Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mother Of Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim James Early Is Petra Marie Ross, A Fresh Child Support Case Had Been Filed August 23...(CORRECTION, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY)

Photo forwarded by source, may originate on Facebook, used under First
Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog has received additional photos from a source which depict circumstances surrounding the life of James Early, latest and littlest victim of North Minneapolis gun violence. (CORRECTION, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY, NAME OF UNCLE AND ALLEGED SHOOTER IS JAMES EARLY)

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The three additional photos I received depict an unknown relative, above. The relative may be father Isaac L. Early, though he looks too old. It is possible, however, he has been "aged by tragedy" and this is the same individual depicted in the MN DOC mug shot below...

I would tend to think it's NOT Isaac Early, but I do not know.

Another photo I received appears to document James Early right after his birth (that would have been, well, two months ago) in his father's arms at the hospital. (CORRECTION, THE PHOTO WOULD DOCUMENT ISAAC EARLY)

A marriage certificate photo helps me to confirm, 100 percent, this is the same Isaac Lorenzo Early who is in jail right now on a Minnesota Department of Corrections hold and has an extensive criminal record. 

The woman in the marriage license, Petra Marie Ross, has a few bumps on her record but nothing I would consider notable or worth writing about under the circumstances.

It should be noted, however, civil court records confirm Hennepin County was seeking child support from Isaac Early and a case was filed on behalf of Petra Marie Ross quite recently, on August 23. (Case 27-FA-13-6083)

A hearing was scheduled for October 13. 


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James BD'dis BD'dat Early
6 September via Mobile
I'm sorry all my love ones acciidents do happen but ima be a man about mines period love yall
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Alonzo Bell Yhu a man den turn yoself in yhu shot yo 2 month old nephew in the head... Nd fled the scene... Smh rns tho
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Johnny Northside! said...

I am all over that like yummy on gumbo.

Anonymous said...

I need an interpreter.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you posted something about the Early clan in another one of your blogs? Not too long ago ? Refresh yourself, John, on the notoriety of this family.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am aware that I wrote stories about murder victim Frank Sam Early and a guy by the same exact name in the Chicago prison system who I figure was probably a relative, but whether THESE Earlys are related to THOSE Earlys, I am not certain,

Believe me, I'm working that angle I just don't have any information to link right now. And, indeed, it's possible they are NOT related.

Anonymous said...

Somebody is gunna kill you and your family one day watch smh lmao u don't even know wow!!!!!!!