Saturday, April 21, 2012

Putting Together The Pieces, More Hennepin County Jail Roster Nuggets!

Creative stock photo, soldiers at FOB Gardez kill time with a jigsaw puzzle, blog post by John Hoff

I realize that while I work my way through the Hennepin County jail roster alphabetically, seeking out cases relevant to North Minneapolis, the jailhouse denizens whose surnames start with late letters of the alphabet are slipping through my net...and others whose last names start with "a" and "b" are backfilling behind me as I forge ahead.

But it doesn't matter that I can't do this perfectly. I will do SOMETHING. And doing SOMETHING will make a difference.

Where were we? Oh, yes, in my last "roster nugget posting" I'd just finished up with a guy named Antione Tormell Cureton, a druggie who lists his home address as a rental belonging to notorious North Minneapolis slumlord Steve Meldahl.

Well, that brings us to surnames after "Cureton"...

Antwon Deshune Draine, DOB 3/7/93, reportedly lives at 2950 Russell Ave. N. and has been formally charged with burglary. He may face 4 other related felony charges as well. He has a previous conviction for burglary and was on probation at the time of the current alleged incident. Draine has been cooling his heels in jail since March 20.

The house where he reportedly lives is a rental owned by Chapmar Properties, 14291 Cranberry Way in Rosemount.

Anthony Legrette Farrar, DOB 10/25/88, lives in Robbinsdale at 3850 West Broadway, and see how much I care that he's not a resident of North Minneapolis. He has been formally charged with criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, held on $40,000 bail, and may face five other felony charges, one of which lists a $250,000 bail. His court record shows he has already been convicted once of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the 4th Degree--Force or Coercion.

Turns out there has been extensive news coverage about this case, click here for example. But what does this blog add to the discussion?

The dude's reported home address: 3850 West Broadway is a mental health facility called Robin Wood Apartments.

I wonder if there are MORE sex offenders there, living in concentrated fashion?

William Leroy Francisco, DOB 11/30/63, reportedly lives at 2617 3rd St. N. He is charged with knowingly failing to register as a predatory offender, has been formally charged, and his bail is set at $25,000.

The house at 2617 3rd St. N. is owned by Brian Kallioinen, a rental property owner who reportedly tries hard, but often falls short.

The property is actually a beautiful and historical house that some of us NoMi revitalizers have dubbed "Bowser's Castle." Jeff Skrenes, who writes on the North by Northside blog, used to live there.

If the address on the roster is correct, I have to wonder if the predatory offender in question lives in the downstairs apartment (which always had some pretty scummy and annoying people) or has he moved into Jeff's old apartment? Shudder.

Jennifer Danielle Garcia, DOB 8/21/86, reportedly lives at 3730 Newton Ave. N. and is charged with burglary, aggravated robbery and prostitution. She was released to Ramsey County on a felony charge.

I thought that address seemed familiar and, sure enough, Robert Donnelle Williams (pretty much a career criminal) uses the property as HIS address.

When I wrote the blog post about Williams, I scrutinized information about the property but, not seeing the name of a slumlord or any particularly noteworthy info, I didn't say anything more about the address.

Well, now I will: 3730 Newton Ave. N. lists the owner as Craig A. Peters. But the tax payer is listed as Leanne Young, same address as the house. The house is a rental.

During World War II, a soldier named Lee G. Coakley listed the house as his address. Coakley was a member of the 81st Tank Battalion, click here for source of that info.

That's enough nuggetry for now, but more is sure to follow.


Johnny Northside! said...

Spam comment rejected from an entity selling property in freaking INDIA.

Jennifer Garcia said...

you suck! just to let you know.... bad things happen to good people sometimes!

Anonymous said...

The jail roster is pften inaccurate when it comes to actual charges, bail amounts, and actual and current addresses. Many of these people you see on this jail roster are never even charged with the crimes for which they are booked. Also, many of them do not actually live at these addresses, they may have a friend or a relative who lives there and may just give that address. The tenant and landlord have not given them permission to do so nor do they even know they have done so. FYI.

Johnny Northside! said...

That is why I always use words like "according to what is listed on the jail roster."

Anonymous said...

Register your complaints concerning the inaccurate jailhouse roster with the proper authorities.

Some of the people arrested probably give false addresses. When a non existent address is on the jailhouse roster is that because someone lied and the authorities have no way to check? Or is it just a data entry error?

Johnny Northside! said...

It doesn't seem to be a data entry problem. Rather, lying shitbags lie about their address all the time and the lie is accepted at face value and entered into the jailhouse roster data. No consequences appear to flow from these frequent lies.

And then again, often they tell the TRUTH about where they live or the info might come from forms of identification they have when they're arrested.

The roster is a public document and it is what it is. I publish the data. I'm not making a claim the data is perfect, except it was perfectly copied and pasted.