Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Northside Neighbors Alarmed To Catch The Rank Scent Of United Federal Properties Skulking Around Our Houses...

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post by John Hoff

It was a business card. One little business card, stuck in the frame of a door, with a little note jotted on the back saying something to the effect, hey, call me. 

But that card caused a ripple of alarm in our neighborhood, expressed in a discussion on the red hot North Vent Facebook forum.

United Federal Properties, the name of an LLC associated with Robert Serr (click here for previous JNS blog coverage) does not have a good name on the North Side. And because of that one business card, suddenly, in the virtual community organized on North Talk, people are asking, "What is United Federal Properties doing" and saying stuff like, "God, I sure hope they don't buy any property around me."

What new schemes are being hatched? We don't know, yet, but we have this bogey on our radar.


Anonymous said...

Is this group related to the new sign spam at Broadway & 94, and Broadway/81 as it turns into Robbinsdale? Yellow signs with a 612 # and semi-literate scrawlings of "I buy house" in sharpie?

Anonymous said...

I believe it is not lawful to for a private company to advertise or even have a business name that would lead people to believe it is a government agency and the name of that company and the logo they use sure makes it sound like a government entity.

Anonymous said...

Ok - this guy bought several TJ Waconia properties before the City lawsuit put the TRA in place. Check out 3742 Aldrich Ave N for example. If you look at the rental history, he held them a few years and then resold. Might have a British accent. His phone number should be on the rental license history. Maybe you should just call him and ask what's up?

Johnny Northside! said...

Or he can email me and tell me what's up. The story was about the alarm of the neighbors.