Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The JNS Blog "Half A Legal Victory Party" At Good Sports Bar And Grill...

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

The party-loving "revitalizer class" in North Minneapolis (NoMi) will seize upon nearly any excuse for a champagne toast, including the recent "half a legal victory" in the Jerry Moore v. John Hoff a/k/a Johnny Northside defamation lawsuit. Heck, if we'll
toast to a whorehouse being demolished we'll sure toast "half a victory" in court.

The verdict in the lawsuit was, of course, THIS BLOG TOLD THE TRUTH when I said
Jerry Moore was involved in a high-profile fraudulent mortgage at 1564 Hillside Ave. N. From that legal determination of truth, victory can be wrestled out of the rest of the ruling, especially with so much high-powered legal help coming out of the woodwork to get a piece of the action, and God bless 'em, every one. But I still think this one may go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Something in my gut just says so, though it's hard to put one's law-trained finger upon the precise "issue of first impression."

But back to the subject at hand...a drinking party!

In the photo above, shot glasses are pressed into service to...

...drink champagne. Who cares what you use as a cup, so long as the cup is filled with bubbly? Ann Yin is visible in the photo. Her local and organic foods store,
Local D'Lish, continues to garner accolades far and wide. With the end of winter, farmers markets will spring up all over, but where was the living green fire of the farmer's market kept alive during the long, severe winter? In Ann's store.

That's where you can find a farmer's market during the winter, and virtually nowhere else. Just as spring comes "up from the valley" in the mountains of Virginia, so do springtime farmer's markets "come forth from the door of Ann Yin's store." Ann Yin made what was, to me, the most moving toast of the night: because this blog is not afraid to speak out, others do not feel afraid. If this blog falters, if this blog is afraid, others will be afraid as well.

That can't happen.

The champagne was given to Megan Goodmundson by one of her relatives, who was moving and was all, like, "I don't really need this magnum of French champagne." So we dubbed it "freegan champagne" because it was free.

Attorney Paul Godfread, above, is really more of the "listener type," especially compared to yours truly.

Brian Finstad and his partner Raymel, who moved from South Minneapolis (SoMi) to NoMi. In the foreground, Allie Wagner and her father, Dennis Wagner. When Jerry Moore was involved in the physical altercation in the basement of Jordan New Life Church, on the night of the JACC election which put the "New Majority" in power, Allie Wagner had to witness her father, Dennis, get struck by Jerry Moore--according to an eyewitness account.

The one and only
Jonathon Palmer. At one time, Palmer was executive director of the Jordan Neigborhood...before the "Old Majority" managed the organization so badly they can no longer afford an executive director...not yet, anyway.

Jordan resident Dave Haddy demonstrates how he witnessed Jerry Moore strike P.J. Hubbard in the face on the night of the "church basement altercation." Yes, P.J. was wearing glasses, too.

For a "half a victory" party, we had quite a crowd!

Ed Kohler of The Deets blog shows up, and poses with the champagne. He was off to some exotic city to inspect the toilet paper. I think Ed Kohler was about going crazy to be a witness in the trial, and be part of the circus. Too bad he didn't get a chance to testify, but his name was on the plaintiff's witness list so Kohler gets his footnote in "blogosphere trial of the century" history.

Joel Breeggemann, the "get to NoMi" guy, was already at the bar and kindly made an appearance at our gathering. He talked about how he remembered, very well, a homophobic rant Jerry Moore launched into right after an article was published in Lavender Magazine about how NoMi is the "gayborhood of the year."

Eric Johnson, from the Irving Inquisition blog, drains the last few drops of champagne from the bottle. Maybe some crafty lawyer can use this picture to accuse Eric Johnson of blogging while intoxicated.

(Sarcasm font) Don Samuels is the principal, Johnny Northside is merely the agent. All power and glory to Don Samuels.

Brian Finstad's Canadian relative is home shopping in North Minneapolis and has been for a while, looking to expand the revitalizer empire. At social events like the "Johnny Northside half a victory party" we plan, we exchange information, we renew our bonds which are already strong like soldiers in a platoon, facing adversity but bringing about victory.

This is our neighborhood. We're not leaving. The thugs, mortgage fraudsters, and Level Three sex offenders, THEY are the ones who will be LEAVING. We are sticking around, and turning this place into Urban Utopia for our children, and our children's children.

Thank you, friends, for coming to my party. I look forward to another one and--if it is necessary--another and another. If you missed this one, maybe you can make the next one!

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