Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ian Alexander Law Firm Has Moved To 3111 Penn Ave. N.

Stock photo, Goddess of Glass, blog post by John Hoff

Ian Alexander, one of a surprisingly small number of attorneys to have a law office in North Minneapolis where we desperately need lawyers, has moved.

But, thankfully, he hasn't moved out of NoMi. In fact, Ian's moved to quite the up-and-coming portion of the neighborhood, at 3111 Penn Ave. N. near Goddess of Glass and the soon-to-open (we hope) Lowry Cafe.

Word reached me yesterday that Ian was trying to have a meeting with Don Samuels, the Fifth Ward City Councilman, but the meeting had to be canceled so Samuels could appear as a witness at Johnny Northside On Trial: The Blogosphere Battle Of The Century! (Click here for my increasingly-predictable musical homage)

I feel bad Ian Alexander missed his meeting, but if I had to guess what the meeting was about (I don't know, but I can make an educated guess) Ian might have been, inter alia, trying to talk to Don about the finely-tuned thesis he has written, suggesting how certain laws and regulations about vacancy fees are "gaming the system" to create an environment more friendly to slumlord investment than new home owners in North Minneapolis.

It's an important document and I hope lots of concerned North Minneapolis citizens will take the time to read it over and see how these ideas can be applied.

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Glassy Girl said...

I'm glad for my new neighbor around the corner on Penn. And anticipating with MUCH excitement the opening of The Lowry Cafe right next door. Last I heard, end of April is the target date!