Friday, May 18, 2012

Trash Haven Hook Fish & Chicken Closed Until They Can Comply with Licensing

Blog Post and Photo by Nomi Passenger

In a previous post I shared photos taken from my cell phone of the major trash problem at Hook Fish & Chicken on West Broadway and Fremont.  I also sent the same pictures to Minneapolis 3-1-1 to report the trash problem. 

As you can see in that previous post a commenter asked if I called 3-1-1 and I shared the first response I received from Nicole in the business licensing department which was...

"I was out on Friday 5/11 and spoke to an employee, the owner was not in, and told them the trash needed to be picked up by a waste management company immediately and that they needed to clean up the lot as well. I left a voicemail to the owner as well and if there is no resolve to this issue within the next 3 days they will be cited, and keep getting cited until the issue is resolved. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns at the information listed below.  Thank you...:"

The commenter's inquiry prompted me to follow up with Nicole and ask for an update.  Here's what Nicole had to say:

"The business has cleaned up the trash, and I am requesting them to spray everything down as well, because of the smell. The business is currently closed until all licensing requirements have been met. I am going to require the business to sign Conditions with the City stating they will keep the property picked up and maintained trash service, with possible extra pick up days to be required. Please let me know if you have any other concerns or questions. Thank you,..."

I've got an email back to her to find out if there were OTHER licensing problems besides the trash.  Magic 8 Ball says "highly likely".


Anonymous said...

And I will personally send them a copy of this blog post and include your name and address, and phone number so they can send you a thank you card.

NoMi Passenger said...


Do me a favor, please incldue the FIRST blog post too. The one with TWO pictures of their trash mountain.


Anonymous said...

The health department will not typically shut a business down because of the trash area. My guess is that the photos were indicative of serious sanitation and health practices inside the building as well. Since Hook fish and chicken is a corporate franchise, Johnny just might get a thank you because the alternative could have been a lawsuit.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous At 10:13 PM.

Be sure to include BOTH our addresses, since this post was written by NoMi Passenger but under my approving eye.

Anonymous said...

I think a better question is why does NoMi Passenger get a personalized response from inspections?
When I file a online complaint with 311 all I get is a generic reply.
I never get a response from an inspector unless I call in with the reference number.
What makes you guys so "special".

Anonymous said...

John, Thanks for providing proof that you approve all posts in this blog. That will be very helpful in one of the future civil suits to be filed against you and Megan.
Have a grand weekend. See you in court on the 23rd - papers in hand.

Johnny Northside! said...

I will be having a grand weekend, as a matter of fact, with a drinky winky in my hand.

I might even post some clues as to my "precise location" if you want to try to find me with your imaginary papers.

I love that game! The "find Johnny based on clues about his location" game!


Johnny Northside! said...

To the poster who asked what makes us so special...

Sorry. The list is way too long for a brief reply.

(Sarcasm font)

I think a lot of it involves being an agent for Don Samuels and part of a conspiracy by well-heeled movers and shakers behind the scenes to turn North Minneapolis into the next Uptown, however."

(End sarcasm font)

What's YOUR theory about our specialness, unspecial little troll?

NoMi Passenger said...

I don't fill in an online form. I send an email, from my email. I get an auto-reply pretty much right away. And this inspector happened to follow up a few days later and fill me in, not at any request but becuase it seems she is a very thorough employee (gasp!).

So then I emailed her back and asked for the latest update, and she replied again probably because, see above, she is a thorough employee.

I would love to consider myself some sort of "special" citizen. But sadly, I'm not. I'm just an ordinary, every day citizen living in my neighborhood, occasionally going to some event or meeting. Often times calling authorities on crimes, suspcious activity or code violations. And then sometimes stories about them end up here or else where online.

That's my form of government participation. I've had to defend it several times in court already. If you think there is some law I have broken by my government participation feel free to do something about it. I'm not intimidated.

Johnny Northside! said...

One big difference might be that NoMi Passenger is calling on real stuff that actually requires action from the city, versus the kind of made up, imaginary, calling 311 just to harass uses that anonymous trolls might be making of 311...the kind of thing the system is smart enough to ignore or answer with nothing but a form letter while rolling its administrative eyes.

Anonymous said...

Nearly every time I've reported something to inspections/311 they've responded quickly and effectively. If you've had different results perhaps you're "doing it wrong"

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, like when the inspector shows up at my door to ONCE AGAIN confirm that I am the owner of the house, that's my permanent address, and I will have roommates if I please, she is PRACTICALLY ROLLING HER EYES that she has to knock on my door, yet again, to confirm it.

Making one b.s. complaint after another about a purported "rental property" that is not a rental property at all, and the city is completely hip to that fact...

That's an example of DOING IT WRONG.

NoMi Passenger said...

Deleted another one!

So satisfying. Like taking out the trash.

Johnny Northside! said...

Ha ha. I didn't even see it.

You are much too fast for me, NoMi Passenger.

NoMi Passenger said...

The update to my question about are there OTHER violations besides the trash:
Yes there are a couple other issues (licensing/possible health violations) with the restaurant; I can’t share that information quite yet. I will try to update you when I have all the information and release it.

Thank you,


Johnny Northside! said...

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