Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NoMi Duplex "Before And After Miracle" On The 2100 Block Of 6th Street North, Performed By Revitalization Heroes John Fena And Edwin Schumacher...

Photo from Facebook page, "Duplex Renovation Finale And 100th Birthday," blog post by John Hoff

John Fena and his partner, Edwin Schumacher, who are the force behind "FenaMacher Properties LLC," have pulled off a miraculous transformation of a duplex on the 2100 Block of 6th St. N. They have shared numerous photos online, such as an "Apocalyptic Beginnings" album, click here, and recently a Facebook "Before and After" album. There was an event marking the 100th birthday of the house and its renovation rebirth. Numerous residents of NoMi, including myself, were invited. I couldn't make it but I hope to find my way to the house in the not-too-distant future and see if there might still be some "miraculous leftovers."

A good idea of the amazing "after" can be obtained from this link to "Duplex Ad Photos," click here, which really highlights the transformation when compared to the "Apocalyptic Beginnings."

NoMi is full of properties like this one, waiting to be transformed, and many of these properties are available for a song, relatively speaking.

Buy in, join your neighborhood organization, contribute to online blogs and discussions, and get yourself a stake in an affordable neighborhood being miraculously transformed into an "urban utopia" by "revitalization heroes" like John and Edwin.

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Johnny Northside! said...

Edwin's last name is not "Macher" but "Schumacher."

The post has been corrected accordingly.