Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Surprising History Of "Dessert With Don" (Joke Font)

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

So far, there have only been two "Dessert With Don" events in North Minneapolis, which are forums sponsored by City Council Member Don Samuels. The last forum was about mass transit.

So, like I said...two. Only two.

But is that really true? A joke making the rounds says the first "Dessert With Don" forum was actually...

...held at the Butter Roll Bakery, and involved Don Samuels, slumlord Morris Klock, and a close encounter with a pastry display case. (For the record, the allegations by slumlord Morris Klock have apparently been denied by Don Samuels and the city attorneys forced to deal with Morris Klock's nonsense)

All the same, slumlords in North Minneapolis would be well-advised to clean up their act as quickly as possible, or they might also be invited to a "come to Jesus" talk and "Dessert With Don."

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