Sunday, September 8, 2013

Alonzo Bell Of Chicago Identifies Two-Month-Old Shooting Victim As His Grandson, Tells Shooter "You Can Run But You Can't Hide You Bitch Ass (Racial Expletive)"

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment
And Criticism, and public safety reasons, blog post by John Hoff

Alonzo Bell, whose "current city" on Facebook is Chicago but who identifies his hometown as Minneapolis, describes himself as the grandfather of two-month-old shooting victim Isaac Early and posted the heartrending photo, above. (ADDENDUM, SEPTEMBER 9, an earlier version of this blog post incorrectly identified the baby as James Early. The mother states the baby's name is Isaac Early)

Bell is quite unhappy with the James Early, who is the uncle of the baby in question and reportedly shot the baby by accident. Bell posted two photos of James Early and had some choice words to say about Early...

"Get a good look at this bitch ass (racial expletive) you can run but you can't hide you bitch ass (racial expletive) watch your back you punk ads (sic) bitch"

Alonzo added a comment to make it clear he meant "ass" not "ads." JNS blog is happy to see some attention, any attention given to correct spelling in communications of these sort.

Alonzo Bell also posted the following photo with similar commentary.

"This (racial expletive) rigth (sic) here shoots little kids he shot my grandson, you are a bitch ass (racial expletive)"

In other postings, Alonzo calls for prayers for his grandson and addresses the baby in his comments, saying, "You just hold on baby."

Bell has hundreds of photos in his Facebook profile, but the vast majority consist of model shots of scantily clad women, many of whom can be charitably described as likely "working girls." Many of these photos seem to be the girls self-promoting and "tagging" Alonzo Bell so the photos end up in his albums without much effort on his part. Here is the latest photo as an example:

The photo is labeled "show me you want me."

 Bell has the following profile pic, which allows me to determine he is pictured in a recent photo with the baby and is, therefore, apparently present at the baby's side and not currently in Chicago.

Bell also posted a photo of himself, vintage unknown, identifying himself as an "outlaw biker." Bell appears to be in the back row making a gesture with a cylindrical object, most likely a cigar.

Bell posted a video on Facebook, which I don't have the capacity to replicate here, which basically shows young men getting messed up on "420" (marijuana) and messing around with music. The entire video features a camera angle tiled sideways so the whole video is on its side, disconcertingly, as though the person running the camera was ALSO high.

For unknown reasons, the "ICU" picture of little Isaac Early was posted with the following caption:

"Wheels bitch."

This appears to be some sort of reference to motorcycle gang retribution for the person responsible for hurting the baby.

JNS blog continues to urge James Early to turn himself in IMMEDIATELY and not wait to, for example, smoke up a lot of dope as Early indicated in one Facebook post he wanted to accomplish beforehand.

It is unknown if the Alonzo Bell who identifies himself as the father of the injured baby is Alonzo Nash Bell, DOB 6/10/67. He certainly appears about the right age. Alonzo Nash Bell (and it's not confirmed this is the same person) has an extensive criminal record including a conviction for crack cocaine.

JN S blog continues to dig while mainstream media appear to be taking the weekend off on this tragic story and its constant new developments.

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