Monday, June 4, 2012

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: "Imposter Foster" Jerome Kingrussell Has Parole Revoked, Will Serve 108 Months With Credit For 1173 Days...

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I don't have all the details, yet, nor did I have any writing paper when word reached me, so I used my thigh as a notepad to make sure I remembered the numbers: Jerome Kingrussell, the "Imposter Foster" at the center of the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N., had his parole revoked today.

He DID show up for the hearing, contrary to which way I would have wagered at the time I wrote this blog post, click here. 

The hearing lasted two hours. Brad Johnson, the prosecutor who...

...sent Larry Maxwell to prison as the "big fish" in the same fraud, was the prosecutor at the parole revocation hearing. Reportedly, Kingrussell played his "fake it to make it" card, claiming he'd taken some kind of "classes" in Iowa, and now he was a different person who realized he needed to think of the impact on others before taking negative actions. Kingrussell tried to claim he had a relationship with a woman and they had a "daughter" together. Well, it turned out "daughter" was an inflated way of saying "I have affection for this child who is not mine, and belongs to my girlfriend."

Kingrussell's lawyer aggressively fought for his client's interests, going after the lone prosecution witness, a probation officer named Amy Anderson.

"You never liked him. Just admit it. YOU NEVER WANTED TO DO ANYTHING FOR HIM."

The sentences above are not a direct quote, but convey the spirit of what the lawyer tried to pull off, according to my source who was present.

Kingrussell's lawyer tried to beat the drum about how Kingrussell had taken a long, solitary journey from Iowa to testify in the Maxwell Kingrussell had incurred his own loud and long was the drum beaten about that journey from Iowa you'd think Kingrussell was the Virgin Mary, bringing fourth Baby Jesus, with no warm welcome at the inn...instead of a crackhead who participated in the theft of a good citizen's name and associated credit.

Ultimately, none of the defense lawyer's tricks worked but Kingrussell enjoyed two more hours of freedom, more or less, sitting there in court. His parole was revoked, back to prison he goes, with the most "credit for time served" I've ever seen by, like, 900 days or so.

More details when I have them.


Johnny Northside! said...

This post, written on the fly, was corrected as follows: There was only one witness besides Kingrussell himself, the probation officer named Amy Anderson.

Previous version of story, prior to correction, said the lawyer went after "witnesses," plural. There was only one witness. Previous version said the witness was a "social worker." In fact, Amy Anderson is a probation officer though often SOUNDED like a social worker with talk of learning new "cognitive skills."

Johnny Northside blog strives for accuracy and corrects errors when these come to our attention.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is the address that appears for Kingrussell on the jail roster.

2448 1ST AVE S, Minneapolis, MN

I would assume this is the residence of the girlfriend? Appears to be an apartment building.

Johnny Northside! said...

The post did not initially name Melony Michaels as the source. Michaels has now made it clear she does not mind being named as the source.