Saturday, August 8, 2009

Images And Insight About The "Cuckoo Klock" Lawsuit Against Council Member Don Samuels...

Photos By John Hoff

Excited about NoMi's newest frivolous lawsuit (filed by slumlord Morris "Cuckoo" Klock and others) today I took some pictures of the places apparently involved in the lawsuit filed over the "Butter Roll Bakery Brouhaha."

First of all, the "Butter Roll" (top photo) makes sense as a place where a city councilman might agree to meet a slumlord like Morris "Cuckoo" Klock, since two of Klock's properties are right nearby: 1422 Golden Valley Road and 2015 Irving Ave. N. From either building, the Butter Roll is just a short walk. See, for example, the second photo from the top: Klock's building is on the right--looking pretty crappy--and the Butter Roll Bakery is just to the left...

The third photo also shows 2015 Irving Avenue North. No, I didn't use a special crap-covered lens to shoot this photo, that's just what the place looks like.

I also took a look at 1422 Golden Valley Road, which was the building at issue when Klock came before a committee of the city council with building management ideas which can only be described as cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. For example, Klock proposed having body cavity searches of all female tenants and to ban male visitors. No, I'm not even writing parody, here, though it may seem like it. Click here for coverage of that meeting, which took place one year ago. (To be fair, Klock said he was merely making a point with his weird building management plan. He still came off like a nutty bar with extra nuts)

In the photos above, you can see litter accumulating around the property--though certainly not as bad as some places I've seen--and an official notice on the door.

Gee, I like the old mailboxes.

This building was apparently one crime problem after another, which is why Morris Klock ended up having the weight of the city come down on him. Now Don Samuels--who helped deliver our neighborhood from at least some of Klock's slumlording--has to be stand and take the heat. Somehow, I think having a slumlord like Klock sue you is along the lines of a valuable political endorsement.

A question, and I'm just throwing this out there: WHAT DID THE LITTLE BUTTER ROLL BAKERY BOY SEE AND WHEN DID HE SEE IT?!!


Anonymous said...


Your link to 2015 Irving simply goes to the Hennepin County tax site, which only shows that he is the owner and is current on his taxes.

A more pertinent link is the city website for this property,

That shows that the owner has a history of not cleaning up his own trash and not paying the assessments to the city when they pick up his messes.

Johnny Northside said...

You're right about the link being more pertinent, but at the time I wrote that blog post the city property info website was acting up.

I wanted to have SOME link to info about the property, so I went with the county link rather than no link at all.

Readers can check the link you posted to draw their own conclusions...