Sunday, August 31, 2008

Opposing RNC 2008: Protest Marshal Training Begins At Room 25, Humphrey Institute

Photo by John Hoff

A crowd of 175 to 200 individuals crowded into Room 25 of the Humphrey Institute at 2 PM today, beginning "marshal training" in preparation for massive protests expected in the next few days near XCel Center and the State Capitol...

Most of the participants were local but one hailed from New Jersey and there appeared to be quite a contingent from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. More than half of the participants represented some organization, chiefly anti-war and anti-poverty groups. Some media were present. I was asked "not to film the training itself" but it was unknown whether the television camera in the room was also planning to abide by that request.

Introductions started at approximately 2 PM and the training is happening as I write this. More to follow.

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