Saturday, September 7, 2013

Thug Barbeque Goes Oh-So-Wrong At 3830 Thomas Ave. N., Ends In Brutal Pistol Whipping And Dousing With Lighter Fluid...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

In a criminal complaint filed against George Ernie Almond of Chicago, prosecutors paint a detailed narrative of a "thug barbeque" which ended in a brutal pistol whipping. Click here for the criminal complaint.

On August 17, police responded to a report that "multiple witnesses" saw a man being pistol whipped on the front lawn of 3830 Thomas Ave. N., and gunshots inside the house. When officers arrived, a shirtless black male bleeding from his head ran from the house, "carrying a strong odor of lighter fluid."

Some other black males were following the victim, but upon seeing the officers, they...

...went back inside.

The assailants included the half-brother of the victim and some other adult males. They were Andre Moatan, (the half brother) as well as Jayton Sims and George Almond.

According to the victim, he'd been invited to a barbeque along with "Victim B," but when he showed up, he was accused of being a thief who had stolen money. A gun was waived around and, at one point, the victims were prevented from leaving the residence. (Oops, that's felony kidnapping, right there, if prosecutors want to pursue that)

Victim A pleaded he didn't have money and even began undressing to show he didn't have any money.  That's when the pistol whipping began, as well as Victim A being doused in lighter fluid. (God knows where THAT was going if police hadn't shown up, I guess when Victim A was invited to a barbeque, well, he was the main course)

The alleged assailants didn't come out of the house right away and SWAT was summoned. Then they all came out. Police went inside and gathered a metric butt ton of bloody evidence, summarized in the criminal complaint, including a pile of cash. At one point, George Almond claimed "It wasn't me!" Those words were quoted in the criminal complaint, no doubt solely for the purpose of this blogger having some fun with it, as follows:

Accused assailant George Almond is a resident of Chicago and reportedly resides at 3850 S. Langley. Another defendant, Moatan, has a lengthy criminal history including some pending cases.

The house at 3830 Thomas Ave. N. is owned by Thomas G. Keller of Maple Grove. A stabbing incident at another Keller property was featured on this blog just last month, click here, when a stabbing with a screw driver happened at 1115 22nd Ave. N.

Thomas G. Keller is rapidly ascending to the ranks of bad and neglectful landlords. 


Anonymous said...

Fixin' to burn your half brother. Wow. I can understand a little bitch-slapping. Maybe even pistol-whipping. But burning? SMH, as the tweeters tweet. SMDH.

Anonymous said...

These people are animals.

Anonymous said...

A comment on a KARE 11 story asked if we get combat pay living in north Mpls. I do feel like we live in a war zone & I think I have PTSD because of all of the hostility & violence here. So.. why don't I move? Can't afford to.I wish I could figure out the solution to stopping all of the horrible behavior. Our police are great but we'd need many,many more of them.

Anonymous said...

They should build a wall around the north side to separate it from the rest of the city. Keep the gates locked until the whole hell hole is dead, then pave the whole area over and build a new community on top of it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Racist comment rejected.