Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quasim Jameel Owens Accused Of Robbing Couple Who Got Off The Bus Near Fremont And Broadway...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

On September 4, at about 1 in the morning, a couple got off a Metro bus at Fremont and Broadway Ave. N., and were immediately followed by two black males. One of the males got in front of the couple, stuck a gun in their faces, and demanded "everything right now." So the male victim handed over wallet, cell phone, and "personal paperwork." (Click here for criminal complaint)

At about 8 p.m. that same day, the male victim called police to say he'd just seen the robber at Emerson and Broadway. For those who know the alphabet song by heart, and realize Emerson is right next to Fremont, that would be a block away from the robbery.

Police went to the scene and arrested Quasim Jameel Owens who, conveniently, had a...

...gun sticking out of his pants pocket. Like most of the North Minneapolis criminals who are involved in gun crimes (allegedly) Owens has already been convicted of a crime and is prohibited from possessing firearms.

According to the criminal complaint, Owens lives at 1526 Dupont Ave. N., a homesteaded property owned by a relative who is also named Owens. 


Anonymous said...

Quasim Jameel? Give me a break! I can't take it NoMo NoMi...and the theory of invisibility and the elusive invincibility has been squashed again.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they a gonna make Quasim a star on Broadway.
No mo old Mil for Quasim
he be gargling with Crystal like it's Listerine.
Because, they a gonna make Quasim a star on Broadway.
Repeat 2 x and go into a solo and repeat the verse.

Anonymous said...

I respect cultural differences, but "Quasim Jameel"?!?! Really?