Saturday, May 16, 2009

See Glass Blowing In NoMi Today, Tomorrow... image

FK Art Glass, located in a residence at 2210 Bryant Ave. N., is part of an event called "Art-A-Whirl" and they will be having tours and barbecue TODAY, Saturday, May 16, from 6 to 9 PM.

(There are also some "open hours" tomorrow, Sunday, May 17, from noon to 5 PM)

The house where FK Art glass is located is very striking, because it is an old house in mid-renovation. Part of the exterior has been redone in a colorful way, but part remains the old exterior. You kinda gotta see it to believe it. Very cool, very artsy, very NoMi.

Of course, anybody who wants to purchase a house and blow glass, make art out of tree trunks, do WHATEVER can get houses in NoMi for, like, geez I saw a great one listed at $13,900 the other day and it wasn't even CONDEMNED.

Anyway, if you're in NoMi (North Minneapolis) and you'd like to take in the glass blowing thing, get to 2210 Bryant Ave. N. The flier I was handed with this info says, "Obviously we have HOT glass, but there will also be HOT dogs and HOT bratwurst and HOT chicken. You get the idea."

For more information, call FK Art Glass at 612-521-9773

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