Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yes, It's Still On...The Blogosphere Trial Of The Century!

Blog post by John Hoff

Yes, it's still happening: Jerry Moore v. John Hoff a/k/a Johnny Northside, and John Does 1-5. The blogosphere trial of the century is taking place again today, Room 655C, Hennepin County Government Center, the Court of the Honorable Judge Denise Reilly.

This blog is too busy defending itself to write much, but fortunately there is all kinds of coverage in the mainstream media and at least one other blog, Ed Kohler's "The Deets." The trial has been covered by MinnPost, Twin Cities Daily Planet (two articles by Shiela Regan with a third expected today) the Star Tribune (one article, one opinion column by John Tevlin) and MPR.

And so it is the fate of this blog and its impact on the neighborhood is in the hands of a judge and seven jurors, good and true. Win or lose, the blog will go on. Readers can be assured of that.

They will stop my blogging when they pry the password from my cold, dead brain.

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Anonymous said...

Johnny, I think that you are a reprehensible asshole and that your blog is reactionary, racist, and smug.

BUT, I support you in this case because I believe in the principle of your right to publish even if I would relish the opportunity to punch you in the eye.

Anonymous said...

Many people know this song as a soundtrack for action movies; however seeing the words make the fact that it was composed in 1937 Germany when Hitler's government had tight censorship over all media makes it even more ponient.

Good Luck in Court!

Folwell Fox said...

I want to personally and publicly thank you for all of your tireless, and all too often under appreciated work. I'd also like to thank the entire NoMi blogosphere and its readers for letting me vent, and for talking me off the cliff sometimes. I believe we all know that NoMi someday, sooner rather than later, will become the "urban utopia" of your dreams John. I'd also like to mention to non & new-readers that you really should check out the MLS for NoMi, it's insane, so many beautiful houses. Now is definitely the time to buy, plus we're a fun crowd!

Anonymous said...

Glad the StarTribune featured an article about you else I wouldn't have known of your blog. I grew up in NoMi from 1960 until I fled from 22nd & Bryant in about '81 due to the rapid influx of gangs and drugs. Still drive through everyday on my way from Robbinsdale to Minneapolis Mill District.

Vicki L.

Anonymous said...

There's a new one:

Published March 08, 2011, 10:17 PM
Lawsuit against Hoff attracts national attention
Jury selection began Monday in a 2009 lawsuit by Jerry Moore, former executive director of a neighborhood community council in north Minneapolis, seeking more than $50,000 from John Hoff, alleging Hoff’s blog, “The Adventures of Johnny Northside,” lied about him and got him fired from the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center.

Law suits won't stop the free press from reporting the truth!!!

kanoyes said...

Right on John, best of luck on the trial.

Anonymous said...

We agree on one thing. Your brain is cold and dead.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the first posting, Anonymous at 8:02 a.m.

How much money would you be willing to pay me for the opportunity to punch me hard, in the eye, with a regulation boxing glove on your hand in a consensual manner?

No. I'm serious. I could totally use some dough and it's not like I haven't been hit in the face before for something I've said, though it's been a while. We could put it on YouTube.

Johnny Northside! said...

That should have been The Honorable "Denise" not "Denis" Reilly.

Correction made, error regretted.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter who the person is that pays to punch you in the face?
I can see paying you to take the punch but, I would go door to door to raise money & hire Mike Tyson to administer the punch.
This really has some possibilities.
Can anyone think of anything more noble that would unite everyone from the northside?

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, well, you get Mike Tyson and enough money to actually tempt me and I will consider it. But right now you have about as much money as you have identity, so far as I can see.

The myth you're trying to promote of JNS being widely hated may be true in the sick little world of thug-huggers, slumlords, and Level Three Sex Offenders where you lay your sympathies, but that's not exactly the mainstream North Minneapolis world of decent people. This blog is a voice of Northside revitalization, a voice of decency, and above all a voice of truth. That's why this blog gets accolades and will continue to thrive long after the thug-huggers are in prison or the grave, long after the L3S0s are driven out in drooling droves from our neighborhood (where they are already in droves) and long after the slumlords have sold off their properties to starry-eyed homesteaders.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, you are so into yourself it's pathetic. You really believe what you say.
The fact that you think all of north Minneapolis loves you is your own narcissistic fantasy. The more I read the more nuts you appear.
And that's an appearance reflected in the comments attached to the Strib articles.
Dude, you're just some schlep blogger with a small following in a city of over 390,000.
Most of north Minneapolis has never heard of you.
If you vanished tomorrow Minneapolis wouldn't even know you were missing.
Get a grip on reality.

The commenter above that called you a "reprehensible asshole" sure knows how to describe you. And I suspect that's the majority opinion.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, and I'm so reprehensible that I silence my critics by not publishing their comments.

(Sarcasm font)

Anonymous said...

Johnny Northside! said...

"Yeah, and I'm so reprehensible that I silence my critics by not publishing their comments."

That's a fact. I have screenshots of all my comments you have refused to publish...saved for some future trial, and there will be a future trial.

Folwell Fox said...

Anony. 11:25PM.

To quote Walter Sobchak, "you have no frame of reference here. You're like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie and wants to know..."

Furthermore, if JNS vanished tomorrow there would be five more blogs filling the void, so don't think he's the only person to hold those opinions.

It also sounds to me as though you are the narcissist by not showing at least empathy for the issues that confront NoMi on a daily basis, or perhaps you lack the necessary critical thinking skills to form a coherent thesis which doesn't smack of a lizard-brained stereotypical reactionary thought.

If you really cared to inform yourself, you'd investigate our issues more closely or already know them rather than have to be lead here by the StarTrib.

Moreover, I'd ask that you do NoMi a favor if you are not interested in our revitalization efforts to please stay in the comfortable confines of the community in which you reside and thank the generations of residents before you who provided you with what you seemingly take for granted, and then have the audacity to bash others for who are doing the same.

Anonymous said...

According to Don Allen's testimony, JNS likely wrote the first derogatory comment about himself anonymously in order to spark the conversation...

...ooowweee...I love a good conspiracy!

Anonymous said...

Hey bitch. This is just the beginning. I cant wait to see the flurry of lawsuits against you now you dirty mouthed slanderer. Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy.

CeCe said...

What happened to Freedom of Speech? We should all be upset over the verdict!