Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Damn Right We're Appealing--Motion For Judgment As A Matter Of Law

Contributed photo, blog post by John Hoff

Here is as much of an update as I can give readers right now but don't worry...you can see the blog is running full blast and, in fact, we're suddenly freer to write about the mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.

Tynessia Snoddy recently took a plea bargain, as exclusively reported here, but documents filed by the prosecutor in that case allege Snoddy was involved in the fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N. and a bunch of other properties. All kinds of "little fish" are named in the documents. More documents are coming.

In the Moore v. Hoff matter, my lawyer has filed a Motion For Judgment As A Matter of Law. This isn't exactly an appeal, not yet. Rather, the Motion asks the Honorable Judge to rule on the case, notwithstanding the verdict of the jury, since the verdict is alleged to be incorrect as a matter of law. We're on firm legal ground that Truth is not tortious interference with the job of a public figure at a public institution.

So the motion is filed and...

...a supporting brief is being written. Offers of help are arriving from various lawyers and there may be some amicus curie briefs, as well.

I say "You really can't have too many friends" and the word "amicus" means "friend."

The more, the merrier.

Did I happen to mention...

Repeated and specific evidence in Hennepin County District Court shows
Jerry Moore was involved with a high profile, fraudulent mortgage at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.


Anonymous said...

Just a small typo.

You wrote: "I the more, the merrier."

I think you mean: "The more, the merrier."

NoMi Passenger said...

"I say the more, the merrier."

Anonymous said...

John you're the best!!



Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how the proposed motion works: one would think that if this were the case, the Judge would have set aside the jury's verdict at trial? But, then again, that is what lawyers are for.

If the Judge does not grant the relief requested, I wonder what the odds of an appeal would be?

detersbb said...

"Aye the more, the merrier."

If you are not busy enough doing the appeal I am linking an interesting article that might give you a new avenue to begin researching in the ever-quest to clean up the area.

I think the research would be very interesting and you would be able to uncover even more property schneganigans (sp), and end up with new names and leads to continue on in the quest as the tangled web they weave when at first they attempt to deceive. (It is a quasi-legal blog, but it should give you some ideas for new angles and a way to uncover more names.)

Tracking a professional guardian: A small peek into the profitable world of predatory guardians


Anonymous said...

And Moore's attorney can appeal if the Judge sets aside the verdict.

Johnny Northside! said...

Yup. All the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

I have a far fetched question.
For the sake of discussion, we all assume that this case goes all the way to the US Supreme Court.
My question I want to ask of Johnny Northside is, "what would your reaction be if the US Supreme Court upheld the original jury's ruling? In other words, you lost and there are no higher courts to appeal to.
Would you accept their ruling as final?
Really, what would your reaction be?

Johnny Northside! said...

Your question is indeed far fetched and a waste of my time.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota Lawyer think's it was the special verdict form:


You know, JNS should do a post that links to all of the articles about this story. I would like to see how far and wide the coverage is.

Anonymous said...

Check this out too:


Johnny Northside! said...


Johnny Northside! said...

And the damn thing continues to go national...

Johnny Northside! said...

The following comment ended up in my spam folder and was accidentally deleted...I managed to retrieve the text from the automatic email notification:


The Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists are not defending "John Hoff"; rather they are trying to protect the 1st amendment rights of reporters.
John Hoff's abuse of the freedom of speech has created a shit-storm of potential problems for reporters. Now other groups have to step in and clean-up the mess created by the irresponsible and abusive behaviors of John Hoff. If this situation cannot be reversed, John Hoff will go down in history as the worst thing ever to happen to the "freedom of the press".
His actions will have a devastating effect on all aspects of freedom of speech.
But he doesn't care, as long as his name is in the media and the spotlight shines on him.
To which I say: abuse of the freedom of speech? Former JACC Executive Director Jerry Moore, so charming until he resorts to the use of his FISTS the night of a board election, was involved in a high profile mortgage fraud.

How was it abuse of the First Amendment to point out the truth: that this so-called "leader" was involved in something very wrong?

In fact, what we need is a lot more "truth telling" about all the mortgage fraud and, oh, it's coming. It's in the hopper, starting with the Tynessia Snoddy file.

Johnny Northside! said...

And the publicity hits just keep right on coming.