Monday, September 14, 2009

Farheen Hakeem's Latest Green Party Power Play Goes Down In Flames...(John Hoff Still A Member Of Green Party)

Above, Farheen Hakeem, below, material from JNS blog, Exhibits A and B at the "trial of Johnny Northside" 

Previously, this blog reported an attempt by a small, extremely negative and power hungry group of Fifth District Green Party members to "unendorse" City Councilman Cam Gordon, simply because Gordon tried to play nice and be friends with Mayor RT Rybak, whose odds of winning the next election are only slightly less than those of the sun coming up tomorrow.

Well, Farheen Hakeem and the "Hakeem Squad" sure didn't like the bloggy things I wrote about Melissa Hill, click here, or Kenya McKnight, click here, but I'm more inclined to think her true beef with Johnny Northside involved this piece I wrote, click here.

So yesterday afternoon, Farheen was (by her own admission) the person responsible for trying to revoke the "5 CD" Green Party membership of yours truly...

So how did that go for Farheen? About as well as Al Flowers' mayoral campaign. I'm hoping to get the "please revoke Johnny's membership" document put into PDF form and posted to this blog, so everybody else can enjoy this comic masterpiece.

However, much was revealed by the tragic failed attempt at revocation, including an incredible written statement to the effect some Green Party members had gone "crawling and begging" to Fifth Ward city council candidate Kenya McKnight, asking her to seek a Green Party endorsement.

(Scrunching my eyes. Clutching the bridge of my nose. This is MY POLITICAL PARTY we're talking about, here. "Crawling and begging" to KENYA MCKNIGHT? God, the burning shame)

Anyway, the messy and typo-riddled membership revocation request said some pretty nasty things about City Councilman Don Samuels, which isn't surprising given the fact Farheen Hakeem is frequently spotted in Al Flowers' charming company at various events, and Flowers' bitter struggles against Don Samuels are pretty well documented including, like, on YouTube. Click here.

For the record, there is no member of the Green Party running in the Fifth Ward, and if I think Don Samuels is the best of the five (much shorter) candidates, I'm free to say so.

The highlight of the "5 CD" Green Party meeting had to be when statements were made that yours truly--Johnny Northside--was scary and threatening because of, for example, pointing a finger towards Farheen in the course of a meeting. Farheen made some statement to the effect having a finger pointed at her was threatening because she is a Muslim woman. Somewhere in the course of this ridiculous discussion, one of the other Green Party members innocently and accidentally discharged a loaded finger in Farheen's direction.

Meanwhile, Farheen Hakeem hangs out with mayoral candidate and notorious nutcase Al Flowers, whose involvement with a statement about "kill the house n***r is infamous.

At a previous meeting, Farheen claimed she lived by the motto "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" but it appears Farheen can actually be described like so:

She can dish it out, but she can't take it.

More to follow, but here's the bottom line: I am not only still a member of the Fifth District Green Party (5 CD) but, to assure I would remain a Green no matter what the results, I went online and joined the Minnesota State Green Party, click here. So I've actually emerged from this "tempest in a green teapot" much greener than before.


nothing changes 'round here... said...

Who the f*** cares dude? Why so much drama? Take yourself out of it and focus on the positive.

The Mortgage Geek said...

Yeah, whatever happened to Farheen's plan to buy a bunch of foreclosed properties for homeless people anyway?

Johnny Northside said...

To Mortgage Geek:

Well, why don't you contact Farheen and ask her what that big plan full of hot air was all about? If you get some kind of answer--preferably in writing, by email--let me know so I can blog about it. But, hey, let's be careful NOT TO POINT FINGERS, especially at oh-so-sensitive Farheen. She can dish it out, but she can't take it.

Oh, wait, correction...turns out she couldn't actually dish it out.

In regard to the first comment: I love my Green Party and I plan to stay in the Green Party. I am deeply disaffected with the Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee politics of both democrats and republicans and I have been for, lo, many years.

Since the Green Party means so much to me, obviously I'm not going to sit still and let anybody throw me out of the 5 CD Greens, which I've been a member of since 2004 or 2005, and I was Green before that, too, back when I lived in North Dakota.

In many ways, I've been Green all my life, Green before I was born; it just took me a while to figure it out.

But it's too bad I wasted my valuable time at THAT particular meeting, on THAT agenda item, since the way it looked...I could have not showed up at all, and the result would have been the same:

John Hoff is still a member of the Green Party.

Anonymous said...

as a demagogue in training, Farheen clearly has a long way to go. effectively purging your enemies is basic, man.

Julie said...

To Johnny:

I love it when people who claim not care about your blog, post comments about how they don't care about your blog, in that oh so caring way like taking the time to read and post at 3 O'Clock in the morning!!! (Just pointing out a fact).

What is POSITIVE? Well, for one thing, 3:02 AM Anon has taken a suggestion from a previous post and given him/herself a name other than Anon. It's like we, the readers of JNS, like our blog comments like we like our neighborhood -- revitalized!!! We demand more than the generic "Anonyous." Thank you, thank you to "nothing changes 'round here... said..." for taking the leap of the revitalized name change NoMi, even though one might even suggest that your new name is an oxymoron.

Johnny, who cares? I CARE! Keep fighing the good fight!!!

Johnny Northside said...

To Julie,

Thanks for caring and commenting. To the person who made the joke about the grassroots campaign:

You kill me. You slay me. No, seriously, you are MOWING ME DOWN!!!

Your turn.

Johnny Northside said...

Somebody EMAILED me the following comment and I was all, like, why didn't you just put it on my blog? But here it is:

Look, the Green Party was trying to practically crucify Cam Gordon for playing nice with RT. But this Mpls Mirror article quotes a PRESS RELEASE
from Al Flowers' people. In this press release, Flowers describes HIMSELF (or allows himself to be described) as "the most well-known DFL candidate to challenge incumbent mayor RT Rybak."

So it's NOT okay for a SUCCESSFUL Green Party candidate who will likely be RE-ELECTED to actually WORK WITH the mayor who will also be re-elected, but it IS acceptable to attempt a Green Party endorsement of someone who openly calls himself DFL???

And unless I'm mistaken, didn't Gordon essentially say to Rybak, "If the Green Party endorses a mayoral candidate then I have to support him/her, but if they don't, I'll support you"?

Anyway, just plain stoopid.


JNS says: if you go back and read my blog post about the Cam Gordon un-endorsement attempt, it was voted down OVERWHELMINGLY. However, the Green Party rules allow a very small number of party members to put stupid crap on the agenda, get it up for a vote, etc.

This might work well for certain, maybe there are five people who want to pass something involving an obscure eco-issue that few people know about, and want to get a discussion going about that. However, with the Cam Gordan thing and recently with this move made against me, what is happening is a small and negative group of people is trying to use the process to purge and punish and seize the heart and soul of the 5 CD Greens.

They get voted down overwhelmingly, but they still keep spreading their poisonous venom through the party. They're trying to take the Geen Party in a very radical direction, away from moderate and sensible green positions.

I'm hoping to get somebody to help me with a detailed, written account of this struggle for the "heart and soul of the 5 CD," which I see as struggle of Greens With Good Sense versus the radical and extremely negative Hakeem Squad.

nothing changes 'round here... said...

Julie Anonymous Last Name:

Since you appear to be one of the ASSuming types, I'll clarify.

I was trying to casually state that I, and possibly many others, don't really care about the blog post subject CONTENT itself. Like, write about something positive that's going on, instead of another of Johnny's endless lineup of people he/we shouldn't like, and therefore should criticize. The drama.

I mean, he DOES claim to be the voice (an international one even) of the Northside, even so far as to take the very name Northside (arrogant as it is for someone who's been here for only a couple years).

So if he's the self-proclaimed voice taking the name of a whole neighborhood, then I have the free speech right to say "who cares" whenever I want, right? ESPECIALLY if I've actually had my roots here for years and years.

Johnny would probably agree with that, since he's supposedly all about the free speech flow. Although curiously, he must always have the last word, or will rely on the kool-aid drinkers like yourself to defend the honor of your happens all the time whenever someone dares to challenge King Johnny.

Nope, I'm definitely not a big fan. The lure is watching a massive ego insert themselves into other's lives in that awkward way. Kinda like watching Kanye West make an ass of himself once again in public, you just can't turn away sometimes. Watching people who fool others into believing they are talented leaders, all the while believing their own hype, when the real 'talent' is just being a fool. Guilty pleasures...we all got 'em.

OOps! Did I slander JNS? The nerve!

As far as posting at 3am.....who the f*** cares? Apparently you do. Is that the next thing we should root out of our 'revitalized' neighborhood....people who stay up late occasionally?

I wish I could be normal and righteous like Johnny and his outstanding citizen followers.

Btw, what's up with this blogs history of ASSuming a dissenting opinion is always coming from the people you've criticized in the past? Like there aren't people reading who could possibly take issue simply using their own reasoning? Then again, paranoia must be a bitch when you have a long trail of nasty behaviour towards others.

See what happens around here? A person checks in to read the last few weeks of 'news', hoping to read about something 'substantive' that is always promised and instead winds up in the mud with the pigs.

Should have known better. I'm going to take another shower.

MeganG. said...

Sitting in that stoopid 5CDGreen meeting yesterday afternoon, on a fleeting summer weekend, while "things" are placed by the wayside so that stoopid matters like this can be tended to, I couldn't help but notice the similarities in tactics that I have seen before at community meetings, that I can't help but think they are designed to produce as little participation as possible:

-unbelievably agonizing agenda items.
- slow, drawn out stalling tactics
- personal agendas and motives repackaged and ducked in under the radar.

Not to mention the hypocracy. At one point Farheen passed around a resolution that read something like "Ward 3 city council: the 5CD greens have NOT endorsed a candidate however we feel that Allan (somebody) is the best candidate" and another greenie expresses her opposiiton to the resolution, so Farheen says "look, all this guy wants is for us to express our support and then we will never see him again" and the other greenie says "EXACTLY! That is my problem, we will never see him again"

It reminds me of what JNS wrote about low self esteem and going all the way on the first date.

LMAO @ the hypocracy of Farheen and what she was trying to pull in regards to un-endorsing Cam Gordon yet endorsing, tyring to "support" this Allan guy, working for and "mock" electing Al Flowers (democrat) and then turning around and going after John Hoff for, gasp, criticizing political candidates who happened to be democrats themselves.

(here's where I get to use my new fav saying)


Where's Chipper and his friends when you need him to gather up all the nuts??????

Johnny Northside said...

Here's something interesting I found about Farheen Hakeem and a falling out she had with one of her former supporters:

Johnny Northside said...

Here's more details about that falling out, including Farheen's response.

Johnny Northside said...

Here's some interesting "endorsement confusion" involving Farheen.

Julie said...

To Johnny:

It appears that I have push a "rant" button on Mr/Ms "nothing changes 'round here... said..."

This was certainly not my intention and I want to start by apologizing to YOU. After all, it is YOUR blog that gets littered with the comments, as if the concept of free speech means every venemous thing someone thinks should be posted.

Getting to the point, I'm just saying it strikes me that there is some odd personal ownership to the title like "I'm a Green" or "I'm a Northsider". I mean, really, who is the judge of how long you have to be affiliated with the group or live at a place before you can use the title? Don't we want people to embrace a community? CARE about it. I have lived in Minneapolis over 15 yrs. Is that long enough? And if I agree with your perspective on an issue, then how are you really exaggerating your importance (you know, the defination of arrogance) when you call yourself JNS when you are representing a view point that other share on the northside? Johnny, your Anon commentor from 3:00 AM writes like there is an aha moment before us, like when you learn how to ride a bike. You just want to ride because you can, not because you have somewhere to go. As I recall my government classes, I think you do not have to be somewhere for a certain length of time in American before you have the right to free speech. I'm just pointing out another fact.

Johny, one could read your blog to mean that you are Johnny Northside like John from the Northside of Minneapolis, not Johnny the GREAT VOICE SPEAKING FOR EVERYONE AND EVER OPINION ON THE NORTHSIDE (starting from downtown). I mean, really, if we are going to talk about ASSumptions, John, let's talk about them.

Now, I don't think you KING (we never had those in America) and I don't touch crazy-kool-aid (my proof is I haven't sued anybody), but I would say that your 3:00AM commentor has issues beyond what is posted, given the defensive comments. I'm guessing it's the lack of sleep.

Still caring,

PS. John, I'm NOT sharing my last name, its not you honey, its the weirdos)

Pond-dragon said...

Pond-dragon says, "if nothing changes 'round here.../WTF" why are you wasting electrons? The truth "she hurts" is things are changing and you are on the outside looking in! You made the Bad choice dude or dudette!
The train left YEARS ago and you missed it. U-B-HSTRY, no response req'd because, "WTF nobody cares anyway"!

Johnny Northside said...


You don't have to apologize to ME. Unlike Farheen, I actually CAN take the heat and LIKE being in the kitchen.

It's OK if you don't want to share your last name here, but I am on Facebook, after all. Love the idea of "revitalization" of the comments by trying to use names. The "anonymous" comments are like vacant houses, the others have people living inside.

Of course...some of the houses are occupied by thugs and problem tenants. Oh well.

Anonymous said...


I think you could be one of the weirdos that you're afraid of. Let's see, you took a shot at 'nothing changes', you were called out for basically being an apologist for JNS, and then in your next post you reflected the very personality that 'nothing changes' described, with lots of bad grammar and poor spelling to boot.

Yes, exactly what is wrong with posting at 3 AM? Did you notice what time JNS posted? Is there a last call for posting comments, after which you become a questionable person?

I don't think 'nothing changes' was trying to say you need to be here a certain length of time to be a part of something. I interpreted it as stating that for someone who's been in North Minneapolis a very short amount of time, JNS sure has a lot of strong negative opinions about people while at the same time calling himself Johnny Northside. Lots of people, judging by the pushback in the comments and out in the community this year, take offense to JNS' hubris. Can you possibly understand why?

I applaud 'nothing changes' for taking a stance that there's a whole lot of negativity here. Others just want to go along without ever questioning JNS and the comments that follow his lead (always anonymously by the way, while criticizing opposing views and their anonymity). Lead, follow, get along or get out of the way. We all get to choose.

I personally would love to see a more consistently positive blogging style from JNS. I'm not holding my breath though.

Julie said...

To Anony @ September 15, 2009 5:40 PM:

You missed the point. The 3:00 am commenter asked the question of who cares. I responded: I care.

Now your attacking me for pointing out the oxymoron from the 3:00 am commenter "not caring" so much to the point that he/she cared enough to post a comment? So, Anony, you know what I do when I don't care about a blog? I don't check it. I don't read it. Why? Because I don't care. My point: who are you kidding 3:00am commenter -- you care!!!

To my other point. How long do you have to be here before an you are allow to form an opinion? I think our perception is based many things, but experiences influence more than not just clocking time. That was the point. The 3:00 am commenter's argument was weak. If you live here for two week and win the lottery, your experience will cast your opinion a lot different than say, getting sued for defamation or a restraining order or getting attacked by your home.

Finally, I'm calling you out: YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE. While commenting ANONYMOUSLY, you wrote: "(always anonymously by the way, while criticizing opposing views and their anonymity)".

When it comes to complaining nay-sayers, wanting a positive message, and asking for it in a negative way, I have quote Obama:

You're a "jacka**" (Did I spell that correctly?)


Johnny Northside! said...

And finally the Green chickens came home to roost for Farheen.