Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nomistar* Is New Blog Guest Author!

Stock photo by John Hoff, blog post by Nomistar

Hello to all! I have known John for some time and have been an avid reader of The Adventures of Johnnynorthside. Recently, due to our mutual interests, John asked me to be an at-large contributing author to this blog and I have gladly accepted his invitation.

Here are some of the mutual interests I share with this blog and plan to write about. The renewal and revitalization of the North Side. No holds bared reporting on the small criminal element here on the North Side that are causing all the mayhem and grief. Hobby investing in small cap companies such as the one reported on the blog: Alex, Hoff, 13, buys his first penny stock.

I also hope to help John and his merry band of good citizens fight back against those who want to maintain the status quo, who refuse to own up for their misdeeds and when confronted will lash out with harassment, slander and frivolous lawsuits.

Spend anytime with John or on this blog and you will realize is his labor of love, he truly cares about NoMi and only wants to make it a better place for his son. He spends a tremendous amount of time writing, reporting and lately defending himself from mean spirited lawsuits.

If you enjoy this blog please help John out with your support or cash! If you have a couple extra bucks you can spare, just use the secure Paypal button embedded in the sidebar to the right and be sure to hit the follow button at the top of this page.

Until next time- Nomistar*

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Johnny Northside! said...

Readers will, I hope, soon learn the amazing talents of NoMi Star whose ability to dig up information may not exceed my own, but is just as great as my own in completely different areas and skill sets.

In fact, if one of our readers can kick us $35, we can quickly get the ownership information on the car that killed those three people near Broadway and 2nd Street North and publish it right here on Johnny Northside Dot Com.

The fact Northstar* comes aboard this blog during the time of greatest conflict, controversy and actual legal threat is a testament to the character and guts of Nomistar*

Anonymous said...

Maybe Nomistar will give us a real name so we know he/she is not just another made up name to endorse your blog and ask for money. I wouldn't put it past you to try and monopolize on the Strib coverage to increase your profits

Johnny Northside! said...

Let's see here. Who is the person who inserts himself into North Minneapolis politics and is always talking about how to "monetize" blogs?

Maybe you could give us YOUR real name.

And everybody is well aware of the reality of our guest authors, most of which don't even try to hide their real identities. But Nomistar* is, well, MYSTERIOUS.

Did I mention Nomistar* can get the ownership information on the license plate of the car that killed three people at West Broadway and 2nd Ave. N.? But he/she needs $35 for the database access? I think I did.

Anonymous said...

Your guest writers, NoMi Star/Northstar*/Nomistar* (not sure if you're referring to the same writer) talents, like yours are not amazing since all of us can access that same information for a small fee by using the license plate number, duh!

Nomistar said...

Why would I want to go public with my identity and expose myself & family to the vicious personal attacks and harassment that John has long endured. If it happens, it happens but I will not make it easy for them.
Besides there is plenty of precedence in the arts of people using a pseudonym. Writers use pen names, Actor’s, musicians, and other performers use stage names. One of the greatest American writers of all time Mark Twain never existed he was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens or how about someone in the news lately? Carlos Irwin Estevez better known by his stage name Charlie Sheen.
There is nothing sinister or wrong as you imply with me or any of the other contributors to this blog wanting to maintain their privacy.

Proudly Anonymous said...

Thank you Nomistar. Your comments validate it so the rest of us can comment without persecution from John & Megan. We have a right to protect our identities so we don't expose ourselves & families to the retaliation, vicious personal attacks, and harassment that John has long exposed his victims to. Well said!!
If any of us anonymous commenters would have stated that, John would have trashed us.

M. Clinton said...

Okay, this is WAY off topic, but I just love that distressed antique table!

Johnny Northside! said...

Isn't that table great? Megan's table, as you know.

She has some amazing stuff to match it, too, including a little distressed dresser she picked up at an antique store in Alexandria.

Hope to see you at the post-trial party, hint hint. Megan says I shouldn't temp fate by calling it a "victory party" and so I won't. There's a post-trial party, uncharacterized as to the nature of the party, but let's just say we have an ENTIRE MAGNUM OF CHAMPAGNE and I hope to drink some of it.