Monday, May 21, 2012

Details From The Criminal Complaint, Murder Committed By Pastor Derrick Trevor Griffin, But Hey Readers, Can You Find The Phrase "Whorey Jezebell Man Wrecker" In This Story? How About "Skirt Chasing Elmer Gantry"?

DOC Mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post by John Hoff

The Star Tribune had an informative article about the murder committed by Pastor Derrick Trevor Griffin, who killed the guy who was messing around with Griffin's estranged wife, click here. Though I don't have an issue with the STrib article, it tells the story of the murder in summary. This blog likes scrounge the "details left laying behind" by the mainstream media.

Also, after reading all the specifics about the murder contained in the criminal complaint, I find myself more sympathetic to Pastor Griffin than I was before....and, also, NOT.

Here is the complaint, word for word...

...with some commentary inserted. Judge for yourself.

Complainant Darcy Klund of the Minneapolis Police Department has investigated the facts and circumstances of this offense and believes the following establishes probable cause:

That on May 11, 2011, at approximately 12:36 a.m., officers were dispatched to a residence located at 1116 Irving Ave. N. in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, in response to a medical call. Officers were previously dispatched to this area on May 10, 2011, shortly before 11:30 pm in response to a shots fired call but were unable to determine the location of the incident. Upon arrival for the second call, officers observed the deceased body of K.C.M., hereinafter victim, lying on the front steps of the residence. An inspection of the victim's body revealed multiple gunshot wounds.

(JNS inserts: Let me see if I understand this. Shots were fired on the night of May 10. The victim, whose name, by the way, is Kristopher Miller, age 28, he was lying there ON THE FRONT STEPS of 1116 Irving Ave. N. for about an hour, and then it became the next day, May 11. OK, now I've got it. Thanks to NoMi Passenger for helping me figure this out) (By the way, the "master address" for 1116 Irving Ave. N. is 1114 Irving Ave. N.)

To continue with the criminal complaint:

Officers spoke with several residents who reported hearing two shots fired just before 11:30 PM on May 10, 2011. Several of these residents looked outside their windows after the shots were fired and observed a white vehicle in the street. The residents reported that after the shots were fired, the white vehicle backed up on Irving Avenue North (against the flow of traffic as Irving Avenue North is a one-way street) towards Plymouth Avenue North. One of these residents described the white vehicle as a Cadillac.

(JNS says: Thank god for responsible citizens who come forth as witnesses)

Officers spoke with several individuals who knew (Miller). These individuals reported (Miller) was seeing a female identified as K.G.

(JNS says: So something that starts with a "K" and then "Griffin." This blogger will now insert "K. Griffin" instead of the initials "K.G.")

These individuals knew K. Griffin was still married to the Defendant. K. Griffin reported that she and the Defendant have had marital problems as of late and that they are currently separated, with the Defendant often staying at a separate residence. K. Griffin reported she and the defendant recently argued over some text messages the Defendant found on her phone. The text messages were sent to K. Griffin from an employee of the Elk's Club and were sexually suggestive. The Defendant interpreted these messages as proof that K.G. was having an affair with an employee of the Elk's Club. The Defendant told K. Griffin that he needed to keep his eyes open because she was seeing somebody at the club.

(JNS says: Well, whether the messages are "proof" of extramarital sex or not, they are proof of K. Griffin being receptive to sexually suggestive messages, and that's plenty right there. Does this woman have no STANDARDS? She can't actually get DIVORCED before engaging in "sexting" with, oh my word, the dude from the Elk's Lodge? Please tell me this guy was upper management and not a WAITER. No, wait. It doesn't matter.

Derrick is guilty as all-get-out of murder most foul, of that there's no freaking doubt. But in his moral defense, Derrick's then-estranged wife is a whorey Jezebell man wrecker who set these events in motion. Derrick? Get yourself a postage stamp and send me the address for your prison canteen fund. I will publish it. I will DO YOU A SOLID, Pastor)

K. Griffin reported that on the night of May 10, 2011, she informed the Defendant she was going out with some friends to a bar in Brooklyn Park. However, K. Griffin indicated that she changed plans and met the victim at the Elk's Club off Plymouth Avenue in Minneapolis.

K. Griffin confirmed she was with (Miller), L.M. and L.B. and that they all exited the bar just before 11:30 PM. K. Griffin reported that when the exited the Elk's Club, she observed her husband's white Cadillac parked across the street near the intersection of Plymouth Avenue North and James Avenue North and that she indicated to the rest of the group that she "had a stalker."

K. Griffin reported (Miller) walked her to her vehicle, gave her a hug and then parted ways. She observed (Miller) enter his vehicle and leave. K. Griffin also reported that she called the Defendant to confront him about being outside the Elk's Club. She indicated she told the Defendant she would be home shortly but that it was probably unnecessary to tell him that, given the Defendant was watching her from across the parking lot. The Defendant responded that he was in St. Paul watching a basketball game.

Officers obtained the Defendant's cell phone number and subscriber information. From this information, officers were able to track the locations of the Defendant's cell phone throughout the evening of May 10, 2011 through the early morning hours of May 11, 2011. This track was made based upon contacts between the Defendant's cell phone and cell phone towers. Officers confirmed the Defendant's cell phone was active in the area of the shooting with times that coincided.

(JNS says: Coincided with WHAT? The sentence is just sort of hanging there, waiting for more)

Officers located and arrested the Defendant. During a post-Miranda statement, the Defendant initially denied being in the area of the shooting on May 10, 2011. However, upon further questioning, the Defendant admitted he went to the area to purchase alcohol before returning to his girlfriend's residence in Columbia Heights.

(JNS blinks several times, then says: Oh, so now HE has a girlfriend? Forget what I said about the prison canteen fund. Griffin, you skirt-chasing Elmer Gantry, you have no moral ground to stand upon and take aim at your estranged wife's paramour, when you're doing the extramarital nasty YOURSELF. And you a MINISTER! What a sad and tawdry set of circumstances you have foisted before the eyes of the whole world)

The Defendant admitted he owns a white Cadillac and that he owns two handguns (a .38 caliber and a 9-mm and ammunition for each). During the booking process, a .38 caliber Winchester Silver tipped live round was recovered from Defendant's clothing.

(JNS says: I hate it when that happens. One day I'll tell you a funny story on my other blog, The Adventures of Johnny Guardsman, about a particular soldier and his two live rounds which were found at a most inconvenient moment. But suffice to say, those little buggers get into the oddest nooks and crannies on your person!)

On May 11, 2011, an autopsy was performed on the victim at the Hennepin County Medical Examiner's Office. The examination revealed the victim was shot multiple times. One of the wounds was a through-and-through injury. The other wound had an entrance site with the bullet remaining inside the victim's body. The bullet was recovered and delivered to the Minneapolis Police Department. The medical examiner's office determined the victim died from multiple gunshot wounds and ruled his death a homicide.

Officers inspected the .38 caliber Winchester Silver Tipped live round found in the Defendant's clothing and compared it to the bullet recovered from the victim's body. The bullet recovered from the victim's body is silver tipped, appears consistent with a .38 caliber, and appears consistent with the live round recovered from the Defendant.

(JNS says: I hope this was further proven with ballistics tests from actual experts. I'd hate to have a shadow of doubt about a "one armed man" who may have been the real murderer)

Officers executed search warrants on the Defendant's vehicle (the white Cadillac) and at the residence of the female in Columbia Heights where the Defendant was staying.

(JNS inserts: Oh, I'm sure he was doing more than just "staying" there)

Officers recovered a .38 revolver and ammunition and a 9-mm and ammunition. Officers traced the purchase of these weapons to a local gun shop in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. Officers confirmed the Defendant purchased the .38 caliber handgun and a package of Winchester Silver Tipped ammunition.

Officers obtained video surveillance from multiple cameras in the area. These cameras contain footage of the Defendant's white Cadillac driving from the area of the shooting within minutes after the shots fired calls are received. The cameras (from different intersections) also record the path of the Defendant's vehicle as it drives away from north Minneapolis and towards Columbia Heights.

(End of criminal complaint document)

I just have one question. Did Miller know this woman was still married, and to a MINISTER? I would prefer to think he didn't know, and there's at least one person in this story who has a slight tint of moral purity, since the minister and the minister's wife have failed in that regard so completely.

Here is a link to "Down In The River To Pray," click here. I needed to listen to this song just to wash the stain of this story from my mind. Some readers may feel the same way.


Johnny Northside! said...

Word I am getting is that people in the community think Miller was "helping a victim of domestic violence."

Yeah, um...

The criminal complaint is pretty clear that sexually explicit messages happened.

Oh, Miller may have been helpful, but it wasn't from purely charitable motives. Miller didn't deserve to die but for some of us a wedding ring is a bright, bright line that should not be crossed, no matter how troubled the marriage.

Why? Because it may cost you your life.

Does nobody THINK this way anymore? The marriage is troubled so it's OK to send sexy text messages, it's OK to go out on a date?

Johnny Northside! said...

From the criminal complaint:
The text messages were sent to K. G. from an employee of the Elk's Club and were sexually suggestive.

Helping a victim of domestic violence? It would be nice to believe that. The truth is not so pretty as that, however.

Anonymous said...

I am very familiar with this case and I can assure you that Mr. Miller was absolutely not "helping a victim of domestic violence," there were no such allegations like that made during this trial.

Johnny Northside! said...

Tell me more. Tell me what you know, in detail.

Anonymous said...

Praise the lord and pass the bullets',Isn't religion a wonderful thing? I wonder how many more will be fooled by those who are pious and full of hypocritical murderous rage? He who hides behind the book, is more than likely a crook. Killers and thieves will prey on you through the contents of this book and suck every last penny or ounce of life out of you. Fuck all of them.

possum jones said...

a couple of things:

1. gun control...most of these idiots out here do not need a gun. many gun owner are simply cowards who dont know how to use their minds or their fists to settle a dispute a territory.

2. the fact that miller was a family friend, of sorts, makes this really weird. u ask questions like, how long was he eye-ballin' the pastor's wife? was it the sexting which created the environment for the separation? did the lie about the "change of plans" set everything off? but then you remember, miller was killed and cant defend, or even speak to, his position and that's the real sad part of this.

so one life taken, one life incarcerated, two lives (the daughters) changed forever, and neighbors with 50 years of history have a reason to no longer be neighborly; over some local whore (i say local because obviously her vision didnt go beyond those 3-4 blocks around her house...elk's club and whatever that other spot was). this entire thing makes me sad.