemann has been sentenced to 90 days in the workhouse, but 50 of the days are suspended for one year. Credit for 30 days, this gives him 10 more days to serve. These 10 days can be served as "sentence to serve," click here.

Aschemann was also sentenced to 1 year of supervised probation.

Obviously, Clark can be expected to appeal but with disciplinary proceedings currently taking place against her, it's anybody's guess whether she'll actually be practicing law in a week, a month, or a few months. A whole menagerie of legally deformed individuals have clustered around Clark. What happens to the rare and precious six-toed cats of litigation when Animal Control raids the premises of the crazy cat hoarder? Does anybody see how SPECIAL these cats are? No, all they see is lice, mange and malnutrition.

Whatever happens...expect the gory details right here on Johnny Northside Dot Com.

When "Jill Clark Speaks," we speak louder and more persuasively.


Anonymous said...

Darren James Ascheman is a Department of Correction fugitive. Any correlation, my friend? Are all names spelled correctly? Go to Offender Locator and click on current fugitves to check for yourselves, dear reader. I love visiting this site and seeing old faces.

Johnny Northside! said...

Update! Found guilty of one charge, the other charges dismissed. Still writing this blog post even as the verdict comes in...