Friday, May 4, 2012

Torrie Danielle Norvell, Facing Drug Charges, Reportedly Makes Home In Slumlord Keith Reitman's Ugly Ass Chocolate Brown Building...

Photo, blog post by John Hoff

The building pictured above is NOT slumlord Keith Reitman's Ugly Ass Chocolate Brown Building.

No, this is one of the "Blue Sisters." This building (and its equally slummy sister, careful as you look at it, you can get splinters in your eyes just from LOOKING at it) recently won the "what should Johnny's next blogging obsession be?" contest.

I just thought I'd make it perfectly clear why...

...I'm going out of my way to write about a relatively minor alleged drug possessor who REPORTEDLY lives in one of Keith Reitman's OTHER buildings. There's only so much I can write about the "blue sisters," but all the livelong day I can virtually trip over information about Keith Reitman's (alleged) tenants ending up in jail.

Keeping in mind the roster is what it is, an imperfect document, but the fact somebody would even CLAIM to be in a Keith Reitman building, or have ID (false or otherwise) putting them in a Keith Reitman building, and then the information would hit the jail roster, this tells us PLENTY about Reitman, his buildings, and many (not all) of his tenants.

Torrie Danielle Norvell, DOB 9/22/81, was received by the Hennepin County Jail at 10:45 AM today, and her home address is listed as 1407 1/2 West Broadway, which is under the "master address" of 1405 West Broadway, known on this blog as the Ugly Ass Chocolate Brown Building. It's the same building where a child plunged from the window and Keith Reitman settled out of court. The settlement happened a year ago but this blogger caught wind of it when I got back from Afghanistan, quite recently, and nobody else wrote about it, so hey.

Norvell is in jail this moment on a "continued case" for possession of "not small amount" of marijuana. She (I assume this is a "she") has previously been convicted of providing false info to the police, for which she received a year probation and STILL owes $153 from that charge, which was back in 2007.

The outstanding amount has been sent to collections.

All the denizens of the jail roster are interesting to me, but denizens who reportedly live in Keith Reitman buildings are the most interesting of all BECAUSE OF HIS CRAPPY BLUE SISTERS BUILDINGS.


Concerned Citizen said...

I have been a resident of the the building you refer to as the "Ugly Ass Chocolate Brown Building" on West Broadway for 6 1/2 years. I can 100%, wholeheartly confirm without a shadow
of a doubt that Torrie Danielle Norvell DO NOT live on, or has EVER lived on these premises
or at that address.

I know this because I personally know Torrie Danielle Norvell. In fact I have provided several references to would-be employers during his ongoing job search. Obviously "unbeknownst" to me he has once again provided false info to the police, because he DO NOT and HAS NEVER LIVED at this address. I frequently lurk this blog so imagine my surprise when I read this posting. So in the spirit of transparency I'll have you know Torrie Danielle Norvell actually lives on with his fiance and twwo small children on 3XXX Fremont Ave. North, I wont provide his address for obvious reasons.

I recommend the good people at Johnny Northside check their sources next time. I realize you guys have Keith Reitman in your crosshairs but this story is 100% false.

Johnny Northside said...

And I believe I wrote the story with mention of the distinct possibility that no accounts like Norvell might falsely use addresses, albeit (as I said) WHICH addresses they use can be quite revealing.

So here I have you, a completely anonymous person, saying the story is false and putting forth purported "facts" known only to you.

See Northside's Law about anonymous commenters putting forth "facts" known only to them.

Clearly, I can't confirm your "facts" with nothing more than 3XXX block of Fremont Ave. N. You can't even give me the actual BLOCK? Why don't you just give me the actual ADDRESS?

Compare and contrast what you are saying to a public document, the jail roster, saying, "This is where he reportedly lives." I am perfectly entitled to print that information and I have caveated it plenty.

But if what you're saying is true, it's even MORE revealing. Really, why would you want to associate yourself with this no account as his REFERENCE?

Here's another thought about "the addresses reported for these no accounts when they are arrested."

When I first moved into my house, I had mail coming for god-knows-who. I once had a PAROLE officer drop by looking for somebody.

Well, I properly dealt with every piece of mail with a Return To Sender, and wrote LETTERS to the return addresses when the mail came again and again, explaining who I was and that THIS PERSON DID NOT LIVE AT THIS ADDRESS.

I spoke to the parole officer, who was quite insistent and suspicious. And now guess what? I no longer have "no accounts" freely using that address.

Also, as somebody who has spent A LOT of time researching addresses on the jail roster, I must say the jailers really need to look more deeply at this information. Providing false info in this context is a chargeable offense. It's one thing when people manage to lie or deceive about their address, it's quite another when I research an address on the jail roster and it DOES NOT EXIST.

Do these jailers not have Google and a moment to use it? Do they not CARE if some addresses are just outright lies?

Deputy Smith said...

Do these jailers not have Google and a moment to use it? Do they not CARE if some addresses are just outright lies?

Answer: No, it's not the detention deputy's job to verify addresses. The booking paperwork comes from the arresting agency. So if the police don't provide an accurate address, it is not the Sheriff's responsibility to verify it.
Jail intake is a busy place, and there isn't the staff to "google" information.
But feel free to send Sheriff Stanek a letter, I'll pass along your blog.
Clearly you are ignorant on how the criminal justice system works if you think these people are going to be more honest in jail then they are on the streets.r

Johnny Northside! said...

Granted, maybe the detention deputies are busy, but I don't see why it isn't SOMEBODY'S job to verify addresses and it seems to me that when somebody is sitting in jail for days, that's the best time for address verification.

Like, what, we're going to let somebody go on bail and we don't even care if the address they have provided is REAL?

If there wasn't a PROBLEM with the addresses then verifying them wouldn't be an issue but you know what? There's a PROBLEM with the addresses. Lots of them ARE NOT REAL.

I'm not even talking about the use of fake IDs or identification with old addresses. I mean some of these addresses just don't EXIST.

Concerned Citizen said...


Torrie made a mistake and that mistake is something he has to live and deal with. Why did he use my address?, well you'll have to ask him that yourself, I hear you can visit inmates on Mondays, Wednesdays' and Fridays

Regardless of what you might think, percieve or believe. The fact remains the REAL address of Torrie Danielle Norvell is frankly
"none of your damn business". I mentioned before that I WILL NOT post Torrie Danielle Norvell's REAL address for obvious reasons. I'm
sure with a little bit of research you could probably find that info on your own. I even provided you a starting point, he lives on 3XXX Fremont Ave. North You're a northsider, all you have to do is start at 30th & Fremont and work
your way to 39th, he's somewhere in between, just ask around, I'm sure the fine folks in that neighborhood will be happy to report to you Torrie's whereabouts.

You asked why do I associate myself with someone like Torrie. Well first of all Torrie is a friend that I've known since 2000. I'll be the first to admit he's not a Boy Scout but he's not Tony "Scarface" Montana either. You're pre-judging him off what you read on Hennepin County's Jail Roster. I bet you did'nt know he was originally
arrested for that case you posted back in January of 2010 and was re-arrested for violating one of the condition of his plea agreement.
(He failed to attend one of the classes he was required to attend)

You probably did'nt know Torrie is unemployed and actively seeks employment daily. I bet you did'nt know he has over 30 denial letters from various jobs he's applied for but failed to secure because of his criminal record.
(It's one of the reasons I allow him to use me as a reference)
He's clearly struggling to support his family and I feel bad for him.
I bet you did'nt know Torrie is the proud father of two small children either, two children whom he's lived with since birth.

I understand you and Keith Reitman are not BFF and when you trolled
Hennepin County's Jail Roster and learned someone was arrested on drug charges and allegedly lives at one of Keith Reitman's addresses, you probably figured reporting that story would be another feather in your cap but you were wrong this time DEAD WRONG...I expect more from you Johnny Northside.

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, so using your meager address information...which might not even be true, not that it's particularly valuable even if it were true...I'm supposed to walk down Fremont chasing after where this guy MIGHT be?

Yeah, I think I could get about 10 blog posts done in the meantime, so guess which is a more productive use of my time?

You better believe I'm pre-judging him based on his criminal record, just like potential employers.

You go out of your way not to mention whether he actually married the mother of his children. Hope you're not his self-appointed spokesmodel, you're doing a piss poor job of it.

Anonymous said...

Mistake after mistake after mistake. An epidemic of mistakes all rationalized by a lack of opportunity brought on by someone else's mistakes. North Minneapolis has a subculture built on justifying ignorance. Time for that to end. Start taking responsibility for your actions and your lives will improve!

Concerned Citizen said...

LOL @ Johnny Northside, juat like his address, his marital status is also NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS. You're NOT a potential employer, you're NOT journalist, last I check you're just another self-appointed, holier than thou, loser with a blog. I'm bored now please go back to posting relevant Northside News, you're boring me now. I miss the old Johnny Northside

Anonymous said...

Get off my back hatein ass north side bum find something better to do with ur time clown

Anonymous said...

You don't even know who torrie Norvell is next time tell a real story stop telling lie

Anonymous said...

Get off my back hatein ass north side bum find something better to do with ur time clown