Saturday, June 9, 2012

Deshaunta Dmar Gomez Convicted Of "First Degree Riot--Death Results--Armed With Weapon" In Slaying Of Keontrell Govan, Deshaunta's Life On Probation Is Revealed Through Facebook...

Photo from FB page of "Shaunta Boutthat Gomez," used under First Amendment Fair Comment and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Dashaunta Dmar Gomez,  a/k/a "Shaunta," pictured above charmingly grabbing his CROTCH is the brother of "Bored Shooter" Malo Gomez, who fired on an occupied squad car (allegedly) just to liven up his day.

And Malo certainly livened up THEIRS.

Dashaunta Gomez was charged in the murder of Keontrell Govan, but took a plea deal, click here for mainstream media news coverage.

While a guy named Ishmael Rashad Moore pled guilty to Second Degree Murder, Gomez pled guilty to "First Degree Riot--Death Results--Armed With Weapon" and is on probation until April 17, 2015.

His curfew conditions include...

No alcohol or controlled substance use.

Random drug testing.

No gang activity.

Here's a little look at what Deshaunta is up these days.

First of all, with the random drug testing, he can't smoke marijuana. This is upsetting to him.

"TIRED OF SMOKIN BLACC CAINT SMOKE LOUD" he wrote on day before yesterday. On May 20 of this year he wrote "MADD AS HELL ON PAPERS ND ALL THESE MUFUCCAS SMOKIN LOUD IN MY FACE."

Though Shaunta can't be involved in gang activity, he certainly sees fit to comment (in a kind of detached way) on gang activity.


Shaunta apparently never wrote a sentence that needed to be written correctly, at the same time he feels every sentenced needs to be written in ALL CAPS.

EVERYBODY WANNA BE CRIP OR BD," he wrote on May 29.


Oops. That kind of shout out seems like it would qualify as "gang activity," I would think. Of course, these kids, they change the name of their profiles constantly, adding creative middle names. ISHUE appears to refer to co-defendant Ishmael Rashad Moore. More often I see his name written as "ISH" with shout outs to "free" him.

Here is Ishmael Rashad Moore's mug shot from DOC, and therefore a public document.

My question is how do you even FIND a young thug's Facebook page if you're a probation officer? Particularly the kind of probation officers who, it seems, aren't really trying THAT hard.

In a rare moment of what MIGHT be thuggy baby steps toward good citizenship, Shaunta wrote, "LEARNED FRM MA MISTAKES." (May 21) On May 23 he wrote, "SNEAKY ASS QUIET SHIT REMIND ME OF MA LAST HOE."

"JUSS SHOW ME YA BUTT" he wrote on May 30.

Here are some photos that document his "THUGGIN" (the rest of us don't know what it means) lifestyle.

The cover photo of his FB profile.

Again with the crotch thing.

Posing with a friend. Note hand sign.

Also, is that an empty Flaming Hot Cheetos bag on the floor? No, wait, I think it's Cool Ranch Flavor Doritos, another favorite of Northside litterbugs.

 This photo was posted sideways, like this. I wanted to preserve the feel of the sideways posting.

Can't smoke loud. Tired of smoking blacc.

And shit.

Check out the hat. And shit.

You're watching me, Deshaunta? We're watching YOU watching.

So Deshaunta has until the spring of 2015 to be in compliance with probation. I, personally, wouldn't bet a handful of dryer lint on his success, but maybe Deshaunta will shock, awe and surprise us.

Doubt it, though.


Anonymous said...

keontrell & phat phat are 2 different people. who are u talking about? phat phat is anthony titus.

Anonymous said...

Do agree with above poster. Anthony Titus was known as phat phat. Keontrell is just Keontrell.

Johnny Northside! said...

Both Keontrell and Anthony Titus were apparently known as "Phat Phat."

Go to Google and put in Keontrell Govan's name and also search "Phat" and you will see tribute pages that say "Keontrell Goven RIP Phat Phat."

So are you saying he's NOT known as Phat Phat even though the tribute pages say "Keontrell Goven RIP Phat Phat?"

So, what, the two tributes are mixed up so nobody can untangle and understand WHO is being referenced.

Johnny Northside! said...

Based on the possibility that whoever wrote the "tribute" pages simply didn't understand the rules of clear communication, and for whatever reason did a "double tribute" that referenced Anthony Titus as well as Keontrell Govan, I'm going to take out the "Phat Phat" nickname from the headline of this story.

I don't concede it's a correction, but the nickname adds only a little to the story and it's more important to be accurate. I certainly pay very close attention to ANY allegation of inaccuracy and I double check.

Anonymous said...

Lol north side litter bugs Ctfu

Anonymous said...

Lol , this nigga a real live bitch . You obviously don't know shit about the north side , and quit bringing up Ke and Phat .

Anonymous said...

like i said once before if you want to seem as if you are helping expose people to others its not you are only adding to the cycle of killings. stop blogging and actually go help with the police if that's what you want to do. and i believe there is a law with you taking photos from others fb profiles and writing this like this on the internet. once i find out what exactly that name of the law i will definitely let you know and others because you are going too far with things.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to know that you spend most of your time talking shit and making your life revolve around us "Thugs" "Northside litterbugs" lol

Anonymous said...

Northside Mpls, "thugs". Need to grow-up. Be Men. Seriously, what kind of life is that. What is mentally wrong with yaw. Why be in a gang? Whats the point? Why not be more than that crap you are? Most of yaw are very intelligent but are too dumb to realize that God has a purpose for you in this life. Killing ppl, you serious. Your own ppl. I won't be suprised if God destroys northside and every other so-called thug city to wake you guys up to LIFE, LOVE, AND PEACE.

Anonymous said...

I honestly wish that i could beat the hell out of these little bitches one by one. They have no fighting abilities and are the most egregious example of little girls wearing boys clothes.

boathead said...

I see these girls all of the time on Nicollet Avenue in downtown Minneapolis sitting on, or near, the corner of 7th. They have to set up goddamn cameras on the corner where all of these fucking bitches wait for the bus and give people a hard time. It is a goddamn shame these cocksuckers were ever put on earth.Ican only hope that they croak and go to froggy hell but,of course, getting dissected like all putrid petri rejects deserve. Good Day. P.S. John, i think you should start writing posts about these ASSHOLES who call the bus stop their second home...probably braggin' they own an R.V. that seats sixty.

Johnny Northside! said...

If what you say is true I think you should document it and call a probation officer.

Anonymous said...

Who is his Mother?

Anonymous said...

Where is the madness comin from fag where u goin around slandering people relatives n shit......thats all u good at

Anonymous said...

John you must have no life if you take time stalking peoples facebook and looking everything up . I can see why you do what you do , you dont have a girlfriend and you must have be neglected by your famly thats why you try to make other people lifes bad , You Cant say nothing about northside unless you grew up there and expericenced things . DUMBASS , GET A LIFE!

Anonymous said...

We might fight against each other, but i promise you this.... well burn this bitch down you get us pissed. 2pac BackOffDumbFuckAssDude