Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shots Fired Near Six Small Children As Jermaine Jefferson Tried To Arrange A Girl Fight, Allegedly...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Why, exactly, Jermaine Deangelo Jefferson was trying to arrange a "girl fight" isn't stated in the criminal complaint, but police and prosecutors says he was.

Click here for criminal complaint.

On August 19, on the 3500 block of Fremont Ave. N., Jefferson allegedly tried to arrange a fight between Nicole Denise Dorsey (also charged in the incident) and another female. The other female didn't want to fight, so Jefferson allegedly...

...pulled a weapon from a purple truck and fired "six or seven" shots in the direction of the victim's house. At the time, two little children (estimated to be around four years old) were in the truck. These are reported to be Dorsey's children. To make matters worse, FOUR little children were in the vicinity of the victim during the shooting.

That's a grand total of SIX little children around these flying bullets. No children were hit, so the incident won't get the kind of prominent coverage other recent "Northside baby shootings" have received.

Recovered shell casings were recovered at the scene. Jefferson is (as is so often the case) a convicted felon prohibited from possessing firearms.

Jefferson's address is listed as 3530 Bryant Ave. N., a home owned by Dorothy M. Otis, with the taxpayer listed as Leon Johnson. 

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Anonymous said...

I guess they weren't cooperating with his plan to get that girl fight on World Star Hip Hop. Hope he goes to prison for a LONG time, endangering kids like that.