Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You're On The Internet! You're Famous, Jerry Rodgers Of 1206 Russell Ave. N.

Mug Shot Provided By MPD, GBT4P, GBMPD

Residents of Jordan have been increasingly fighting back against the "open air supermarket" of drugs and prostitution on part of Penn Ave. N., and the scummy intersections at Penn Ave. N. and 27th, 26th.

Recently, police sent around some emails alerts to let residents and other interested parties know the 4th Precinct is being responsive, and busting (suspected) criminals in this area. One of the stinky fish that turned up in the net was Jerry Rodgers...

Here is what MPD had to say about Jerry:

Officers were on routine patrol in the area of 26th Av. N. and Oliver Av. N. It should be noted that this area is well-known for narcotics and prostitution, and Officers have made numerous arrests in the area. Officers observed a male later identified as Jerry Rodgers - 45 / 001206 Russell AV N Minneapolis, MN

The portion of the email I received does not state what officers observed. So I don't know.

Do I care? Not really. I'm sure it was something bad and suspicious. Here's the clown's mug shot, which I asked for special-like from the helpful, responsive folks at MPD.



Homewood Confidential said...

Uh-oh. That's my neighbor's adult son.

Johnny Northside said...

She should have a long talk with him, don't you think? Does he LIVE there? You think the other neighbors might like to know a piece-of-shit (alleged) drug dealer lives in their nice Homewood neighborhood?

I think the other neighbors would like to know.

Demko said...

Has this man been charged with anything?

Or are you just assuming he's a "piece-of-shit" drug dealer because he was picked up by the cops?

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you got that picture or if it included his full name and DOB but if that is Jerry Lee Rogers, 11/09/1963, then you could check on MNCIS and see that he has convictions for drug dealing, robbery, burglary, and illegal possession of a gun. I think the technical term for him is "Repeat Offender".

MINCIS is at: http://pa.courts.state.mn.us/default.aspx

3800 Block of Queen Ave said...

Jerry has quite a History, Thanks Johnny and everyone else helping to clean up the streets.I've been reading this blog for a couple of mths now and really appreciate getting the latest info.

Johnny Northside said...

The spelling of Rodgers came off the police report. Not sure if it's the same guy.

In response to Demko; I am indeed assuming he is a piece of shit drug dealer because he was picked up by cops hanging out at a notorious, filthy, drug infested corner engaged in highly suspicious behavior. You got me. I'm a big ASSUMER.

So how are things where YOU live?

Demko said...

Perhaps you're right. But it seems like the cause of his arrest would be a piece of information worth including if you're going to publish the mug shot. When I see a mug shot, I'm curious what the person has been arrested for. I would assume most people have a similar reaction.

What does my neighborhood have to do with it? I live in Frogtown. We have our share of drug properties.

Johnny Northside said...

I used the information I had from a truncated electronic version of a police report. I'm not going to weep and wail and wring my hands over publishing the photos of scummy no-accounts arrested at filthy intersections. I put as much agonizing thought into it as I put into, for example, stooping to pick up litter.

The mug shot is public information. If I want to put his mug shot up and publish a PARODY post, I will freaking do it. Our neighborhood has put up with this crap for too long and many of us are beyond fed up. Only the limits of human time and energy keep me from putting up more mug shots and firsthand accounts of residents confronting thugs.