Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pile of Rubble Cleared From Former Site Of BLO (Broadway Liquor Outlet) And, In A Minor Side Note, This Post Marks The "End Of Special Mention For Cell Phone Originated Images" Era On Johnny Northside...

Cell phone photo by farmpeddlar1, blog post by John Hoff

"Farmpeddlar1" took this photo with a cell phone and forwarded it to me. Clearing the rubble away from the former Broadway Liquor Outlet location is a small milestone for tornado recovery in North Minneapolis and I thought somebody should document it.

In a minor aside, this blog has always made sure images come with "photo credits," a sort of obsessive journalism school habit. And in crediting photos, I've always gone out of my way to mention whether the photo is from a cell phone. Well, lately...

...the cameras in cell phones have increased in quality, and the photos produced have become indistinguishable from other photos. So there's no need for me to make clear a photo is from a cell phone, as I did in the past, sometimes a sort of indirect apology for photo quality.

Secondly, phones that can take photos are no longer AMAZING. We simply accept the fact phones can take photos and video. So, increasingly, I no longer feel the need to mention the "coolness" of the fact "this photo came from somebody's PHONE."

Farmpeddler1 actually sent me two "rubble news" photos, one for BLO and the other for the "thug store" at Lowry and Emerson where crappy rubble remains, arg.

This photo will be credited as a cell phone photo. The second one, in the next post, won't be.

And so the world has changed, just a little, hardly enough to notice...

But there's no going back.

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