Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Johnny Northside Blog Commends James Early For Turning Himself In To Police, Obtains Additional Info From Source On Baby's Injuries...

Creative stock photo, shrine to Infant Jesus, blog post by
John Hoff

Numerous media outlets, including the Star Tribune, report that 17-year-old James Early turned himself in to police investigators as he indicated via Facebook that he would following the tragic and apparently accidental shooting of Isaac Lorenzo Early. (The name of the baby has been released by police. Even with JNS blog having the name wrong, initially, we still had it RIGHT before any other media entity)

JNS blog wishes to commend James Early for doing the right thing and hope that everything turns out alright, for both James Early and the baby, who is still hanging in there and, in the words of his mother, Petra Early, via her Facebook status, "Doing what he needs to do to get back to Mommy's arms."

My source--who provided me the name of the uncle and, upon a careful reading, DID NOT have the name of the baby wrong, rather there was a misinterpretation on my part over use of the word "juvenile" in the message, apologies to my source--now tells me the bullet went in the baby's neck and lodged in the baby's brain. 

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Anonymous said...

I doubt James Early could give a rat's ass what you think.