Monday, March 21, 2011

Criminal Complaint, Luis A. Paredes-Quito, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting A Young Relative...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

The Star Tribune already reported this case, click here for coverage, but the STrib did not provide any link to a PDF of the criminal complaint. That's where the blogosphere has to scramble for interesting, valuable scraps.

Here is a link to the criminal complaint, click here. Luis A. Paredes-Quito is accused of repeated sexual assault of a young relative and also first degree criminal stupidity for pretty much admitting everything while talking to the girl on a wiretapped jail phone. Police have done the human gene pool a serious favor by locking this guy up. God Bless The Fourth Precinct and the Hennepin County Prosecutor.

The complaint seems to allege the criminal acts took place at the home of Paredes-Quito which, according to the complaint, is 3118 Dupont Ave. N.

Looking up the address, I expect to find the name of a local slumlord (as usual) but, no, turns out the man owns his house.

Just goes to show you slumlords can't be blamed for EVERYTHING, and not all homeowners are good people.

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Anonymous said...

What they forgot to mention was that it was an affair. Yes, she was underage, yes he was stupid. And she was a smart girl who decided to take revenge by turning against him once she realized he would never leave his wife and her kids. Can you believe it... Her parents were deported, and her aunt took her and her rebellious brother in. Yes, the affair was stupid, the worst decision ever. In this country we protect the minors. The minor who has decided to hurt her aunt who took her in when no one else would. A girl who betrayed her cousin, her best friend,, by sleeping with her father. A girl who got filled with intense jealousy once she was booted from the house. She tried to ruin their lives, but the love of a family stands strong, and I am very proud to witness it. He too is to blame for the affair and the separation of the family, but I believe in karma. I believe the day will come when she realizes of the sin she has committed and she too will pay the consequences.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am publishing the above comment for its substantive nature commenting on the story, though I do not have any confirmation whether it is truthful.

I will say that when Tab A sticks itself into Minor Slot B, Tab A always has some kind of elaborate excuse and justification. But at the end of the day, it's still Tab A and Minor Slot B and that's against the law, no matter how you dress it up.