Sunday, March 27, 2011

Link to Level 3 Predatory Offender Information.

Blog post and screen shots by NoMiStar*

Click the link below to the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) to find your neighborhood perverts.

You can search by zip code or individual names. Apparently the MN DOC fears lynch mobs of angry parents showing up on the door steps of the offenders so only the block numbers or general area is given, despite the fact other states (like Texas) publish the actual addresses. The search of zip code 55411 returned 20 [sic] names!

Warning clicking link may cause nausea & vomiting

Click Here MN DOC

Screen shot MN DOC Homepage

Screen shot 55411 Loser list

Screen shot 1st Loser on list


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Johnny Northside! said...

Thanks, NoMiStar*

It's a fascinating website and I often make use of it. Readers may also find it interesting.

I said...

Yikes my zip has 10 of them! Interesting...2 on the 3600 block of Girard and 2 on the 3400 block of Logan. I wonder what pervy things they do when they are allowed to live together?!

Johnny Northside! said...

I ran into NoMiStar* today over by the disgusting little store that was robbed recently--one of the customers shot in the chest--and I was all, like, hey. What the heck. My readers KNOW about that website.

And NoMiStar* told me: New readers might not know about it. Hey, we need to keep the pressure on the perverts.

And I was all, like, OK, cool. Now go write some more stuff.

BTW, if anybody can give a $35 donation and designate it for "license plate research," NoMiStar can get us some interesting information.

Anonymous said...

You want more info on sex offenders, you are not going to get it from the DOC. Contact your legislator and ask them to change the law. Maybe be like a number of other states and get info on all the sex offenders, not just level 3.

Johnny Northside! said...

I published your comment but I want to make clear that right now my battle is with the Level Three sex offenders in North Minneapolis, not with the rest of them. In fact, I don't have any evidence that North Minneapolis has more than its fair share of the OTHER sex offenders. It's the L3SOs being dumped here, not the rest, as far as I can tell.