Tuesday, April 24, 2012

YouTube Video, Mortgage Fraud Convictions By Hennepin County...Johnny Northside Dot Com Blows Past 3,000 Blog Postings Mile Marker Without Even Glancing Sideways...

I like my news the way I like my fish: raw.

I want original documents, not just quotes. I want to see the events unfolding, live, not snippets of what some news editor considers the highlights. I want the whole speech, not just a sound bite.

So naturally I relished this YouTube video showing the Hennepin County Attorney press conference from about a week ago, highlighting the successful prosecution of mortgage fraud over the last few years. My favorite part is when Melanie Michaels and John Foster talk about how their lives were impacted by the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N., a notorious and scandalous high-profile crime that involved disgraced former JACC executive director Jerry L. Moore, still trying his little heart out to sue this blog. (By the way, this blog blew past the 3,000 blog postings mile marker, like, about 15 or 20 posts back!)

So here's the video. And here's a link, if you want to browse other videos posted by the same YouTube account.

Sorry, I don't have any wasabi or pickled ginger to go along with this "video sushi."

Fresh. Raw. YUMMY.

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Anonymous said...


Now when these civil servants are finished patting themselves on the back for a job well done maybe they can start enforcing some of the State Nuisance Property Laws which enable the deterioration of community standards in our neighborhoods that make the North Side so appealing to the Riff Raff drawn to property owned by these slumlords.