Sunday, May 27, 2012

Selected Memorial Day Weekend Arrests From The Hennepin County Jail Roster...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

I'm almost holding my breath.

It's SUNDAY of Memorial Day weekend and yet, as far as I can tell from my Google news searches, nobody has died in a hail of bullets over who-might-be-bonking who, or found themselves accidentally shot while trying to make a deal over a "janky" handgun or, killed some little kid, accidentally or on purpose. Allegedly.

The efforts of police to crack down on drugs and guns in North Minneapolis, the use of shot spotters and surveillance cameras, the efforts of ordinary citizens to call 911, it all seems to be paying off in a peaceful Memorial Day weekend.

But you have to wonder if the difference between "peaceful" and "bloody" rests upon nothing more than a little bit of extra effort some officer took to get a gun off the street.

With thankfulness to these officers, and the good citizens who may have called 911 to bring the officers around, I am publishing the names of selected arrestees with (reported) North Minneapolis addresses whose charges are, well, interesting to me...

Normally I'd dig more deeply into each of these names, but other blogging projects are in the hopper, crying for my attention.

Keep in mind some of these arrestees might already be released and, as always, innocent until proven guilty.

ADKINS, DANIEL TARRELL, DOB 1/17/1989, 919 QUEEN AVE, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55412 arrested on allegations of controlled substance, narcotics.

BRAUN, MATHEW DANIEL, DOB 4/6/1990, 1105 16TH AVE NO, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55405 arrested on charges of burglary, 2nd degree, dwelling.

BUTLER, LIONEL NMN, 11/21/1989, 1127 HUMBOLDT AVE N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411 arrested on charges of dancing in the street. Seriously.

To which I say: At least he was DANCING. At least he was being ENTERTAINING while obstructing traffic. When are the police going to stop the people who WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET?

JEROME CHRISTOPHER RILEY, DOB 10/08/1987, 1917 COLFAX AVE. S. (Yes, this guy lives on the south side. I clicked on his name by accident. However, this was a charge of "failure to register as a predatory offender." So if I feel like keeping this fish instead of throwing it back, well, who's going to call the game warden?)

THURMOND, DEONTAE DEVON RAY, DOB 1/24/1992, STAYS ON THE STREET, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55412 charged with burglary, 2nd degree, dwelling.

WRIGHT, REGINALD CHARLES, 11/1/1959, 4355 LOGAN AV N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55412 charged with burglary.

God bless the Minneapolis Police Department, and keep up the good work.

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