Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Photo By John Hoff

On Labor Day, the driver of this vehicle was seen dropping off a suspected prostitute on Morgan Ave. N, near the Jordan Pond, then circling around the block repeatedly. Residents walked up to the car and had a conversation with the guy driving, an unshaven crusty white dude estimated to be in his 50s. He may as well have had "john" written on his forehead, so well did he fit the profile.

I hear video may exist of...

The moment when yours truly told the guy what he was suspected of doing, and then tried to snap his picture through the drivers side window. But I was using my back-up "gangster cam" and it can be slow sometimes. The driver was gone before I got a picture of his face, but he lingered long enough to hear me promise he'd be famous, he'd be on the internet.

Well, I try to keep my promises. Here you go. YOU ARE FAMOUS. YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET.

Actually, the guy didn't get away clean. A resident saw the car some time later at Penn Ave. N., near the Marathon station, and called police. It should be noted the activity of dropping off the suspected hooker took place in plain view of small children engaged in a Labor Day picnic. However, the Fourth Precinct has stepped up enforcement in this area in response to pleas from residents, and things are getting better.


Jordan Neighbor said...


Anonymous said...

So you do not know if this WAS a prostitute or not, and no criminal activity was witnessed, yet here you are implying this guy was a 'John' and doing business with a prostitute...and posting nothing more than his license plate as evidence.

Now, without a conviction, or even an arrest, and no proof of illegal activity - would that be freedom of speech here? Or defamation of character?

Anonymous said...


The 4th precinct wasn't even involved in this, correct?

Or does this stand for:
"Gotta Blog Trash 4 Popularity"?

Johnny Northside said...

Clearly, you didn't read the blog post with your brain fully in gear. The Fourth Precinct was obviously involved when residents called in the guy when he was at the Marathon station. GBT4P!
(God Bless The Fourth Precinct)

Furthermore, I did not accuse the crusty and disgusting looking Mercedes man of a crime. I said "suspected" and it is indeed "suspected" by, oh gee, everybody who blatantly witnessed it. And this crusty old white dude in a Mercedes sure as hell fit the profile of, well, crusty old white dude in a nice car picking up some (suspected) street hoe in a hot area for prostitution.

And then after being told off by residents he was circling, circling, circling the block like, gee, you can't do ANYTHING to me, so screw you.

Well, I can do something. I can take a picture and put it on the internet.

Don't like it? Well, guess what? I do like it. And if I see cars coming up close, having suspected hookers get inside, etc., I'll be putting up the pictures of the drivers, the cars, the license plates, etc. It's certainly not a new tactic that I invented. Other bloggers do this and it works.

Johns, drug dealers, hookers, drug customers: GET THE (EXPLETIVE) OUT OF NoMi. I will make you famous, that's a promise.

Oh, gee. What do I see in my email inbox? A mug shot! WHAT FUN!!!

The Mortgage Geek said...


In case people don't go and read the entire article, here is the most pertinent part for the sake of this comment thread:

"In 1992, she outfitted a van with a video camera and staked out a number of area spas and saunas. She discovered that the most effective way to target prostitution is to go after the johns: when the camera is turned on, they tend to disappear."

In terms of the comments about not seeing absolute proof of prostitution, do we really want to? And at what point does it rise to the level where we can discuss it openly?

If I'm driving along Broadway and Lyndale and someone tries to flag me down, and then I see that person stop another car and money changes hands, did I SEE a drug deal? Well technically, no. He could have had a PERFECTLY good reason for trying to get a TOTAL stranger to stop at a KNOWN AREA for drug dealing, and then the other transaction MIGHT have been a buddy who owes him money, right?

It's quite rare that we, ahem, catch people with their pants down. But the indicators of drug and prostitution behavior are well-known. Keep up the good work EWPU, and GBT4P!

Sarah Maske said...

Great work, John. Keep the cameras rolling!

Anonymous said...

anon 2:02 yes we do know she is a prostitute and the police know her by name. The pimps and prostitutes are disgusting and 27th ave (especially near Oliver) is an absolute mess. The neighborhood children deserve better than to see this ugly hag flash her titties to some crusty old white dude in a mercedes. Yuk! Bravo to my fellow neighbors for sticking up to both of these criminals.

Pond-dragon said...

To Anon @ 2:02,
You weren't there thus you surmise!, many of us "Live close to there" thus we observe and over months and years, this is no surprise, If what you want is where anything goes, not a problem, give us your address and we'll drop it off at 2651, they'll be happy to find a new house that doesn't believe in Johns and ho's, and drug dealing pimps.

Give me a break! said...

I saw the old white man in the Mercedes Benz, dropping off the SUSPECTED PROSTITUTE, while families and children look on --

We all witnessed it. So there is your evidence.

Do you need a conviction to post the information on a blog for discussion? No

Do you need an arrest? No

We were there.

Defamation? I say sippy, sippy of the Kool-Aid?