Thursday, March 24, 2011

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Letter From Judge Blaeser To Attorney Jill Clark, Alludes To Some Kind Of Legal Hot Water...

Thanks, NoMi neighbor, for help scanning image, blog post by John Hoff

Today this blog received a copy of a letter from Judge Robert Blaeser that was mailed to Jill Clark.

The letter, which can be seen better if you click on the image above, reads as follows...

March 23, 2011

Jill E. Clark, Esq.
2005 Aquila Avenue North
Golden Valley, MN 55427

RE: Rickmyer v. Hodson, et al
Court File No. 27CV10-3378

Dear Ms. Clark,

I received your notice of appearance and motion paperwork dated March 17 and March 22. I disagree that the order to show cause is a criminal contempt proceeding and that the Rules of Criminal Procedure apply. Because I prompted an investigation by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility into your conduct on another matter, I will recuse myself to avoid any appearance of impropriety. The case will be reassigned to Judge Swenson to hear the order to show cause when his schedule allows. Also, if there are any questions pertaining to the record in this case, the order and transcript from the hearing are available at your request.


Robert A. Blaeser
District Court Judge


cc: District Court Adminstrator, Hon. James T. Swenson, James A. Moore, Esq., Kevin M. Decker, Esq., David A. James, Esq. John W. Hoff aka jns aka Johnnynorthside, The Adventures of Johnny Northside


This blog does not know what is the "other matter" or the "conduct on another matter." We do not know if this "other matter" was something recent, or some long ago matter.

It does, however, sound like legal hot water.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so NoMi leaders are all like W.T.F.!?!?!!

Johnny Northside! said...

Wouldn't we all LOVE TO KNOW?

When I know, readers will know soon after.

And I am trying very hard to find out.

boathead said...

Extree,Extree, fart all about it; Mental Pete has already posed for his latest Department of Corrections school photos. Rumor has it he asked to be on the Camera Shy list but the camera insisted that he did not want him on his list due to possible guilt by association. Pete looks pissed that he couldn't put gel in his hair for the photo shoot so he quickly ran to the bathroom and...never mind. Anyways, the Minnesota Department of Rejectio....i mean Corrections sat him down in his sunday go to meetings and ordered him to smile and say "SLEAZE" and Pete soaked up the irony of it all. Now off to Moose Lake, just a guess, he'll show up as Bullwinkel in a dress.Good Day.

Johnny Northside! said...

OK, but Boathead, tell me what's up with that Mark Anthony Stephenson? That's NOT Pete's brother, is it?

Or is this a spectacular case of a brother by another mother?

Johnny Northside! said...

Interesting clues about Clark's history with the judiciary are to be found here.

The format of the article is messy and inconvenient to read, but the good stuff is at the bottom, so go right there.

boathead said...

No, but it is a case of the motherfucker having the same first and last name and fucking age . My Bad! I can give you more info than you would know what to do with instead of badgering with the brother from another bullshit. What? I suppose nothind else i have told you has panned out,huh?

Anonymous said...

Pete is in Lino Lakes and he does not look happy. They won't let him watch teltubbies i guess.

Anonymous said...

You (John Hoff) and Jill Clark are a lot alike. You both have the battles that you choose to fight, and you both get into hot water for fighting those battles. You two are a lot closer than you realize.

bandit said...

Hey Johhny,

Read a blurb about support from the journalists for you.
I'm also a constitutional law student, more accurately, as part of my regimen of classes, an old hack returning as a college freshman.
Those experiences and those from my past, which include some degree of activism, primarily to merely survive, but, yeah, farther back for the East Side neighborhood, also, give me a sense of having seen a lot misuse of authority.
My ears pricked up, pal, when I first read the story. I will seek more knowledge before I pass on any judgement - Hell, I'm not fit to judge anybody really, but I can have my opinions, which do sometimes lead to action.
Just wanted to say, man, I offer my support, emotional or however, for another person blogging in this community and media market.
I'll be checkin' in; wrote myself a note.


Anonymous said...

1. Following that link, there was an Oct. 2006 ethics complaint, apparently, against Clark, and it looks as you are correct that the letter you publish may relate to that. Could it relate to another separate complaint against Clark? That linked item talks of Wieland, not Blaeser. Is it the same thing?

2. This was said in the item you linked:

"According to Peter Brown, a local attorney, member of the MN chapter of the National Lawyer's Guild, and a Jill Clark Defense Coalition supporter, conducted his own independent study ahead of an NLG meeting in February about Clark's situation."

Is it worth your time to see if Peter Brown and/or the National Lawyers Guild are free speech haters and would go on therecord that way, or otherwise, re Moore v. Hoff?

It might be a hoot to find out.

My impression of the NLG, they can be inconsistent, but always dogmatic. Yet, I would be very surprised if the NLG would hop on Jill Clark's bandwagon, universally and without qualification, on this frontal assault thing against blogging speech.

It's a bit of a surprise, that NLG crowd seems quiet, taking a hike, on a retreat; regarding Moore v. Hoff and blog speech.

Somebody might poke a stick in to see if the hornets have abandoned a coalition nest.

Johnny Northside! said...

The letter may allude to that long-ago matter, but my courthouse source says--without any direct proof, mind you, except the timing and speculation--that it may actually involve the Donald Bellfield defamation matter.

I'd love to know. Does anybody KNOW?

Johnny Northside! said...

No, Boathead, I wouldn't say nothing else has panned out at all. I wouldn't say that. No.

Tell me what you know. Start at the beginning, go all the way to the end, and don't leave anything out of the middle part.

Johnny Northside! said...

Lino Lakes location for Spanky Pete confirmed, and he's sporting a new beard that he must have grown, day after day, in the jailhouse.

Anonymous said...

For the most part, Pete Brown is in his own world. Just talk to him. You're eyes will glaze over within minutes. NLG is known to be left of left.

The Wieland complaint is different from the Blaeser complaint.

Johnny Northside! said...

The Weiland complaint is different from the Blaeser complaint?

Do you know more? Tell, tell, tell.

Johnny Northside! said...

I've been told, AGAIN, the complaint being alluded to is about the Bellfield case but, once again, I can't nail this down and confirm it even though my source is trustworthy.