Saturday, September 7, 2013

Name Of Two Month Old Juvenile Shooting Victim MIGHT BE James Early, JNS Blog Trying To Verify...(CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, 1:52 AM, NAME OF BAY IS ISAAC EARLY)

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog has received info from a source I can describe as "frequently in the know, in the mix, believed to be reliable and with no reason to lie" that the name of the 2-month-old juvenile shooting victim at 2413 Emerson Ave. N. is James Early. (CORRECTION, SEPTEMBER 9, NAME OF CHILD IS ISAAC EARLY, THE NAME OF THE UNCLE AND SHOOTER IS JAMES EARLY)

The father of the child is believed to have the same surname.

There is a lot of other information in my hands right now--and by information, I mean rumor--but due to the incredibly sensitive nature of the situation I am sitting on that hot info for now. The 17-year-old juvenile involved in the shooting should put down his weapon, call 911, and wait quietly with his hands in the air.

Further, I wish to say...

In the absence of mainstream media that adequately serve our community, that get us the information we need as fast as we actually need it, and refrain from false narratives ("he was just starting to turn his life around, it's shocking, he was a good kid, no gangs, etc.") grassroots media entities like JNS blog must stoop to reporting rumor.

But it will be reported AS rumor, not fact, with all the caveats that entails.


Anonymous said...


So your credible informants tell you the kid isn't in a gangbanger and has no criminal record? Then why didn't he stand up and take responsibility instead of running off? Accident of not, he shot his brother's baby. Most normal people will accept the consequences of that because they are more concerned for the child than for themselves--they stick around, answer questions from the cops etc. Furthermore, what kind of family provides cover for a anyone (relative or not) who shoots their kids?

This is just so fucked up. It's a microcosm of everything wrong with the northside... Don't take responsibility...Don't cooperate with the cops...Irresponsible, impulsive, uneducated half-wit kids firing a gun every time they feel threatened---which is all the time, because they are too socially retarded to function in normal society so they "slip" through the rungs.

Wow--Dr. Kings dream sure is dead, because I doubt he dreamed of a day when little black boys and little black girls would be shooting their own two month old cousins.

When is this low life segment of the African american community going to realize that the only path forward requires focus, discipline, hard work, and yes, responsibility?

Anonymous said...


I just re-read you post and now realize you were not specifically saying anything about the kid. Mea culpa. In any case, I don't understand how a family can allow their kid to be shot, then provide cover for the shooter and why the entire family couldn't/wouldn't take responsibility. It is a mystery that people from good society want to know!!

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing that you're so prolific due to the fact that there is so much to report here. I am really grateful to you Johnny for staying on top on the events in our neighborborhood.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am a new reader who now turns here for the news. In my 8 years living on the northside (37th and Girard) I have seen many murders on my block or nearby on the news. Rarely do I see any news regarding arrests and convictions. We are left in the dark about these cases. Mainstream media doesn't care and we are the ones left wondering where these killers are. Thank you for the service of this blog. I will keep doing my part, watch and call, when I see suspicious activity.

Anonymous said...

The mainstream media, notably the Star and Tribune,(they own the Pioneer Press so they have a monopoly) not only are afraid of the black community but are willing to print their bullshit excuses and how they were good or getting their shit together and all of the other lies and rationale.
Printing the truth about blacks is hard for scared stupid white people where as they seem to not have a problem smearing you. Thank you J.Northside for you are one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

I work in Child Support and the influx from Chicago and Lousianna has been awful this year. It isn't right that they can come here and get aid with their low lives and guns. I usually sign my moniker but for obvious reasons I won't. Pretty sad I have to worry about work because the County helps all these losers.