Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Images, Broadway Liquor Outlet In Rubble...

Contributed images, forwarded by another helpful party, blog post by John Hoff

These images were captured by a North Minneapolis shutterbug, and then forwarded to me by yet another helpful person. These are yet more pictures of "Bye Bye BLO" as Broadway Liquor Outlet is reduced to rubble, a casualty of the North Minneapolis tornado.

How ironic that a place named "BLO" would be blown away by a tornado.

Dear lord, it makes you wonder what could happen to slumlord Keith Reitman's execrable edifice dubbed the "Ugly Ass Chocolate Brown Building"?


Folwell Fox said...

BLO is one of only a handful of places in North where you actually feel like a normal middleclass person while shopping. For the most part I still do all of my shopping in Uptown or Robbinsdale, but I will support BLO when they return.

NoMi Passenger said...

Fox - I agree, and just to give them more props than that, they somehow managed to serve a diverse clientelle, the folks buying steel reserve right next to the folks buying the Ace's Pear Cider ( me!) and browsing the delightful wine selection ( especially the side "bargain" table!

I can't wait for the new BLO.

boathead said...

...as i was saying, what an excellent place for low income housing now that the space has been cleared...now that the loco liquid store is history. Now, back from the terlet and well wiped, i believe this is one of the few times that i will advocate rebuilding a liquor store in a criminally impoverished neighborhood. The owner's of The Broadway Liquor Outlet were responsible entrepreneurs who stayed on top of things and ran a respectable establishment. The many years that they made the area their home makes the business an institution(debatable maybe) and a survivor(definitely). I was joking about the low-income housing and i am having a mind quandary as to why they keep stuffin' my neighborhood with fucking predatory offenders...as i was saying, gettin' tired of da shit, but being a Boat i have plenty of life preservers to go around and extremely thick skin and four eyes, six technically. Good Day.