Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Umami By Travail" Will Open Around September 11 In Old Louisiana Chicken Restaurant At Hawthorn (Sic) Crossings Strip Mall...

Stock photo, One Flew South sushi restaurant in the
Atlanta International Airport, pictured above is last
meal I ate stateside before flying to Afghanistan after
R&R leave, blog post by John Hoff

Minneapolis Eater Dot Com wrote a little piece about Umami by Travail, and how this "pop up" concept restaurant will be opening in North Minneapolis. But Eater Dot Com didn't say where, exactly, the restaurant was going to open or precisely when.

According to Joel Breegemann, a giant of North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization, Umami will be opening in the former Louisiana Fried Chicken restaurant in the Hawthorn (sic) Crossings strip mall.

To my recollection, Louisiana Fried Chicken didn't last long there. But the owners of Umami won't have to worry about succeeding in that space, because the whole "pop up" concept is the restaurant will be temporary. Umami is scheduled to last through October 11 before it finds permanent space inside The Rookery.

The word "umami," by the way, is a Japanese word that means something close to "savory." 


Anonymous said...

What would be *awesome* is if a restaurant like this stayed in the Broadway area permanently!!!

Anonymous said...

I invite you to join me at Umami. My treat.

Email me.
We need to support this.

Anonymous said...

I ate u mommy in a strip mall on brotway.. dammmmm boyeee!

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the Current that Travail's kickstarter fund was so successful that, if Umami works out as a pop-up...then they will keep it open permanently!!!

We need to support this!!