Monday, September 9, 2013

Reg Chapman's Story On WCCO About Edmond Fair, Killed By Brooklyn Center Police, Mysteriously Left Out The Part About Fair Being Accused Of Rape, Pled To Kidnapping, And Had Every Motive In The World To Fight Police Custody...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Contrary to the stock photo, above, you won't find any condoms in this story.

I said I'd dig up more information about Edmond Fair, and here it is. (Click here for Part One of this story about Fair, who was shot by police in a "life or death struggle" for an officer's gun but that didn't stop Reg Chapman of WCCO from airing wild and unsupported tales about how this death was supposedly a hit, murder, execution and Rodney King incident all rolled into one)

Edmond Fair was under criminal indictment for rape and kidnapping, the gruesome details of which are contained in a criminal complaint, click here. 

In summary, a woman whose initials are A.J.B-L "met two males at a park" and rode with them aboard a metro bus to her home in Minneapolis, then eventually made their way to 6831 Drew Ave. N. in Brooklyn Center. The two males were...

...L.L. and a guy named Carl Lee Fair. At 6831 Drew Ave. N. the woman entered a garage or shed that had been converted to "extra housing."

In this Brooklyn Center cowboy bunkhouse, as it were, the woman drank, smoked marijuana, and ingested a pill (composition not stated) provided by one of the men. She asked the younger male, L.L., if she could stay and "just hang out."

At some point, Carl Lee Fair was joined by Edmond Fair. One presumes these two are related, but the relationship is not stated in the criminal complaint. Eventually, the Fairs left the garage, leaving the woman alone with L.L.

The woman had sex with L.L. It was consensual. Then Carl Fair came along and raped the woman, allegedly. When Carl Fair was done, along came Edmond Fair and raped the woman, too, taking turns with Carl Fair. The woman was raped vaginally and anally, a knife was involved, and the men washed their penises in a sink. (Wow, they really have that extra room in the shed fixed up, huh? It even has plumbing!) She was choked, too, and thought she would pass out.

The woman says she "played along" with the men and said she needed a cigarette. The men were putting some clothing in the dryer when the woman fled in her underwear and summoned help at a nearby house, 6842 Drew Ave. N.

When police came and investigated, Carl Fair was all, like, I didn't have sex with anybody, I didn't see any female around here, go ahead and test me with The Kit. Meanwhile, officers found the woman's distinctive duffel bag emblazoned with the name Progressive, right where the victim said it would be.

Here is a superfluous Progressive commercial from YouTube, in a blog post sorely in need of a moment of levity right now.

Police executed a search warrant and found, well, everything. Sperm found in the victim's rectum belonged to Edmond Fair with a certainty of 99.999998 percent. For some reason, there was considerably less certainty about Carl Fair's sperm, also found in the victim's rectum in a "mixture." The  lab rats at BCA could only get the odds down to 99.99 percent.

(Shaking my head, lips pursed, disappointed)

But back to Reg Chapman of WCCO. This guy Edmond Fair, who pled guilty to kidnapping instead of, well, anally raping a woman, is somebody Reg Chapman would have you believe deserves our sympathy and when police were cuffing him he was, what?


Oh, by the way, I received an interesting statement from somebody in the Hennepin County prosecutor's office about the Star Tribune story saying the victim was a "prostitute."

Here is what I was told:

I will warn you that this idea that the victim was a prostitute is flat wrong. And even if it were right, the info is irrelevant.
Kidnapping is what he eventually pleaded to, even though it's not on this version of the complaint.

So noted. 


Anonymous said...

Obviously the Brooklyn Center police just killed him because he was black.

Anonymous said...

The answers aren't as interesting as the question imo. A recent post on Avvo asks:

"Is it legal for hennepin county housing court to allow my illegal unlicensed landlord to evicted me and i am current on my rent"

"Asked 3 months ago - Brooklyn Center, MN"

"the city of brooklyn center post a non license violation notice on the house on 6831 drew ave north brooklyn center mn. my landlord has retiliated aganist me and use the housing court to evict me. I am current on all rent. I have a disable child .who has medical dog that was written in the lease. IN the court paper one of the reason for eviction was he had a no pet policy. The orginal lease was alter also. Is this legall in mn."

Anonymous said...

"Criminal/Traffic/Petty Case Records Search Results
Case No. 19HA-CR-08-1239
State of Minnesota vs CARL LEE FAIR DOB: 10/04/1985

Charges: FAIR, CARL LEE Statute Level Date
1. Domestic Assault - By Strangulation (Not applicable - GOC) 609.2247.2 Felony 05/04/2008

2. Terroristic Threats-Reckless Disregard Risk (Not applicable - GOC) 609.713.1 Felony 05/04/2008

3. Emergency Telephone Calls/CommunicInterfere with 911 Call (Not applicable - GOC) 609.78.2 Gross Misdemeanor 05/04/2008

4. Obstruct Legal Process-Interfere w/Peace Officer (Not applicable - GOC) 609.50.1(2) Misdemeanor 05/04/2008

Case No. 27-CR-09-56833
State of Minnesota vs CARL LEE FAIR DOB: 10/04/1985

Charges: FAIR, CARL LEE Statute Level Date
1. Domestic Assault (Not applicable - GOC) 609.2242.4 Felony 06/15/2009

2. Violation of a No-Contact Order (Not applicable - GOC) 518B.01.22(d)(1) Felony 06/15/2009

Case No. 27-CR-12-9765
State of Minnesota vs CARL LEE FAIR DOB: 10/04/1985
Related Cases
27-CR-12-9764 (Companion Case)
Charges: FAIR, CARL LEE Statute Level Date
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Aid/Abet - GOC) 609.344.1(c) Felony 10/02/2011

2. Kidnapping-To Commit Great Bodily Harm/Terrorize 609.25.1(3) Felony 10/02/2011"

Case No. 27-CR-12-9764
State of Minnesota vs EDMOND DEMONT FAIR
DOB: 12/29/1988
DOD: 08/23/2013

Charges: FAIR, EDMOND DEMONT Statute Level Date
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Aid/Abet - GOC) 609.344.1(c) Felony 10/02/2011

2. Kidnapping-To Commit Great Bodily Harm/Terrorize 609.25.1(3) Felony 10/02/2011

Plea (Judicial Officer: Karasov, Fred)
1. Criminal Sexual Conduct-3rd Degree (Aid/Abet - GOC)
Not guilty
Plea (Judicial Officer: Karasov, Fred)
2. Kidnapping-To Commit Great Bodily Harm/Terrorize

Anonymous said...

Reggie should replace Frank Santaniello as news anchor at 'cco or go hold a sign on Nicollet Avenue right outside the studio saying he will work for liposuction.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thanks for the Carl Lee Fair rap sheet. I didn't even go there but, yeah, that's good information to add to the record.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed with these lads.
They were on my Tiddlywinks team and we have a tournament this weekend.

I'm more than dissapointed with Reg; I'm crestfallen.
I hope he keeps cool and doesn't overreact to all this.
He has a good gig and lots of folks are probably waiting in line for it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Reg Chapman can overreact all he likes to my scathing critique. He's the one defending this dirt bag and insinuating the police executed him.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Understood.
I should have read his story before commenting.

Anonymous said...

Reggie is just pissed off because 99% of the stories they send him to have to do with blacks and the guy figures he's just being used as a pawn.
"Hey, black story, send Reg""Hey 'nother killing but it's a white guy over northeast so I guess we don't have to wake up Reg...

Anonymous said...

These people are completely insane and have deformed souls.
This is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt Reg Chapman reads your blog or cares what you say.
He is a respected journalist who works for the CBS affiliate.
You are just a trash blogger who make stuff up and posts opinions.
You're less credible that the "Onion".

Anonymous said...

People like Chapman are the problem....
making shit up and trying to stir animosity in the community when he sticks up for these thugs who would gladly rape, kill, or sell dope to his mother without blinking an eye.
I'm tired of people sticking up for guilty scum just because they are the same shade. Bogus bastard overstayed his welcome at the buffet.

Johnny Northside! said...

A follow up email I received in response to my little inquiry about the address at issue.

Hi John,

Typically it would be challenging to follow-up on that specific issue due to the extensive length of time that had passed, almost two years. However I did look into the situation. Our records indicate that after the incident, the Police Department reported this issue to the Building & Community Standards Department inspectors to investigate. While there was not enough evidence to confirm the shed/garage was being used as a bedroom at the time of the inspection, the property owner/occupants were advised that a shed/garage may not be used as a bedroom. As indicated by the report you had, criminal prosecution was underway.

Since October 2011, there have been several reviews of the property as part of the Vacant Building Program and Rental License program. In January 2013, they applied for a rental license. The previous tenant was evicted by the landlord, the property code items were corrected, and reinspection fees paid. Therefore, the property was issued a rental license on July 8, 2013.

The Police, Building & Community Standards, and Administration Departments work closely to address problem properties and situations. I appreciate you sending the report so we could review our processes.


Vickie Schleuning
Assistant City Manager/Director of Bldg & Community Stds

Anonymous said...

hi, the person who lived in that house was set up. the owner was running a rental scam where he illegal toke money from renter and housing voucher. the city knew he didn,t have license to rent. he file homestead through the city. he is still filling homestead. It was reported to proper authority. David A Gardner vs Elizabeth Fair. In this case paper work was lost by Hennepin county housing clerk. In my opinion even the judge was prejudice in this case. Do your research.