Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rayjon Gomez's Mother, Carmen Rochelle Gomez, Passes Through Hennepin County Jail, Hardly For The First Time Nor, I Suspect, The Last...

FB photo, used under First Amendment comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Carmen Rochelle Gomez, DOB 9/19/1956, the mother of tragic young murder victim Rayjon Gomez, pictured above, passed through the Hennepin County jail recently.

The Hennepin County Jail Roster shows a "hold" for another county (Ramsey) and a $500 bond posted. Carmen was jailed on 5/25, released the next day. Interestingly, Carmen's birthday on the roster is "9/20/56." This is one day off from the birthday shown repeatedly on court records, which is 9/19/56 like that of her identical twin sister.

Carmen's long criminal record was previously discussed on this blog, click here.

It has been consistently alleged by commenters to this blog that Rayjon didn't spend his whole life being raised by his biological mother.

Carmen's adress on the jail roster was 3341 Oliver Ave. N., an address this blog previously linked to a Deshaunta Dmar Gomez, who has also passed through the jail.

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