Thursday, September 5, 2013

Prosecutors Say Alonzo Carter Fled From Cops At Speeds Of Up To 127 Miles Per Hour And TOTALLY GOT AIR!!!!

Creative stock photo, oxygen canisters, blog post by John Hoff


Prosecutors say Alonzo Carter was already doing 104 miles an hour in the 60 mph zone when a Hennepin County deputy gave chase.  Carter blew through stop signs and, at one point, was doing 127 mph and became AIRBORNE!!!!


Uh, I mean...

OK, well, he's a lawbreaker (allegedly) and I'm glad the police picked him up. But I can't help but wonder HOW HIGH DID HE GET? HOW MUCH AIR? HOW TOTALLY SICK WAS HIS VERT? DUDE!!!!!

Anyway, click here for the criminal complaint.

Carter lost control, hit the center median, took out two trees and a sprinkler pipe. (AWESOME!!!!)

And he did it all on a SUSPENDED LICENSE!!!

The criminal complaint says he knew or should have known he was fleeing a police officer, but you can bet the criminal defense will say, "How could he have known what was behind him? HE WAS DOING 127 MILES PER HOUR AND WAS AIRBORNE. IT WAS TOTALLY RAD!!!"

It is suspected the defense will try to get the charges dropped to AWESOME EXHIBITION DRIVING and misdemeanor property damage. 

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Anonymous said...

Who does he think he is - Chief Keef?