Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bad Tenants Evicted On "Desolation Row," 619 26th Ave. N.

Photos By Jeff Skrenes

Word comes via Hawthorne Housing Director Jeff Skrenes that 619 26th Ave. N. was evacuated about a week ago. Jeff first posted the pictures and information to his Facebook profile.

The tenants who lived there had terrorized the neighborhood around the Farview Park Historic District.

The house--which is reportedly interesting and wonderful inside, beneath layers of bad tenant crap, in fact SO CRAPPY the houses in that small area have been dubbed "Desolation Row"--is a treasure which can be saved if the landlord doesn't just throw up his hands and walk away.

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The Mortgage Geek said...

Actually, the inside of the place may need quite a bit of work. I've heard second-hand that once inspectors were inside the place, they noted so many violations that neighbors wonder if the owner will simply walk away from the property entirely.

A close examination of the top floor exterior, however, shows the quality of woodwork the place once had and hopefully still has.

Let's hope when all is said and done, this treasure is restored.

Anonymous said...