Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Results of 96 Proof Plum-Flavored Polish Rocket Fuel

Video capture by 612 Authentic

I went to a garden party to reminisce with my old--I mean new--friends.

Seriously, I went to the Polish woman's house with Jake and Gabe, so we could videotape her spectacular flower garden, and her husband the professional Polish sausage maker *insisted* on sharing some Polish liquor with us...

For the record, Gabe didn't drink anything and I gave Gabe my vehicle keys so he could drive my crappy old car two, three blocks back to Peter's house, where I am still house sitting but trying to stay away from loaded weapons. I told myself I wouldn't drink and blog but I don't FEEL drunk.

Yet here is the photographic proof. Ninety-six proof, to be exact. That was some REALLY GOOD Polish liquor, served up with hand crafted Polish meats, made by this man right here, in the photo.

The Polish woman and her husband showed us photos from their life, including images of the Polish woman when she was a ravishing beauty queen, and her husband said all the time he had to be fighting men, because of her. One of the photos showed their snowy yard with three dogs, but it also showed 3119 4th Street N. in the background, and buildings which are no longer there.

It was a wonderful time, drinking and hearing Eastern European languages. I confessed I was half Bohemian on my mother's side, and the Polish guy insisted on calling me "Slovak." This is how the neighborhood once was--neighbors socializing amid flowers--and for a moment at the patio table in the garden, this is how it was again. And each day we work to make it this way again.

Of course, drinking plum-flavored Polish rocket fuel can hardly be considered "work." But somebody's got to do it.


Angela said...

I can't tell if the comments made in this post are racist or just ignorant...

Johnny Northside said...

Well, when you decide one way or another, let me know, OK?