Monday, May 28, 2012

"No Permanent Address" Doesn't Mean I Won't Publish Your Particulars From The Hennepin County Jailhouse Roster, Theresa NMN Bruce, DOB 10/5/78, Continued Case On Prostitution Allegations...

Creative stock photo from 2008, Apartment Complex of Anarchy, blog post by John Hoff

Sometimes I suspect individuals who are listed as "NPA" (no permanent address) on the Hennepin County Jail roster might be trying to conceal their address. So when I search the roster, I click on all the NPA listings, the "lives in his van" listings, the "doesn't know" listings, and sometimes there's "something about the name" which makes me click on it, even if their address is South Minneapolis (SoMi).

I don't know if that's the case with Theresa "No Middle Name" Bruce,  whose purported date of birth is 10/5/78, but it doesn't matter...

This blog post is my way of "putting out the word" I am paying attention to the people who can't cough up an address to the jail authorites, and I might write about you anyway.

Bruce is facing charges of Prostitution in a Public Place. The roster says it's a "continued case" but, interestingly, there's no "Theresa NMN Bruce" that I can find in the MNCIS system whose birthday is 10/5/78.

There's a Theresa Rae Bruce, DOB 6/13/71, a lot of bad miles on THAT girl.

There's a Theresa Florence Bruce, DOB 8/17/73, minor traffic problems.

But there's no Theresa NMN Bruce with prostitution charges on a "continued case" to be found in MNCIS.

I have to wonder if the jail personnel are doing that thing I gripe about every so often, accepting at face value whatever b.s. personal information detainees spit up and feeding it into the roster to the frustration of this blogger, who actually scrutinizes the info for veracity?

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Johnny Northside! said...

And she's turned back loose on the streets.

Booking Number: 2012014382
Date of Birth: 10/5/1978
Sheriff's Custody: RELEASED FROM CUSTODY ON . 5/29/2012 . 13:16