Thursday, March 31, 2011

Department Of Corrections Has Crossed The Line--Protest Planned As Two More Level Three Sex Offenders Dumped On North Minneapolis!

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

The maddening issue of Level Three Sex Offenders being dumped on North Minneapolis has reached a head as two more dangerous predators are being located in the 55411 zip code, most likely in the "rapist village" duplex at 3008 and 3010 Emerson Ave. N., owned by landlords Rasheed and Meraj Khan. Tonight there is a meeting at St. Olaf Church, 2901 Emerson Ave. N., from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. We expect KARE-11 to be present, and maybe City Council Member Don Samuels, as well as upset citizens who feel a line has officially been crossed.

For months, neighborhood leaders in North Minneapolis have quietly, respectfully, and repeatedly brought up the issue of sex offender concentration here in the...

...poorest and demographically youngest neighborhood in the state, which is North Minneapolis. Recently, the Department of Corrections has voiced to these neighborhood leaders how the DOC "gets it." But, at a recent "Dessert with Don" event, Council Member Don Samuels stated Hennepin County has a side deal to take the Level Three offenders of other counties. Where are they being dumped? Many of them are being dumped here in North Minneapolis. What does North Minneapolis get out of the deal? Nothing but extra perverts, rapists and molesters on our streets. Enough is enough!

Clearly, the DOC doesn't "get it." If DOC "got it" they wouldn't have casually dumped these two sex offenders on us. Furthermore, the sex offenders coming through North Minneapolis are so numerous that even when you look at the ones who ARE NOT currently here, many of them have BEEN here at one time, familiarizing themselves with our neighborhood and making connections.

The house where these two sex offenders will live--which is probably 3010 and 3008 Emerson Ave. N.--has been, at one time, home to OTHER sex offenders.

We are fed up. How fed up are we? So fed up we wrote a SONG about it. Stay tuned in coming days. The song will be released on YouTube.

This is what the DOC has got to know/
No more L3SOs!

Stay tuned. Be excited. Very excited. But only in an appropriate and completely LEGAL way.

In the meantime, tonight's meeting at St. Olaf's promises to be a colorful and interesting event. If you don't have a protest sign, don't worry.

Megan Goodmundson made a few extras, using "sign spam" we tore down off utility poles.


detersbb said...

Is there a state/federal statute/code that restricts the number of registered sex offenders in a block, or district or ward?

It would be something that could be used to seek an injection against the police from possibly releasing these offenders, but certainly from releasing these offenders in your area not to mention force them out through legal means.

It would be very fun to watch a Dept. of Corrections official squirm under cross or while being called to the stand about why they aided and abetted the breaking of the law by a registered sex offender at a court hearing by releasing the offender and allowing them/helping them settle in in violation of the limited concentration.

Just a thought.

Johnny Northside! said...

There's a state statute which addresses concentration but the wording is...well, it could be worded more strongly.

I think we need an injunction with our without a statute. Just on the basis of, my word, it's COMMON SENSE you don't dump so many all in one area.

Legal Beagle said...

I think you're missing the issue. An injunction is the particular form of relief you're seeking. It's not a cause of action or a basis for litigation.

The state isn't going to let you sue itself over this. The language of the statute could be, by your own terms, "worded more strongly".

Perverts have to live somewhere. A lot of these perverts aren't under the thumb of the DOC so there's nothing the DOC can do about where they live.

For the perverts that are under the thumb of the DOC, the only place they can live is NoMi. The suburbs and the rest of the metro are too pricey and the community organizes against the pervs.

It is unfortunate for NoMi, but it was designed to be society's dumping ground years ago and it continues to live up to the bill today.

Anonymous said...

When will you get it through your head that the the DOC does not place L3's. The DOC has nothing to do with the placement of offenders.

Johnny Northside! said...

When will YOU get through YOUR head that DOC is the power that ultimately allows this concentration to happen, and it is to DOC that we make our case. And we're going to keep bringing it up with DOC, over and over, until we get somewhere.