Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Has Paul Koenig Ever Paid ANYONE?

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman

...Other than himself, of course.

Recently I came across MLS listings for Koenig/Pamiko/Marklee properties for sale. These were interesting because they listed the last sale date and purchase price. Most of the purchase prices were in the $30-50,000 range, but two jumped out at me: 1403 21st Ave N and 2321 Lyndale Ave N. (pictured above. Which one is which? They're Dream Homes, so that doesn't really matter.) The last sale date on these two properties is 6/24/05, they were purchased via Contract for Deed, and the sale price was $1,360,000. On each of them.

Naturally I was suspicious, so I went down to the Hennepin County Government Center to research these documents, similar to the multimillion-dollar foreclosures. This is what I found...

At 2321 Lyndale Ave N, DPK Properties was the owner. DPK was a limited liability corporation run by David Kohlenberger and Paul Koenig as its principals. DPK was one of several entities responsible for the Dream Homes fiasco.

(My notes prior to Pamiko taking ownership of this property aren't as detailed as they are in the next round. It was getting close to 4:30 and I had to hurry to get as much info as possible.)

On 6/25/04, Truck Crane Services Company filed a mechanics' lien for unpaid work, in the amount of $4,500. On 12/17/04, the property went into a voluntary foreclosure with Franklin Bank, and the amount bid at the sheriff's sale was roughly $190,000. No satisfaction of Truck Crane's lien is recorded, but on 3/15/05, a second mechanics' lien for $9,800 was filed for unpaid excavation work. No satisfaction of that lien is recorded either.

On 1/27/06, a $240,000 mortgage from US Federal Credit Union to Pamiko was taken out. On 7/26/06, a limited warranty deed from Franklin Bank to Marklee Construction was recorded. It stated, "The total consideration for this transfer of property is $500 or less." This is believed to be the most accurate assessment of Dream Home real estate value ever recorded. (mortgage geek sarcasm font) We'll get to an explanation of how Marklee Construction entered the picture with the next property. On the same day, Marklee transferred its ownership to Pamiko via quitclaim deed.

On 9/19/08, Aspen Funding LLC had a $500,000 line of credit attached to this property. The same list of Aspen Funding properties as mentioned in previous JNS posts about Pamiko was filed here. For some reason, this document was not filed with the county until 1/16/09. In the interim, US Federal Credit Union filed an intent to foreclose on 11/5/08. The sheriff's sale occurred on 2/6/09 and the amount bid was $241,551.82. Somehow the foreclosure from US Federal was avoided.

On 4/9/09, the Aspen loan was modified and the maturity date was changed to 10/1/09 I did not find a maturity date on the initial Aspen loan, but wasn't looking for one until I saw this. I'm also not clear on why Aspen would give $500,000 to an LLC that had a history of not paying its own workers AND was behind on mortgages. Oh, and it would be repaid in a year? Well, no. Aspen filed an intent to foreclose on 10/26/09, but by that time Minnwest Bank had already been moving in on Pamiko with sheriff's sales on 10/15/09.

Interestingly enough, the $1.36 million-dollar contract referenced in the MLS listing is not recorded against this property.

We get more insight about what happened here from 1403 21st Ave N. On 7/1/04, Urban Initiative/Believers in Action deeded the property to DPK/Dream Homes. No value is indicated, and David E. Whiteford is listed as the vice chair and signatory for Urban Initiative/Believers in Action. On the same day, Franklin Bank gave DPK a $185,000 construction mortgage.

On 11/17/04, a mechanics' lien was filed against the property by Reliant Electric, Inc. in the amount of $3,000. Exactly one month later, Franklin Bank filed an intent to foreclose. On 2/1/05, a voluntary foreclosure agreement was signed, and on 3/1/05 the sheriff's sale occurred with a $197,000 bid. But wait! Franklin Bank came back and offered Marklee Construction the previously referenced $1.36 million contract for deed. This was subject to TWO mechanics' liens: Reliant Energy (now $6,000) and Vern Craven Concrete for $10,500. Once again, it's not clear if these workers ever received a dime.

This agreement listed eight properties:
2321 Lyndale Ave N, currently owned by US Federal Credit Union
2122 Penn Ave N, owned by a private individual, not homesteaded.
2515 Irving Ave N, owned by Paul Koenig, but listed as boarded/vacant since 12/22/09.
621 Penn Ave N, owned and homesteaded by a private individual.
1234 Knox Ave N, owned and homesteaded by a private individual.
2130 Bryant Ave N, owned and homesteaded by a private individual.
2400 13th Ave S, owned and homesteaded by a private individual.
1403 21st Ave N, owned by US Federal Credit Union, with Marklee Construction as the previous owner.

A stipulation in this agreement was that in order to remove a property from the contract, Marklee needed to pay Franklin Bank $170,000 (170,000 x 8 = 1,360,000). This is rather interesting in and of itself because on 1/27/06, US Federal Credit Union gave a loan to Pamiko on this property in the amount of $240,000. On the same day, Franklin Bank transferred the property to Marklee and then Marklee handed it over to Pamiko. This series of transfers, although potentially confusing, would have happened even if the deal were legitimate. But if only $170,000 was needed to satisfy Franklin Bank, then why was the loan amount $240,000 with US Federal?

After this, the same series of events occurred on the same days as 2321 Lyndale:

On 9/19/08, Aspen Funding LLC had a $500,000 line of credit attached to this property. For some reason, this document was not filed with the county until 1/16/09. In the interim, US Federal Credit Union filed an intent to foreclose on 11/5/08.On 4/9/09, the Aspen loan was modified and the maturity date was changed to 10/1/09. Aspen filed an intent to foreclose on 10/26/09.

An interesting footnote is that on the Aspen lines of credit, near the top of one of the first pages, "Michele S Pamiko" is written in cursive, almost as if it were a signature of an actual person. The area where this appears, however, is not a place on closing documents where one would sign.

There are plenty of unanswered questions here. If $170,000 was all that was needed to satisfy Franklin Bank, what happened to the other $70,000? How is it that The principal of one LLC (Koenig) is able to continuously repurchase his foreclosed properties under a different LLC, of which he is still a principal? How is it that Pamiko apparently continued to get access to credit when they were in a state of near-constant default? Did his contractors who had to file for mechanics' liens ever get paid? If so, by whom? Who is Michele S Pamiko? And how is it that in the course of losing scores of properties to foreclosure over the years, the Koenigs are still able to maintain such a lavish lifestyle?

The Koenigs are free to respond with a message or comment to explain their side of things, and it will be published by this blog. JNS readers, if you have more information or ideas, you too know what to do.

Facebook Group Pops Up In Support Of MPD Chief Dolan's Reappointment...

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

Word comes from Jordan Neighborhood super-citizen Megan Goodmundson about a new Facebook group in support of Chief Dolan's reappointment, click here for a link.

It should be noted that when Goodmundson starts putting together online support, she is a force to be reckoned with: Goodmundson helped drum up votes for uber-hot cop Mark Klukow to win the One Man Minneapolis Pagent. Her latest effort is in support of Chief Dolan--who is also endorsed and supported by this blog, click here--to be reappointed police chief. I wouldn't want to bet money against Dolan, who will almost certainly be re-appointed because of, gee, dramatically slashing the violent crime rate.

There are, of course, some shrill naysaying voices but they consist of the usual municipal malcontents who can't drum up enough support to successfully play bridge, let alone block Dolan. Where, I wonder, is their finely-honed granola-flavored outrage when urban violence claims yet another life?

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Rumor Of An Eviction Pending At 3823 Dupont Ave. N., Site Of Recent Homicide

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

A reader of Johnny Northside Dot Com informs me by communication on the back channel that he/she contacted the absentee property owner of 3823 Dupont Ave. N., site of a recent homicide.

Rumor is an eviction is now pending.

Some readers have asked me why I publish the specific addresses of incidents instead of just block numbers. I believe readers have a right to information about what is going on in their neighborhood, and that information should be specific enough to do something like, for example, call a landlord or a city council person about a problem property.

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Furious Text Messages Fly In Defense Of Remaro Smith...

Contributed image, blog post by John Hoff

At this moment, text messages are flying back and forth between myself and (apparently) Jonathon Newman (spelling unknown, trying to verify) the brother of Remaro Smith. June Leikas, who is the mother of murder victim Annshalike Hamilton, believes Remaro is responsible for the death of her daughter. June and a family friend, "William" (not his real name) told their suspicions in detail, click here and also here.

The tone of the text messages from Jonathon's known phone number can be described as angry. The messages point fingers at everybody else but Remaro--including June Leikas, older brother Daniel Leikas, and brother Mike--as being possibly responsible for the death of Annshalike Hamilton.

I will be publishing these messages in the near future with this advance warning: the messages are ugly and the family of Annshalike Hamilton will find them difficult to stomach. However, it appears only this blog is keeping alive the story of the unsolved murder of Annshalike Hamilton, trying to focus official attention and resources to the murder. If that means I have to get my hands dirty, well, dirt is nothing new to my hands.

Friends And Family Speak Out In Defense Of Homicide Victim Drew Heinkel...

Comments are coming into this blog which speak in defense of Drew Heinkel, the man who died in a stabbing incident at 3823 Dupont Ave. N. One of the comments is particularly detailed and moving. Though anybody can go to the comments function and read the comments, I choose to highlight this particular comment...

the dead guy ....drew heinkel was my fiance and nicole was our friend so we thought drew went there to visit nicole with her invitation he had no weapons he arrived and was immediatly attacked by her sister katies bf drew fought back with his fists in self defense katies bf then pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed my baby in the chest drew ran out the door and the murderer followed this was eyewitness from nicole sterling ............

my everything died and i recieved a phone call waking me at 1230 am from the med exam informing me my fiancee drew michael heinkel 25yrs old father of paytten 14 mths and friend son brother cousin and as i said my world please pray for us we lost a great man on my birthday so on my day of birth i lose my reason to breathe........

also i would like to add i did come to the front yard that very next day with a homemade wood cross that said ....EAGLE CHILD R.I.P .......LOVIN YOU ALWAYS FOREVER YOURS ...........YOUR MIMI ........THAT IS WHAT MY BABY CALED ME MY NAME IS MISTY

i am the one in his facebook profile pic i am devastated and lost i just needed to add his side my boo death has been ruled a homicide and justice will be served.............i love u drew

Criminal Record Of Drew Heinkel, Who Died At 3823 Dupont Ave. N.

Photo and Blog post by John Hoff

Drew Heinkel is the homicide victim who died at 3823 Dupont Ave. N. on February 13. In the photo above, concerned neighbors talk to a news team from WCCO.

A search of the Minnesota court system using the birthdate of Drew Heinkel (5-10-84) turns up a minor criminal record as follows...

Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4 - Not Small Amount Marijuana
Converted Disposition:
Stay of Imposition
Converted Disposition:
Confinement NCIC: MN002013C - Anoka County Jail
Probation: 5 Years
Probation NCIC: MN002013G - Anoka Co Prob Office
Conditional: 60 Days
Length of Stay: 5 Years
Probation Type: Supervised
Converted Disposition:
Fined: $500.00
Converted Disposition:
Other Court Provisions:
365: Credit w/time Srvd
572: Random Breath/UrTest
Converted Disposition:

Heinkel, Drew Michael
Crim/Traf Non-Mand
Under Court Jurisdiction
Traffic Regulation-Front seat belt passenger use
He was fined $25, plus $79 in fees. Ouch.

Under Court Jurisdiction
Check Forgery-Offer/Possess W/Intent to Defraud
For this crime, Drew apparently served 30 days in the Pine County Jail and was fined. He was on supervised probation until 12/21/2011.

Petty Misdemeanor
Converted Closed
Converted Disposition:
Fined: $500.00
Fine Stayed: $300.00
Surcharge: $70.00
Converted Disposition:
Other Court Provisions:
541: No Same or Similar Violat
Converted Disposition:

WC 253475
WC 253475
Non- Traffic Misdemeanor
Disorderly Conduct

He was found not guilty. Case dismissed.

Monday, February 15, 2010

JNS BLOG EXLUSIVE: Insights Into Drew Heinkel, Who Died At 3823 Dupont Ave. N.

Images from the public potions of Facebook profiles for Jeremy Heinkel, top, and Drew Heinkel, bottom, blog post by John Hoff

Drew Heinkel's Facebook page, and those of his friends and relatives, reveals much about the young man who was stabbed to death at 3823 Dupont Ave. N. on February 13. For example, he used the name "Eagle Child" and had that name tattooed on his arm. His birthday, according to Drew's brother, was May 10, 1984.

In the top photo, Drew is on the left. The other individual is his brother, Jeremy Heinkel.

The second photo is the current "profile picture" for Drew's Facebook profile. No other pictures are visible.

A friend of Drew and Jeremy did a 14-minute long musical tribute video, filled with photos of Drew Heinkel. Here is a link to the video, click here, however, it is possible only readers who have Facebook profiles may find the video viewable.

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JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Remaro Smith Sent Anne Marie and June Leikas On A Wild Goose Chase The Night Annshalike Hamilton Disappeared...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Today, I spoke to Anne Marie Leikas, who denied allegations made by her own mother--June Leikas--that Anne Marie's boyfriend, Remaro Smith, was involved in the murder of Annshalike Hamilton. In the course of that conversation, Anne Marie said something very interesting: she had accompanied June Leikas to Cub Foods the night Annshalike disappeared.

June told me a story of going to Cub Foods and having a "bad feeling" as she was shopping, and coming back to find herself locked out of her own house. My previous story did not reveal everything June Leikas told me...but there were some things I wanted to hear from others: Anne Marie and Remaro.

In fact, June told me about being sent on a wild goose chase that night. (She did not use that phrase, however) Remaro called and said to "go here, go there, pick this up, go wait for this guy." But, according to William, "the guy" didn't show up.

The quick shopping trip to Cub Foods took much longer than expected. When June got back to the house, the door was locked...

According to "William," another source, there is a screen door with hooks that lock the door. June was unable to get into her own house, and spent quite some time yelling and banging on the door. Finally, when she got inside, Remaro emerged from the basement, sweaty, "soaking wet," and acting "hyper." June asked him what was wrong. Remaro allegedly responded he'd been doing coke.

"Not in my house, you don't," June says she responded.

William, my other source, says Remaro does not do coke at all.

June also said somebody else was in the house, somebody who dashed outside and was not seen.

Remaro Smith continues to be wanted on three outstanding warrants, none of which are for murder, however. When I asked if he was even at the house that night, Remaro's response is "talk to my lawyer."

When I talk to Remaro again--and I have a feeling I will--I will be sure to ask him, "Is it true you sent June Leikas and Anne Marie on a wild goose chase the night Annshalike Hamilton disappeared?"

ADDENDUM: There was another phone call with Remaro, which went about 40 seconds. In the course of that call, Remaro told me the warrants on which he's wanted are "none of your business." When asked, again, for the name of his lawyer he said he was going to "file for harassment."

To which I responded, "You go ahead and file for harassment, Remaro, with your three warrants. As a matter of fact, how about I tell you where I am right now?" In response to this, Remaro hung up.

JNS VIDEO: Anne Marie Leikas Denies Her Boyfriend Remaro Smith Killed Annshalike Hamilton, Denies Remaro Beats Her...

In the wake of detailed, highly-specific allegations by June Leikas (the mother of murder victim Annshalike Hamilton) and a friend of the family naming Remaro Smith as the likely murderer, I spoke to Anne Marie about the allegations. Anne Marie called me on a phone also used by Jonathon Newman, Remaro's brother who lives in St. Paul.

To read the account of June Leikas, click here. To read the account of "William," a close friend of the family, click here. To read about my phone conversation with Jonathon, click here. To read and see my first conversation with Remaro, click here.

I had this conversation with Anne Marie videotaped purely to aid my note-taking ability in a conversation which was likely to go quickly, where substantive stuff might get spilled. If I'd known Anne Marie was going to be calling and I'd end up taping it, I would have combed my hair first. In any case...

Anne Marie said she was at Jonathon's house in St. Paul and she had arrived there by bus. By "house," she apparently means an apartment, because Jonathon lives in an apartment, not a house, according to other sources. In contrast to Remaro, whose answer was "talk to my lawyer," Anne Marie was willing to answer the question of where she was the night Annshalike disappeared: she was with her mother, June Leikas, at the now-infamous trip to Cub Foods.

(This response ended up starting a very interesting line of inquiry with "William," my other source. More details to follow but, yes, it appears others agree Anne Marie accompanied June that night to Cub Foods)

In response to allegations by June Leikas and "William" that Anne Marie is a frequent victim of domestic violence at the hands of Remaro Smith, Anne Marie said Remaro has never hit her, not even once, though "we get into it." It wasn't clear what "get into it" means in this context.

I asked Anne Marie about allegations that she's had black eyes for two years straight, that she is missing part of her eyebrows from the frequent beatings. Anne Marie responded anybody who says that kind of stuff "doesn't know what they're talking about."

Asked why on earth her own mother would say these kind of things, Anne Marie says "drugs and drink." Trying to turn the tables, Anne Marie accuses me of saying her family is "no good people." She asks me why am I so concerned with the murder of Annshalike? Why am I sticking my nose into it? Do I think I'm a detective, that I will solve the case?

Turning the subject back to Remaro, I ask why he will not go talk to the detectives. Anne Marie said, "If the detectives wanted to talk to Remaro, they could have already." I pointed out Remaro is currently wanted on three warrants. How, exactly, will the detectives talk to him when he's a fugitive? Anne Marie points out Remaro didn't have any warrants back when the murder investigation started. But now Remaro has warrants. She doesn't say it directly, but the implication seems to be I should UNDERSTAND Remaro needs to hide out because of the other warrants, not because he had anything to do with the murder of Annshalike Hamilton.

I brought up the incident June Leikas and "William" described with Remaro pointing guns at members of the family. Anne Marie denies any incident like that ever happened. She said "He don't have no guns."

I brought up the allegations about Anne Marie and Remaro breaking in to Anthony's trust fund. Anne Marie responded, "It was Anthony who wanted to get into the trust fund." She denies there was any theft from the trust fund.

Anne Marie asks me if I will "put something on the computer" for her. It is a message she wishes to convey to her mother, June Leikas, and anybody else telling stories about her and Remaro. The message is as follows:

F*** OFF

Anne Marie summarizes what is being said about Remaro in this way. "It's all a bunch of bulls***." She asserts her mother, June Leikas, calls to chat all the time. Her mother, June Leikas, is a "f***ing drunk" and "she doesn't know what she is talking about."

Anne Marie asks, "If June would say all these things, why does she want to talk and conversate with me?" Anne Marie asserted that June Leikas had called Remaro on January 29 and said "Happy birthday." Anne Marie tells me Remaro is in Chicago, but she won't say where, exactly, in Chicago.

I ask if Remaro would be willing to turn over a DNA sample if the police asked him for one. Anne Marie said there's no need for Remaro to do that, since his DNA is "already in the system" from an incarceration.

When I tried to turn the conversation back to domestic violence, Anne Marie hung up.

JNS VIDEO: Remaro Smith Calls From 773 Area Code To Deny He Killed Annshalike Hamilton, Says "Talk To My Lawyer."

As reported exclusively on Johnny Northside Dot Com, the mother of Annshalike Hamilton and one close friend of the family are spilling a detailed story about why they suspect a guy named Remaro Smith of killing Annshalike Hamilton. A telephone number was provided to me, a number Remaro had called from some days before. But the number was for Remaro's brother, Jonathon Newman. (Spelling unknown) Jonathon lives in St. Paul, but the individuals who are fingering Remaro aren't sure of where, precisely, Jonathon lives.

I had a phone conversation with Jonathon, who ultimately hung up when he felt too harshly questioned, click here for that story. But Jonathon had promised to put me in touch with Remaro, and I tried contacting Jonathon to follow up...

Jonathon also texted me to say: "Stop or I'll file harassment."

I texted back to ask Jonathon, "For what? Calling you on the phone or the stuff I'm writing?"

Jonathon replied, "Both."

I texted back and told Jonathon, "Go ahead, and be sure to bring Remaro to court with you."

Later, Jonathon called me back to say Remaro had been trying to call me, repeatedly, "from Chicago." He provided a phone number with a 773 area code (known to be a Chicago area code) which I recognized as a number that had called me repeatedly but, being an unknown number, I hadn't picked up. So I thanked Jonathon and called the number.

One ringy dingy.

Two ringy dingy.

Six ringy dingy and nobody answered, but I left a message. For the record, just because somebody is using a phone with a 773 area code, that doesn't mean the phone is physically in Chicago.

Remaro called back from the 773 number. I had my side of the phone conversation videotaped to aid my note taking. The conversation was brief. I cut right to the point: June Leikas says Remaro killed her daughter. What does Remaro say? Remaro asked what the homicide detectives were saying. What were they saying about him?

Hmmm, I thought, interesting response.

I told Remaro that if the homicide detectives were telling me something, I might not be able to share it with him. Remaro said that was bulls***. I asked him about the night Annshalike Hamilton disappeared, and her mother June Leikas came back from the Cub Store. Remaro had reportedly emerged from the basement dripping wet, sweaty, and acting "hyper." June says Remaro's excuse was he'd been "doing coke" in the basement. What, I asked, did Remaro say to that?

It was bullshit, he said. Talk to his lawyer.

What was his lawyer's name and number? I asked. I'd be happy to call his lawyer.

Remaro said he'd call me back with the lawyer's number, and he hung up.

Action Shots of the NoMi King Pong Tournament!

Post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, photos by Johnny Northside and the Hawthorne Hawkman.

The annual "King Pong" tournament, hosted by Deb and Denny Wagner, was a rousing success. Although Hillside Chronicles posted the results first, Johnny Northside is proud to provide some still shots of the fast and furious ping pong action.

Similar to JNS tradition, aliases were the norm. In the first few shots, Johnny Northside goes up against...

...the Hillside Hustler. John had claimed never to have played ping pong before, and these pictures prove he wasn't trying to hustle the hustler. The first action shot shows painfully bad form, and the second picture was taken a split second before a monster spike by Hillside.

John did fairly well for a newbie, but then the Hawkman came in and showed the Hillside Huslter how it's done. I made the mistake of going to Denny next and asking for some REAL competition. If the Smooth Swede was the best, that's who I wanted to play. The score wasn't as lopsided as when John's son Alex beat me at air hockey, but it was clear who was the better player that night.

By the second game, I had figured out how I'd win; it was just a lack of execution. Walking away from that match, I kept repeating, "I can beat this guy." With some actual practice, hopefully next year I'll make good on those words.

As a consolation prize, I got to play Don Samuels, aka, the Jamin' Jamaican. He took the first round, but true to my ping pong adaptability, I had him figured out and won the next two games to take the match.

In the last shot, we have Al Kapong (Allie Wagner) demonstrating one of the quickest paddles in the tournament. That blur you see towards the bottom of the shot is the ball, and the other blur is her paddle. Most of the time, I watch someone play and I can at least visualize what kind of strategies and shots are necessary to beat them. With Al Kapong (and tournament runner-up Kung Pong Panda), I couldn't see a weakness that I'd be able to exploit.

A good time was had by all, and we look forward to next year!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

KSTP Is The Slumlord Of Local News Media...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

First and foremost, any of the North Minneapolis "movers and shakers" who've heard about the unfair, poisonous story promulgated tonight by KSTP should call this number: 612-588-6397. Press the option for the "news tip line." Tell KSTP how their decades of slanted, simplistic and unfair coverage of North Minneapolis has hurt our neighborhood to the point we need a rebranding effort...and now they are trying to sabotage that very effort, all while acting like they're doing us a favor by giving us coverage that mixes bad events with good.

Tonight's KSTP story is such deadly viral mind-poison that I actually won't repeat the contents of the story, except to say this: KSTP took a positive, successful event which happened in North Minneapolis and mixed THAT story with a tragic homicide on Dupont Avenue North. This story on KSTP was so awful that even individuals who NEVER SAW THE STORY were infuriated to learn its contents, and some folks have already been calling the station to complain.

Here's why KSTP is the slumlord of Local News Media...

First, like a slumlord, their stories are cheap, sloppy, and poorly constructed. But then throw in a certain predatory aspect. KSTP may do stories ABOUT North Minneapolis, but their target audience doesn't appear to BE North Minneapolis. Instead, they are speaking to an audience already primed to gasp and clutch their pearls with vicarious shocks and thrills as KSTP serves up yet another story of "North Minneapolis, the scary urban dystopia."

NEVER MIND how far we've come, the dramatic drops in crime, the incredible home ownership bargains waiting on virtually every block. NEVER MIND that our neighborhood is being completely remade, with Lavender Magazine naming North Minneapolis the top Twin Cities "gayborhood" two years running.

KSTP has found a market for scary stories about North Minneapolis. If North Minneapolis changes, how will KSTP continue to serve up its slop to this primed market? In this way, KSTP is very much like a slumlord who doesn't want tough portions of a neighborhood to change, because this is his bread-and-butter.

But tonight was a turning point. Tonight, on a snowy sidewalk--which is a quintessential public forum for free speech--KSTP heard an earful about what they are doing to our neighborhood. The story ran anyway, but KSTP gave up the idea of a live broadcast with pissed off residents of North Minneapolis standing right there on the same sidewalk. Their long antennae retracted and shriveled away like a wilting weed. Yes, the story ran anyway but about 30 seconds got shaved off, 30 seconds of carefully-crafted mental poison which KSTP was prepared to churn out into the mass consciousness. At 10:00 tonight, they will undoubtedly try to pull the same stunt again.

But, in the meantime, the word spreads and North Minneapolis reacts. Our progress is unstoppable and we will bounce back from this injury at the hands of KSTP, but in the meantime it would be good to remember this:

KSTP is no friend of North Minneapolis and has consistently screwed over our neighborhood. Tonight was the screw-de-la-screw. North Minneapolis movers and shakers would do well to remember what happened tonight when dealing or REFUSING TO DEAL with KSTP.

Better no story about North Minneapolis at all, than one which is screwed up to the point of being poison. Better to deal with Fox 9 or WCCO, but NOT KSTP.

JNS Video: Hofstede Reads Rybak Proclamation of Get to NoMi Day!

Post and video by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

The pronouncement has been all over Facebook and the mainstream media. That the mainstream media has covered this well before Johnny Northside is itself progress. But JNS readers can watch above for the full video of the proclamation. This is a proud day for everyone in NoMi.

(Do not click "Read More," but do make every day a Get to NoMi day!)

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Details Emerge About The Homicide At 3823 Dupont Ave. N.

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Not knowing the name of the victim in last night's death by stabbing at 3823 Dupont Ave. N., I headed there this morning hoping one of the customary boulevard memorials which always seem to pop up might contain clues to the identity of the victim. I ran into a WCCO news crew which had exactly the same idea...

There was, however, no memorial at the sight. The news crew actually invited me to hang around, apparently figuring this was Northside turf and I might be helpful. I recognized the camera guy from the Haywood Eaton shooting.

WCCO knocked on the door but there was no answer. They decided to just hang around and see who might show up. Some dudes got out of a car with ballons, and it seemed like the usual street side memorial was about to come into existence. But then it turned out the balloons were for Valentine's Day, and they knew nothing about the killing which took place only a few houses away.

"A St. Valentine's Day Massacre?!" one of the young men asked. I informed him the homicide took place the previous day so, therefore, no.

A woman who appeared to be in her late 50s or early 60s pulled up in a car, parking on the restricted side of the street. She got out, hobbling on an injured leg in a cast. I spoke to her and it turned out she was somewhat familiar with the events of the previous night, though she apparently hadn't been there.

According to the woman, her daughter lives at 3823 Dupont Ave. N. and also allows her step sister to stay at the house. The step sister was told not to bring "this guy" around, meaning the dead guy. But the guy came last night "with a billy club" and "started beating people." The daughter's boyfriend was beaten pretty bad. The woman did not want to stay and talk, but wanted to go inside the house and "check on everyone," including her grandkids and the beaten up boyfriend.

The house in question is a rental property, owned by a landlord who does not reside in the Twin Cities.

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: PDF Of The Recent Lawsuit Against Dolan

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

Word has been flying around the Minneapolis issues list of a lawsuit against Chief Dolan, who is expected to be reappointed soon by the City Council despite an unrealistic fantasy to the contrary by a small number of activists. The recent lawsuit is filed on behalf of activist Dave Bicking, who was recently asked to resign from his seat on the Civilian Review Authority for participating in an event which could be fairly characterized as an anti-Dolan pep rally thinly disguised as some kind of objective "forum." One issues list source says, however, Bicking was careful in his remarks at that forum. 

The lawsuit--click here to enjoy your very own PDF copy--seeks dramatic court intervention in what could be accurately described as a "political question," the kind of stuff courts usually take great care to avoid. Basically, the lawsuit says Dolan is not doing his job when he doesn't discipline officers the CRA thinks should be disciplined. Where did the lawsuit come from? Well, I'll leave readers to experience their own personal sense of joy and discovery by checking out the PDF.

I will add this: right before the City Council elections I spoke to Council Member Diane Hofstede, and recently I've spoken to Don Samuels, saying something needs to be done about the frivolous and politically-motived lawsuits which the city is forced to fight, at great expense to the tax payer. Where these lawsuits will next come from can be predicted with stunning accuracy. The city officials who are forced to deal with this garbage over and over should have a meeting and plot a unified strategy, which may involve countersuits, Rule 11 motions, complaints to the Board of Professional Responsibility or--and this is probably what will need to happen--all of that stuff at once.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

JNS Blog Attempts To Contact Remaro Smith, A Wanted Man (One Ringy Dingy...Two Ringy Dingy...)

Yesterday, I attempted to call Remaro Smith, at a number used by Smith the previous day when he called around to a few people, reportedly upset about things written about him on this blog. Smith is wanted on three warrants (according to a high-ranking police official) and has been fingered by June Leikas, the mother of Annshalike Hamilton, as the person June suspects murdered her daughter. None of the three warrants are for murder, however...

The guy who picked up the phone identified himself as Jonathon, Remaro's brother. I identified myself to Jonathon and said I was a journalist.

"A journalist?" Jonathon said, and then added. "Why would a JOURNALIST want to talk to Remaro?"

It was a good question. I told Jonathon that June Leikas was saying Remaro murdered her daughter, Annshalike Hamilton, and another friend of the family thought the same thing. Both of these people had been talking to me, telling me all about Remaro and why they think he did it.

Jonathon said his brother would never do something like that. He would never murder somebody.

"They tell me he beats Anne Marie Leikas," I added. "Beats her bloody. Word is she's had two black eyes for, like, going on two years, now? And she's missing parts of her eyebrows?"

Silence in response to this.

"But these are just things I'm being told," I added. "I believe it's only fair to talk to Remaro about it."

Jonathon wanted to know why I would say something like that? Why I would PRINT something like that?

"It's a murder case," I explained. "And what the mother of the murder victim tells me is very relevant. And he is wanted on warrants, after all."

Who told me Remaro had warrants, Jonathon wanted to know.

"A high-ranking police official," I answered.

But, Jonathon asked, none of those warrants are for murder, right?

Right, I agreed. Those three warrants were not for murder. If there was a new warrant in the last few days, well, I wouldn't know about that. I'm just calling to get Remaro's side, I said. And I emphasized that if somebody told me something about Remaro, then it's only fair to get Remaro's side, right? And Jonathon agreed that was fair but, still, even then it wasn't a good idea to PRINT it.

"It's already printed," I answered. "Get on the internet, do a search for Annshalike Hamilton or Remaro Smith. See what turns up. It's all over the internet already. But I'm very willing to put Remaro's side out there, too. He just needs to tell me his side."

Jonathon said Remaro wouldn't know anything about what was being said because he's in Chicago.

"I assure you, they have internet in Chicago," I answered.

"There's no proof of anything," Jonathon said. "This is all hearsay."

I told Jonathon it didn't matter because I'm not a court, and I'm not the police. The fact the mother of the murder victim thinks Remaro Smith killed her daughter is very relevant. Relevant enough to publish. But, again, basic fairness would mean contacting Remaro, right?

Jonathon insisted Remaro doesn't know anything about what was being said. I answered this was not true because, in fact, only the day before Remaro called June Leikas and said how upset he was about stuff being printed on the internet. So clearly Remaro DOES know what is being said.

Jonathon said he didn't have a phone number for Remaro, but could call somebody and get it and pass on the message to have Remaro call. At that point, it seemed like Jonathon was wrapping up the conversation so I needed to find a way to keep him interested and on the line.

"Your name came up, too," I said. "The way I hear it, Remaro is too scrawny to move a body by himself. Folks are saying if Remaro needed help, he'd probably call his brother Jonathon."

No, Jonathon said. No.

"Where were you the night Annshalike Hamilton disappeared?" I asked.

"I was with my family," Jonathon answered.

"But where, exactly?" I asked.

"WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME LIKE YOU'RE A COP?" Jonathon said, and the line went dead.

JNS Blog will be trying to call Remaro again today.

One ringy dingy...

Two ringy dingy...

Friday, February 12, 2010

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Is This The Blood Of Annshalike Hamilton?

Image contributed by "William," blog post by John Hoff

"William," (not his real first name) my source who recently spilled all the goods on Remaro C. Smith, believed by the mother of Annshalike Hamilton to be responsible for murdering her daughter, moments ago forwarded images which he believes may be...

...small splatters of blood from Annshalike Hamilton. The splatters are in the residence on Emerson Ave. N. where Annshalike Hamilton lived and was last seen alive. William forwarded other images where the blood appears to be on Sheetrock. None of the images are very clear, but all seem to show splatters which could indeed be blood.

The mysterious splatters have NOT been investigated by homicide detectives. Nobody noticed or knew about the splatters while detectives were looking through the house for clues months after Annshalike disappeared, her body hidden in the garage of slumlord Mahmood Khan.

There is one big problem with the splatters, but that "problem" reveals much: the splatters may actually be from Annshalike's sister Anne Marie, since Remaro C. Smith was known to "beat her bloody" with relative frequency.

Hooping Fun at Sojourner Truth Academy!

Post and photos by the Hawthorne Hawkman.

Ariah Fine of Inside Northside came up with a series of events where NoMi folks could talk with or engage a third grade class throughout this semester. Connie Nompelis, NoMi's hooping queen, signed up for one of those sessions. I tagged along as kind of a last-minute thing, thinking that this would be a good way to bring some excitement into my day.

The kids, as you can see, had a blast. I'm even told a picture or two of me might exist, and I wouldn't mind putting that up as well.

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Hawkman and Reitman on 1564 Hillside!

Guest post by the Hawthorne Hawkman, photo by John Hoff, and image from www.tvfanatic.com.

This blog has long questioned what really happened with the transaction at 1564 Hillside Ave N. Larry "Maximum" Maxwell, who stole the identity of a John Foster, took part in the purchase of 1564 Hillside Ave N.

Keith Reitman, the seller in this transaction, has often sparred with Johnny Northside over this particular issue and other matters. Like the Green Arrow and Hawkman, Reitman and I have had our political differences as well (although the image above is for dramatic purposes only). So I was naturally quite surprised to receive a phone call from Reitman this week, wanting to discuss, on the record, his version of events regarding 1564 Hillside Ave N.

This blog is happy to provide a forum for such dialogue, so here is a summary of that conversation...

We exchanged pleasantries, during which Reitman said that even when he disagreed with what I was saying, he felt that I was at least moderated in my views. We kind of danced around the obvious topic for a bit before getting down to the business of 1564 Hillside Ave N.

Reitman was emphatic that he had the property in good condition prior to the sale, and that most if not all of the pictures seen on this blog and elsewhere were taken after the property fell into disrepair once he was no longer the owner. Specifically, Reitman claimed to have put in radiators, a second-floor bathroom, and other items. He claims the property was in good condition at the time of the closing.

I asked how the deal was set up, and he said he had it listed with Tynessia Snoddy. He had never met or even heard of Larry Maxwell before this deal took place. This is important because Maxwell often controlled both sides of his deals as much as possible, and was, as prosecutor Brad Johnston claimed, the mastermind behind these fraudulent transactions. So the fact that Snoddy helped set up the deal in any way is significant in her own criminal proceedings.

Reitman then wanted to know what seemed odd to someone like myself regarding his part in this transaction. I listed several things on his part of the HUD-1/settlement statement. First, the payout to James Lang, then the Gill Construction item, and finally, the infamous $5,000 fee for...well, that part isn't exactly clear. "Why would a seller leave so much money in other peoples' hands at the closing table?" I wanted to know.

First off, James Lang and Keith Reitman owned this property jointly "from day one." So it makes sense that Lang would receive half (more or less, depending on their arrangement) of the proceeds at the closing table.

Second, Reitman was under the impression that the Gill Construction would be doing between $10,000 and $30,000 of work on the property post-closing. Reitman stated that the property had been used as a rental before, and might have needed some funds to fully convert its use for an owner-occupant. In this part of our discussion, he was concerned that the word "conversion" get used instead of "rehab," which could imply that the property needed work in order to be functional.

It was at this point where he and I had perhaps our most significant disagreement. Part of that, I'm sure, stemmed from the fact that I was aware of the Maxwell/Gill connection well before my time as Housing Director. I received a training specifically around Maxwell's fraud and how to spot it as a loan originator. So I admitted that I had rather extensive knowledge that perhaps Reitman didn't. Even so, in a non-fraudulent real estate transaction, any funds going for work to be done post-closing usually goes into an escrow account managed by the title company. The funds don't get paid unless or until the work is done. Keith said that the knowledge on those two items was not something he'd be expected to know as a seller. He used the analogy that he's probably got more experience dealing with tenants than I do, just like I know more about the ins and outs of sales like this one.

That's a substantive enough argument, but I still wasn't entirely convinced.

Saving the best for last, I asked about the $5,000 on the HUD. What was that for? Windows? Consulting? What was this for, really?

Reitman indicated some hesitance around how to describe this, since there is still, to our knowledge, a criminal investigation into Tynessia Snoddy's activities. That's the smart way to play it and I don't blame him one bit for the cautious approach under the circumstances.

But it was NOT for windows. It was paid out as a consulting fee for having the deal set up. Once again, I expressed my skepticism over this aspect of the deal, and Reitman claimed to be much more experienced in the purchase of properties than their sale.

We talked a bit more, including his continued attempts to alleviate my skepticism entirely, and my thanking him for his volunteer work in and around Jordan.

(End summary of conversation, begin Hawkman commentary)

The blog over at Hillside Chronicles got a very similar earful from Reitman, and we discussed why that might be. The cynic in both of us said that perhaps the story is too well-rehearsed, but then again, when you're telling the truth you don't have to change your story around at all either.

Reitman's story reminds me very much of one of the last predatory loans I saw when I was organizing for the 2007 Minnesota anti-predatory lending legislation. The borrower got hosed in so many ways, and the mortgage broker walked away with a bundle of cash. The thing is, the loan in question then was a cash-out refinance, so the borrower also got over $30,000 in cash from the deal.

In that situation, there was no doubt that the engineer of the loan had a malicious intent, and carried it out against the victim (although I agree with the Hillside post; even if Reitman is "innocent," he's by no means a "victim" here). However, the borrower had no qualms about ultimately depositing that check in his bank account. For that kind of money, he ought to have had someone check out those loan docs from stem to stern. But by virtue of signing the check and depositing it in his account, on some level there is an acknowledgment that he endorsed the terms of the transaction.

And that's what I told Keith Reitman. By virtue of signing the HUD-1 and using the proceeds of the transaction however he wanted, Reitman affirmed this deal on some level. I can accept his version of events, but still feel that he bears at least some small portion of responsibility his part.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

JNS BLOG SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Source Spills The Goods On Remaro Smith, Who June Leikas Named As Suspected Murderer Of Her Daughter, Annshalike Hamilton...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff, image of the property where Hamilton's body was found

NOTE: This post was "in progress" for more than a day. It is now complete.

"William" (not his real first name) came to know the family of Annshalike Hamilton when William was about 9. William met Annshalike Hamilton's brother, Mike, and has been "best friends" with Mike ever since. Annshalike Hamilton's mother, June Leikas, became "best friends" with William's grandmother. They have all stuck together through the years.

So William was right in the middle of Annshalike Hamilton's family for a number of years. He had an opportunity to watch the "strange, sick" relationship develop between Anne Marie Leikas--who is Annshalike Hamilton's sister--and a guy named Remaro C. Smith, a.k.a. "Slim." As revealed exclusively on JNS Blog, click here, Annshalike Hamilton's mother June Leikas believes Smith was responsible for the death of her daughter, and she is willing to say so in public. According to a high ranking police source, Smith is wanted on three warrants, none of which is a murder warrant, however.

William spoke to me at a fast food establishment. He is...

...a calm and confident personality, which is reassuring, because he is quite physically fit. William realizes somebody like Remaro will know who is talking to Johnny Northside, but William just doesn't want his real name all over the internet in association with this murder. Any reader comment that names William or tries to speculate about his identity will not be approved. Just today, Remaro made some phone calls from wherever he is hiding, flipping out about his name being all over the internet.

If Remaro is reading this, he should turn himself in on the outstanding warrants. Remaro is also invited to tell his side of the story by sending me an email, which can be followed up with a phone call to the number I have for him. I am very willing to tell Remaro's side, in detail. In the meantime, here's what I hear from William.

At first, Anne Marie Leikas and Remaro Smith seemed like a normal couple. They were young when they first got together, around 15 years old. But soon things started to get abusive. Remaro was always hitting Anne Marie, therefore he wasn't allowed to come to the home of June Leikas, where Anne Marie lived. But then Anne Marie--known as "Annie" would stop "coming around" if Remaro couldn't be there. Over the years, things just got worse. There would be times Remaro wasn't allowed to come around, and yet he MOVED IN to the house. When June Leikas was at home, the abuse wouldn't happen, so it was safer for Anne Marie.

But Remaro got "more gutsy" and there came a point he'd beat Anne Marie right in the house, with Anne Marie's family present. Mike, the brother (William's best friend) would try to intervene, but after one of these attempted interventions Remaro came out of the bedroom with two handguns, one aimed at June and one at Mike. This happened about four months ago. The guns were apparently a .357 and a 9 millimeter. Remaro always owned some kind of gun all the time, and kept guns around.

June called the police that time. Remaro ran out the door, went somewhere and hid the guns. Then he came back. Mike tackled Remaro and then the police came in about the time Mike had Remaro on the ground. Police arrested Remaro, but they also arrested Anne Marie, who was hitting Mike with a toaster while Mike held down Remaro.

William says "Anne Marie would always side with Remaro," even after Remaro beat her. Remaro had some kind of "sick control" over Anne Marie. Whatever he said, she would do. William himself never witnessed Remaro beat Anne Marie, however, and says if he had he would have "kicked the (expletive) out of him."

So a few years ago, Remaro was living a couple blocks from June and Remaro was beating Anne Marie at his mom's house. (Remaro's mom's name is "Newman," but William isn't sure if that's the correct spelling) Remaro started beating Anne Marie, so Mike ran over there to help his sister. Remaro stabbed Mike in the arm with "a big butcher knife." William describes Remaro as a "punk," who always grabs weapons when somebody physically confronts him. William says Remaro won't fight with his fists unless it's a fight with a girl.

William recalls another beating incident 3 or 4 years ago. Remaro was beating Anne Marie at his mom's house, so a whole group of young men--about ten of them, William says--ran over and "demanded him out of the house." Anne Marie came running out of the house, with Remaro after her. Remaro put a knife to Anne Marie's throat. But Anne Marie got away, and Remaro ran back inside the house.

Free to run away at that point, Anne Marie instead told the group of men to leave. She then walked back inside the house.

After that incident, these young men would stop responding to Anne Marie's cries for help because it was always the same thing. There would be a call for help. Help would come. But then it would be the "other way around" with Anne Marie taking the side of Remaro. William says Anne Marie has permanent scars above her eyes and "parts of her eyebrows are missing." According to William, Anne Marie has had "a black eye for, like, two years straight." Remaro literally beats her bloody. But the incident where the guns got pulled was the last time William saw Remaro at the house. Remaro ran away and made himself scarce after that.

Remaro "got arrested over the gun thing and went to jail," William says. (This is unconfirmed) While Remaro was in jail, William says, THAT was when the "homicide detective" called June and said they had somebody in custody who they wanted to question about Annshalike's murder. William thinks this suspect was none other than Remaro Smith. William says the detectives would also drop little hints like, "This person might be sitting on your couch, you might be surprised how close he is to you."

So homicide detectives were supposed to talk to Remaro while he was in jail. They went there to talk to him, but were informed Remaro had been released. William says "it turned out he had NOT been released, but he ended up being released the next day." William says it went like this: There was a police report which said "they recovered the guns or whatever." William says he has seen this report online. (JNS Blog has been unable to find a report like that online) The detectives went to the probation officer and said, "What is this guy doing out?" since there had been a previous gun case. The probation officer said nothing was going to be done because "no guns were recovered."

None of this can be confirmed, but police and probation sources are invited to comment on these purported facts.

Currently, William believes Remaro is in St. Paul at his brother's house. His brother is apparently named Jonathon Newman, and he lives at an apartment near the XCel Energy Center, but nobody seems to know the exact address. William says police are there "plenty" because of domestic violence incidents. William says if police were really trying to find Remaro, he shouldn't be that hard to find. Remaro's mother is on Section 8 housing, so she should be listed with the county. Jonathon has lived in the same place for a while, as long as Annshalike's brother Boogie can remember.

In fact, William says, Jonathan is supposed to be on PROBATION. (JNS can't confirm this info) So doesn't he have a probation officer? Doesn't that mean some kind of address is in the system for Jonathan?

As for Remaro, after running away from June's house following the gun incident, he has been spotted at least once on the Northside. William saw Remaro on 694 heading for St. Paul, so William--who certainly has the "I'll intervene in the problem myself" attitude common to Northsiders--chased the car toward St. Paul, hitting speeds of 90 miles an hour. The fleeing car, William recalls, was a 1998 Grand Am, red in color. He didn't manage to catch Remaro that time. William says "they switch cars a lot." A couple days after William chased the Grand AM, Boogie spotted Remaro drive past June's house in a new minivan.

Also, mail still comes to June's house addressed to Anne Marie, who apparently never bothered to change her driver's license after leaving June's house. A traffic citation for an open bottle came in the mail for Anne Marie, and it said she was driving some kind of Chevy. So William and June Leikas have a fairly good idea what Anne Marie and Remaro are driving now.

Anne Marie is with Remaro, of course. Anne Marie calls June from time to time and says she's at Remaro's brother's house, but she won't say where the house is, just that it's in St. Paul.

William went to Annshalike Hamilton's funeral, held at St. Phillip's church just a few blocks from where this blogger lives. The church is both modern and ancient in its appearance, composed of multi-colored field stone. William says Anne Marie and Remaro were both at the funeral. Remaro was "quiet." Anne Marie was just the same as her cult-like keeper, Remaro, she was also quiet.

"Didn't seem happy or sad, just kind of blank, I guess," William explained. It was around the time of the funeral that June began thinking of Remaro as a possible suspect, recalling his odd behavior when she returned from Cub Foods the night Annshalike disappeared. (Click here for the article with June's description of Remaro's behavior) The way June put it, William says, she said "I have a funny feeling about Remaro" and "I'm not too sure about him." It may not have been those exact words, but it was that general idea.

William blames Remaro for deliberately distracting people with "crazy rumors." William says it was the crazy rumors popping up that "detoured people from considering Remaro a likely suspect." In fact, as soon as Annshalike Hamilton's body was found in the garage behind 2222 4th St. N., before anybody in the police department had contacted the family and positively tied the girl's body to the disappearance of Annshalike, a rumor came in by phone. The rumor was Annshalike was beaten and shot by Snoop, the father of her baby, because she wouldn't have an abortion. The person who called claimed to be an eye witness, and called Annshalike's father or the father's girlfriend. The father called June and repeated the rumor to her.

The next rumor to arrive was about some kind of "teen party" which had been going on inside the garage, and three girls came by the party which was Snoop's wife and two of her friends, and they beat Annshalike to death. Keep in mind, William says, when these rumors arrived Annshalike had not been identified. So whoever planted the rumor must have known the body in the garage was Annshalike, even before detectives or the family knew.

The only people who hung out at June's house were June, Anne Marie, Remaro, Mike, Boogie, and William. (Boogie's real name is "Anthony.") Annshalike was last seen at the house, William says. Focus on the small group of people who were at the house, he urges.

"Who is the father of Annshalike's baby?" I asked. "Do you know? Do you have any ideas?"

William claims to know who the father was, but says homicide detectives didn't want the name repeated.

"Then don't tell me," I said, reluctantly, the phrase "homicide detectives don't want it repeated" stopping me like a padlock on William's mouth. But, without naming the man, William provides more details.

"He's an old man and should be in jail, but he's not," William says. How old, I ask? Old old?

No, William answers, a married guy in his 30s. Supposedly, he's married. He has at least one child by another woman, one for sure, but William isn't positive the man has ONLY one child. He is reportedly a crack dealer and, yes, he goes by "Snoop" but he is NOT Sammie Burch, who also goes by "Snoop." William was showed a picture of "Crack Dealer" Snoop by detectives, which looked like "a jailhouse picture." He was scruffy, had braids and a full beard, a tattoo on his neck that says "Snoop." William thinks this guy's child-molesting ass should be in prison.

William knows the name of Annshalike's baby. The baby was Kyra Hamilton. That was the name Annshalike had all picked out. Kyra Hamilton.

But in regard to Sammie Burch, who was previously named by this blog as a "Snoop" character in Annshalike Hamilton's social circle, who even displayed a photo of Annshalike online with sultry pictures of other women who looked like "booty calls," William says Burch is not a "star person" but he would never harm Annshalike or regard her in a sexual way. Annshalike was more like a "little sister" to Burch. Yes, Burch has a history of violence toward women but he was somebody who was "not around much," just "popping in a few times a week." Last William heard, Burch had some kind of job at a thrift store.

Besides, it should be noted, police sources say Burch can be ruled out as a murderer because he was incarcerated the day Annshalike disappeared.

William says Annshalike talked of boyfriends, but there was nothing serious. She might point to some guy in a car and say, "Oh, there's my boyfriend, I have to hide."

William has details about the issues with the "trust fund money" that June Leikas outlined, click here for that story. The money comes from an incident which happened when the children in June's family were "really young," and a house where they were living had lead paint, and the children were victims of lead paint poisoning. June sued the property owner and won, or at any rate received a settlement of some kind, so she set up a trust fund. The children would receive portions of the money at 18, 21, and 25. (William is not sure of the precise ages, but it was something like that)

William is not sure where the "lead paint house" was located, whether it was in North Minneapolis or not.

The way the trust fund was set up, if Annshalike died then her share of the money would go to Anthony and Anne Marie, her siblings. William is not sure if Anthony had his fund set up the same way, but in any case Anthony got his money first when he turned 18. In fact, Anthony also had a settlement from a dog bite. It would appear June Leikas has sued, twice, individuals responsible for hurting her children.

Shortly after Anthony got a chunk of money, he was arrested and went to jail. He had some money left in his bank account, so he signed a power of attorney giving June the ability to take care of some financial matters on his behalf with the money. William can't remember why Anthony was in jail, but says it was "something stupid."

According to William, around this time Anne Marie and Remaro managed to forge a fake power of attorney and took it to the bank. The document gave Anne Marie the power of attorney and removed June. Anne Marie managed to empty the bank account, which had--according to William--about $5,000 left in the account at that point.

Separately, June Leikas has confirmed these events, saying when Anthony got out of "the workhouse" he told her, "They took all my money" and named Anne Marie and Remaro.

But Ann Marie and Remaro allegedly didn't stop at that point. They went somewhere called "Peach Tree Settlement" with the same fake power of attorney, and managed to break into the rest of Boogie's trust fund from the lead paint settlement. But--according to William--Peach Tree managed to get most of the trust fund, nearly two thirds of it, and gave the rest to Anne Marie. William says he may be off on the ratio or the exact numbers, but says the split was outrageous even if it wasn't rooted in forgery, with Anne Marie getting something like $12,000 out of $50,000 and Peach Tree getting the rest.

June Leikas and William have many details about how things happened because when Anne Marie and Remaro left the house--pretty much fled--paperwork was left behind in their room. One of the papers was from some kind of court, an actual hearing with an actual lawyer, and it would appear somebody was using Anthony's identification and saying he was Anthony, so they could get into the trust fund.

"Who has this paperwork now?" I asked. William said the police have it. Did June save copies? She did, indeed, William answers. "Could I get copies?" I asked. William promised to work on it.

William says numerous receipts were found, taking out thousands of dollars from an ATM. Among the paperwork, chillingly, was documentation about a possible life insurance policy in Anthony's name, taken out on Anthony's life. William emphasizes the paperwork was not the policy itself, just some paperwork associated with a policy. In fact, it may have been almost junk mail, but this document "led everybody to believe" they (Remaro and Anne Marie) had managed to take out a life insurance policy on Boogie for some nefarious and murderous purpose.

Around the time Annshalike's body turned up on Mahmood Khan's slummy property, June was falling behind on bills and so June thought maybe there was a way to get Annshalike's portion of the settlement money and apply it to bills. June wanted to "go downtown" and talk to somebody about getting into the trust fund, and of course June wanted Anne Marie to come along. But Anne Marie had been acting "weird and paranoid" about "anything having to do with the trust fund."

"We came to find out, of course, that Anne Marie was already working on getting the money," William said. In fact, paperwork came in the mail from "the settlement funding place" asking if Anne Marie was happy with her payments. June's trip to go look into the trust fund was before Remaro pulled his guns, but the full picture of what happened with the trust fund didn't come together until Remaro pulled the guns, ended up leaving June's house, and then June and William cleaned out the room and found the informative paperwork in the closet.

William claims it was the homicide detectives themselves who really turned them on to Remaro. In fact, the detectives supposedly had some DNA from the murder suspect, and who did they come looking for? Remaro. They wanted to talk to Remaro and get a DNA sample.

William says the detectives did forensic things down in the basement where Remaro had been the night Annshalike disappared, the basement from which he had emerged soaking wet and hyper, saying he was doing coke. William says the word is Annshalike wasn't killed in the garage where her body was found, because there wasn't enough blood found in the garage and Annshalike's death involved a lot of blood lost. William doesn't know if the detectives got any good forensic evidence from the basement, months after Annshalike had disappeared, with nobody knowing she had been murdered until the body was discovered.

William says "June called the detectives and they said they were interested in coming back and also checking the garage, but they never came back." William claims a blood spray was found at June's home by William and June, but it hasn't been examined by detectives. It could be from Anne Marie getting beat up all the time, William says, but something about the spray looks like...well, like when paint gets pressured and sprayed.

"Like an arterial spray?" I asked him. Yeah, like that, William agrees.

That blood splatter is "in the upstairs hallway, on a door frame."

Both June and William say they kept calling detectives back, but they don't return to the house. The detectives allegedly said something to June like, well, unless somebody sits down and confesses, there's not a lot they can do.

For the record, June loved her children. She was so friendly with them, it was like they were a large group of friends instead of blood relatives. The kids didn't want to leave June, but stayed with her. June is terribly worried about Anne Marie, where her life is going. She doesn't want to lose yet another daughter, and she thinks Anne Marie will end up dead like Annshalike.

William says Anne Marie Leikas has a criminal record and has "taken some of Remaro's raps." However, a search for Anne Marie's criminal record under "Anne Marie Leikas" turns up only a relatively minor incident of driving after suspension. She is, however, still on probation for this incident. Remaro always "makes her drive, and neither of them has a license" William says, and they are always getting pulled over. According to paperwork which arrived at the house, Anne Marie has an appointment with her probation officer on the 19th of February, 9 a.m., at the probation office near 43rd and Lyndale.

William is surprised Anne Marie isn't dead, yet. Remaro "pins her down and beats her like a man, fists to the face until there is blood."

Why, William wonders, is there no reward for information leading to the conviction of the suspect? June heard a rumor of a reward offered by the Mad Dads, and she tried to reach them, but William says the Mad Dads didn't call June back.

William can't even imagine Remaro carrying Annshalike's body by himself but thinks Remaro would have needed an accomplice, most likely his brother Jonathon. Remaro has no muscle tone, William says, but is "just a twig, like an Ethiopian poster child." You can see his rib cage. Obviously, this is why Remaro is called Slim. William had his own nickname for Remaro: "Dirty Q-Tip."

These utterances cause me to raise my internal eyebrows. William appears to be, in effect, "calling out" Remaro. This is the same Remaro who always keeps a gun around and prefers to use a weapon instead of his fists, unless he is fighting a female. But William seems to be wearing the armor of righteousness. Remaro is the guy. Annshalike and her baby are in the cold hard grave, and the guy who put them there needs to be apprehended. Who appears to give a damn? From William's point of view, not enough people give a damn who can do something, but he himself strongly gives a damn, and he's both sturdy and street smart.

Talking to me didn't happen by accident. The people who love Annshalike saw how cold the case was getting, and they knew writing about it would warm it up. So they decided to talk at length, in detail. Even while we are sitting and talking, there is word of Remaro and Anne Marie making phone calls to friends and family, going crazy because June is making her suspicions public.

Near the end of the interview--knowing I already had most of the material I wanted, and I could take more of a risk of giving offense with a particular line of questioning--I asked William if some folks might consider he, himself, a suspect. He is, after all, very close to the family. He's quite a sturdy guy.

With an almost monk-like calm, William answers, "I guess we're all suspects, everybody, until we can be eliminated. But who was there that night? Who can't be eliminated as a suspect? Who was acting suspicious? Remaro."

The next move this blog will make will be to repeatedly attempt to call Remaro C. Smith and Anne Marie at the phone number I have for them, to ask for their side of the story.

A Message Across The Bow To "Pirate" Paul Koenig From Johnny Northside...

Image from the Koenig Blog, used under First Amendment Fair Comment And Criticism, horse called "Who Let The Cat In" 

Dear Paul Koenig,

I was inside your 2.5 million dollar house today, you heartless property pirate. I met the woman with seven children (some very small and vulnerable, also very cute and photogenic) the woman you put in that house, and the facts would tend to prove you knew...

...foreclosure was looming, and she'd be in a tough spot and probably forced to move again. But you didn't care. She says Pamiko promised to fix things and never did. I saw those things today, the things you didn't fix, leaving that woman in a difficult, unhealthy and unsafe environment, where she is forced to do the best she can under the circumstances.

This is a woman who works for her own money to pay her rent and, notably, she is amazingly kind and gentle with her children despite being in tough economic circumstances. But you don't care about any of that, do you? All you seem to care about is the almighty dollar and scamming it from somebody--whoever that might be, Paul, individuals down on their luck at Mystic Lake around 1999, your former girlfriend who now lives in California--oh, yes, those facts are coming out, too, all about the alleged domestic violence--whoever it might be, all you care about is getting money so you can support your high-rolling lifestyle of ponies, vacations to Florida, FOUR WASHING MACHINES IN YOUR BASEMENT.

I saw the basement of your 2.5 million dollar house today. It sure didn't look like YOUR basement, Paul. I'm guessing it didn't smell like your basement, either.

I am writing you this, in front of everybody, to let you know GOD SEES WHAT YOU DO, PAUL, and soon enough the rest of the world will, too, considering how many different individuals and official entities are trying to get to the bottom of the spectacular financial mess you created, and two of those entities are mainstream media outlets. Think you're notorious through this blog, Paul? Just wait. 

Now, Paul, you've been telling your story to somebody else--you're not faithful to me, you cheat on me, and we both know who else is involved--and you're saying, well, here's the facts in my defense but don't have Johnny Northside publish this. So, Paul, I haven't even seen those emails because I said, well, if I can't publish it...I don't want to see it.

But now, Paul, I strongly suggest you communicate with me directly--my email is right on the header of this blog--and you start telling me your side of things. Because soon enough everybody will hear the other side...the side of a decent woman with seven children who you put in that 2.5 million dollar House Of (Apparent) Scam...and people are going to think very badly of you, Paul.

I'm sure even if you tell me your story, people will still think very badly of you and I strongly suspect you'll be going to jail in the not-too-distant future, but I'm offering you an opportunity coated in virtual gold, here. I will publish your side, word for word, and all you have to do is forward the information.

In the meantime, may Almighty God keep that woman and her children safe from the obvious physical dangers of that house formerly owned by Pamiko. God and Regulatory Services. Word comes by text message from Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes that Regulatory Services is "(expletive) on it" shortly after our all-too-revealing look at what is happening inside the $2.5 million House Of Pamiko.

* * *

Regular readers should be advised this story is bigger than Johnny Northside, and as I've predicted for months, it will boil over from the small confines of this blog as much bigger media sharks move in for a big bite of Paul Koenig's posterior. Watch all over the media for these facts, I won't be bothering to replicate all that coverage here, but helpful readers can feel always free to post links for the convenience of, I don't know, posterity. (What is "posterity" on the internet? People three years from now?)

In any case...

Watch. Watch and see the spectacular sinking of the pirate ship "Paul Koenig."

"Atlas Pillar" Gets Reinforcements...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

Some months ago, I wrote about Connie Nompelis' house in the Farview Park Historic District (the one she bought or more accurately STOLE for a mere $7,900) and how the lone, brave "Atlas Pillar" on the porch was getting reinforcements. Well, last night was one of those neighbors-helping-neighbors kinda nights, where snow got shoveled and...

Folks hung out drinking wine. I noticed the "Atlas Pillar" did indeed have its reinforcements in place and the porch no longer appeared to be defying gravity. Of course, the replacement posts don't exactly match but that's part of the quirky allure of the house. All kinds of repairs are taking place at the house--all with proper paid permits--and, best of all, this house is intended to end up as an owner-occupied structure, not yet another rental.