Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Predatory Offender Steven Rae Lund Reports 810 30th Ave. N. As His Home Address, WTF, Is This Some Kind Of Operating Halfway House I Didn't Know About?

Photo of website page, blog post by John Hoff

In the last few days, Steven Rae Lund, 12/5/68, was in jail briefly before being released. One of the charges listed, and possibly even dropped, was "Failure To Register As A Predatory Offender." Lund's address on the jail roster was listed as 810 30th Ave. N.

...The property is owned by a "Damascus Way Inc" according to online city property records.

Searching for this name turns up nothing except an old newsletter from 1979, in PDF form online, click here. Searching the Minnesota Secretary of State's website, however, turns up an organization called Damascus Way Re-Entry Center, which is the only entity called "Damascus Way" ANYTHING that has a filing with the Secretary of State, therefore (duh) it's probably the same one.

Notably, this organization's first filing was in 1979, the same date as the old newsletter. But it's not EXACTLY the same name as can be found on city records for the owner of 810 30th Ave. N.

And I must say...I don't like that. The city records should say who, precisely, owns the building and not a name that is merely CLOSE, particularly when we're talking about an organization that helps PRISONERS.

Isn't NOT USING AN ALIAS one aspect of being a good citizen?

The organization called Damascus Way Re-Entry Center has a website, click here. The website mentions "two main facilities" in Golden Valley and Rochester. Right away I'm trying to figure out, "Are they being open about using this house as a halfway house? Or are they trying to fly under the radar of the watchful eyes of the neighborhood?" (Keeping in mind the possibility deviant sex crime committer Steven Rae Lund is LYING, and he doesn't ACTUALLY live at that address)

I searched "810 30th Ave. N." and "Damscus" on Google. This turns up a single hit, a report called "An In-Depth Look At Damascus Way Reentry Center." The report says that in 1988 a duplex at 810 30th Ave. N. was donated for staff housing.


Lund's background includes convictions for burglary and sex crimes. I find it hard to believe this guy could be a member of this organization's STAFF and living at that address. Then again, that's the address on the jail roster so Lund is, at a minimum, opening up his mouth and saying "this is my address" or there's a piece of ID in his possession at the time of incarceration, and the jail personnel are pulling the address off THAT.

However, at least on paper, Lund has cleaned up his act in the last few years. His First Degree burglary conviction was back in 1998. His convictions for 3rd, 4th and 5th degree criminal sexual conduct were in 2002 and resulted in a sentence of 74 months. So roughly five years, if he did all that time. I think he DID do all that time, because nothing happens on his record until a speeding ticket in December of 2007.

Following his release from prison and to the present day, there are ten separate instances of being charged over traffic infractions, including charges of driving after a suspension.

(Convicted. What is WRONG with you silly felons? TAKE THE BUS!!!!)

But except for a chronic inability to drive how and when he's supposed to, or sensibly refrain from driving at all, Lund is not being charged with serious crimes in the last few years. Except he's supposed to register as a predatory offender and, well, apparently he hadn't.

The most galling part of this information off the jail roster is that SOMETHING is happening at 810 30th Ave. N. and it's not clear what. Supposedly, based on what I can find online, it's a "staff residence." However, a sexual predator reports this as his own address. Also, I'd love to know one thing...

Is "Damascus Way Reentry Center" one of these organizations helping to relocate Level Three sex offenders into my neighborhood in overwhelming and unreasonable numbers?

I really don't like ANYTHING I'm seeing or suspecting about 830 30th Ave. N. If this place is operating as a halfway house for offenders, instead of "staff housing," or if "staff housing" is a euphemism for "offenders who have a minor jobby job" with our organization, I'd like to know that, and then I'd like to start griping, loud and long, to my city officials.


boathead said...

In the bowel's of Damascus lies Syrian Beef Stew ready to be ingested with gagging and barfing as the natural follow up. This four-walled complex is an undercover weigh station for the heavy load of perverted assholes that infest our community.Citizen's of the land unite and grab a corner of this establishment and we can walk it over to the Kenwood area and drop it right on top of the house that is pictured in the opening shots of the Mary Tyler Moore show. Ted Baxter was the funniest motherfucker ever born...now back to our regularly scheduled rant...Betty White gives me a boner. Do Not confuse the original with the fakes. I am Lone Wolf fucking McQuade and make no mistake about it. Good Day.

Johnny Northside! said...

The following information came from the jail roster. Take it for what it's worth.

2013010841 WILLIAMS, JAMES.EARL 4/11/1981 5730 OLSON MEMORIAL HWY (DAMASCUSN WAY), GOLDEN VALLEY, MN 55411 4/24/2013.12:33

Anonymous said...

To whoever cares 810 30th ave. n. is in the ghetto which also means it has apartment numbers A and B. apartment or "unit A" is for onsite staff living (lower level), and "unit B" is for offenders (upper levels). also from recent news. the reason STEVE RAE LUND was and quoted " released and not charged with failure to register as sex offender due to CHANGES of management above his knowledge and control" 1 problem i have with this is why didn't he check on his registration to confirm it was processed correctly. Now #2 can it be that damascus way could have been under management of a person dodging laws to make income off of us MN tax payers. WAKE UP PEOPLE SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR "FREE" HOUSING FOR CRIMINALS. Just like our lovely roads that just happen to have potholes for decoration Where dose the money really go.