Tuesday, September 10, 2013

SafeZone Video Cameras Provide Evidence Against "Poochy" And "Drama" In A Robbery Which Included Forcing The Victim To Take Off His Shoes And Homophobic Hate Speech...

Creative stock photo, one of numerous pairs of shoes I
gave away in Afghanistan, blog post by John Hoff

It's about time this blog heard about all the cameras we have on the Northside actually solving a crime that didn't involve a murder.

According to two complaints filed by police and prosecutors (click here and also here) a "SafeZone" camera captured evidence of a robbery by Michael Funches, (known on the streets as "Drama") and Bobby Hayward Smith, (known on the streets as "Poochy")  in a robbery that happened near Lyndale Ave. N. and 45th Ave. N.

The victim, a male whose initials are D.B.D, had been hanging out with two females, driving around in a van owned by one of the females. They stopped at a liquor store near Lyndale and 42nd (must have been Camden Liquors, 4155 Lyndale Ave. N.) and talked to a couple of men.

As the complaint puts it so well, "the group then parted ways for some time." A nice way to phrase all this unproductive hanging out, "chilling," greeting no-accounts in the street you've never met before, etc, then coming all the way back to the beginning and hanging out some more...

D.B.D. offered to give Poochy and Drama a ride. The safe zone cameras then captured what happened at 2:30 in the morning when, mind you, these folks were still "hanging out" after they had "parted ways for some time."

As D.B.D. put the car into park, Smith pressed a firearm to his head.

"You think we are going to play with you, faggot?" Smith said, and told D.B.D. to get out of the vehicle. Funches was assisting Smith with the robbery. D.B.D. was relieved of his wallet with $300 to $400, his I-phone, a cell phone, and was told to take off his shoes.

Then D.B.D. was pistol whipped.

"We can't stand these faggots you homos," Smith said. "This is what we do to ya all." (Sic, JNS blog believes the preferred spelling would be ya'll)

While the two robbers were asking D.B.D. where his keys were and what was his PIN number, the victim managed to get in his vehicle and get away.

D.B.D. needed stitches. The next day, one of the females who had been hanging out with D.B.D. when the group met up with "Poochy" and "Drama" received the following text message from Funches:

"The homies did some bullshit last night can I make it right with you???"

Funches is charged with aggravated robbery. His home address on the criminal complaint is 4433 Aldrich Ave. N., a rental owned by Drew G. Kabanuk of Crystal, MN.

The same landlord owns 4153 Aldrich Ave. N., where Chris Obrien Shaw reportedly lived when he was charged with a gun crime.

As for defendant Bobby Smith, he reportedly lives at 4417 Aldrich Ave. N., a rental owned by John M. Landry of Rogers, Minnesota. 


Anonymous said...

Why is this news, don't these (whatever description you don't find too racist to publish) do this every five minutes in North?

Anonymous said...

1) don't be out after 2 AM - especially in North Mpls.
2) don't give a ride to anyone who looks like they might be nicknamed Drama or Poochy.
3) don't carry $3-400 cash and an I-phone.