Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spanky Pete Had A Hearing Today In Federal Court, Both Defendants And Plaintiff Wait For Ruling To Come Down...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

A hearing took place this morning in St. Paul's federal court between Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer, a notorious frivolous litigant who vents his sickly spleen by suing, well, everybody and also, well...


Here's what I hear about how the hearing went.
The hearing was scheduled for 2 hours and about 75 percent of that was Peter rambling. The judge would ask Peter a question, but Peter would end up chasing furry mental rabbits down the dark holes in his own mind. At one point the judge asked what accommodations Peter was seeking, since Peter keeps making a point (repeated, yet vague, like an abusive spanking over god-knows-what) that he's somehow disabled and needs accommodation.

The translation of this appears to be: I want you to read my tangled up mess of a lawsuit and find something in there which allows me to prevail. Or, to phrase it in the language spoken inside of Peter's scambled noggin:


Of course, no amount of legal magic is going to come up with a workable answer to this question:

Why would a federal court be able to rule on a state court matter?

The judge in the case said something to the effect, "I want you to agree not to file any more motions until this is resolved. I want you to agree. If you don't agree, I am perfectly capable of ORDERING you not to do that."

So it seemed like Peter (and, for that matter, the real lawyers) agreed.

The judge also disclosed that one of his former clients, many years ago, was David Schooler who is one of the attorneys for Jordan Area Community Council. Rickmyer didn't ask the judge to recuse himself (apparently the only smart legal move Peter has made in quite a while) but made noises and agonized sounds about how, really, he should have been TOLD about this.

Right now, before the judge, there is a motion for Rule 11 sanctions against Rickmyer and a Motion to Dismiss. Rickmyer's motion to strike, motions for default judgment...all of these have been denied along the way.

Some time after the hearing, an attorney named Christopher Renz (who is one of the attorneys for JACC) was asking in regard to a rumor he'd heard about Peter Rickmyer, a rumor which has been HINTED at here on JNS blog but not yet published. It is irritating that I am in the position of reporting that I am not reporting something, but it's my way of being as forthright with readers as possible.

There is something BIG that I am not reporting, and it concerns Rickmyer. It will be reported EVENTUALLY, when the time to report it is most opportune.

One individual who knows some of this "in the bag" information spoke to Renz. When I heard of Renz's inquiry, I made sure Renz heard all the information I had about this matter and directed him where he could get more info in the form of, for example, documents.

And that's where things stand and we all wait for the ruling on this sick lpuppy who goes around suing people all the time, apparently trying to create a zone within which he can operate unchallenged. More on THAT later, but this much to be said...

The fight against Rickmyer's lawsuits has never been about "getting back" at Rickmyer for, well, OTHER lawsuits he files.

Rickmyer files lawsuits because this sick, deviant child molester is trying to create a little niche of social space within which he can operate unchallenged.

To do WHAT?

We can only imagine. 


Anonymous said...

Damn pete I almost decided to leave you alone because you were behaving..now I gots to do the do.

Anonymous said...

The really sad part of all this is that Judge Davis is going to Congress and begging them not to cut the Federal Judicial budget anymore because the sequester cuts have already hurt them so much. Then Spanky Pete comes along with this crap and takes up everyone's time. At least the judge ruled against appointing an attorney for him (yes, he had the gall to ask for a free attorney because his attorney got "sick" and he can't afford a new one).

Johnny Northside! said...

His attorney "got sick?"

If by "got sick" he means "lost her freaking mind" then I suppose he's right.

Except for the part about how he should have one appointed. The NERVE of this little creep. And then there's the THING we're not talking about, yet, but it will come out, oh, yes it will...

Anonymous said...

No doubt! Johnny is no stranger to wasting people's time in the courts. http://caselaw.findlaw.com/wa-court-of-appeals/1468224.html

Johnny Northside! said...

That's a blast from the past...

I seem to recall there was a learned and scholarly amicus brief filed on my behalf. Not exactly a waste of the court's time.

Anonymous said...

At least Jill Clark had a law license. Something John Hoff will never have.

Anonymous said...

pete at 12:46a.m. throwing a petey zinger defending jill joy and on the prowl for children

Anonymous said...

"I seem to recall there was a learned and scholarly amicus brief filed on my behalf. Not exactly a waste of the court's time."

Ya right! You jam up the courts time with this stupid chit? Sitting on a sidewalk that you apparently set out to get cited for? Have you EVER accepted anything that has gone against you? You must not have played sports as a kid very long. The other kids must have gotten tired of you arguing every time the other team scored. Fucking baby is all you are.