Thursday, March 31, 2011

Word Of Much Awaited Progress On Friedman's Shoes Exterior...

Photo and blog post by John Hoff

At the recent "Dessert With Don" event, where Fifth Ward Council Member Don Samuels and Mayor Rybak answered questions about numerous North Minneapolis topics, the evening started out with a verbal "commercial" for Friedman's Shoes...

Former City Council Member Jackie Cherryhomes, who is now running the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition talked about how her daughter needed pink Converse high tops for a school play. Cherryhomes shopped far and wide but couldn't find the shoes her daughter needed.

As a last resort Cherryhomes went to Friedman's, a location she said was "literally within walking distance" of her own home. As she walked in the door there, right in front of her--


Which just goes to show you: shop in your own neighborhood first. Everything we need is here, even exotic stuff.

Many other positive things were said about Friedman's throughout the meeting, but the most positive thing of all was said by the store's owner, pictured above. Apparently, very solid plans for exterior improvements are in the works. In fact, word is we're not just looking at the exterior being cleaned up, but actually becoming beautiful, expressive, and even artistic.

This blog, which has banged the drum very loudly for aesthetic improvements on the exterior of the store, now makes a public vow to "lay off" until April 15 and await solid word of progress.

On a side note...

What particular dramatic production requires the pink Converse high tops? I'm just wondering.


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Johnny Northside for getting them to fix this! We owe you We owe you We owe you. Who's next! First Merwins, then Friedmans BJ's? Fire And Ice and the white T-Shirts? Once again THANK YOU JOHNNY NORTHSIDE!

Anonymous said...

jackie cherryholmes does not run wbba. ron hicks does.

also, i think that friedmans got a fascade improvement grant that the city was implementing.

Anonymous said...

How about some aesthetic improvements on your home which needs exterior painting and siding replaced? Banging the drum starts at home. Ya I know - troll comment rejected. Heaven forbid you practice what you preach.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anonymous at 9:31.

Well, here's the deal. The trolls have already said plenty about my home, and it's having as much effect as it's going to have.

I'm going to say plenty about Friedman's, and it's going to have as much effect as it's going to have.

The exterior vinyl siding is just fine and doesn't need to be replaced. It needs to be power washed and that will happen when it happens, no matter what trolls have to say about it.

I sure did tuck point that chimney, didn't I? Ha ha. Every time I see that light-colored "war trophy" brick up there from the Apartment Complex of Anarchy, it just makes me smile.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Anoymous at 8:32.

Jackie Cherryhomes is the Chair of WBBA. Here is a quote from a recent newspaper article.
"We need other businesses; we don't need liquor stores," Jackie Cherryhomes, chair of the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition, said in an interview. There are four liquor stores in north Minneapolis now.
Ron Hicks is, what, the executive director?

Who "runs" things is relative. I stand by the statement.

NoMi Passenger said...

I can't wait until Friedman's gets their windows re-done. I will be running right in and making a purchase when they are complete. And I'll tell them I'm a JNS reader (and contributor) and that I've been in support of the public push for revitalization of their windows, and now that they are done, I'll be buying shoes there.

Perhaps I'll get some pink Converse hightops, they sound fun!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know how you went about asking for Mr.Friedmen to do something about his windows. Did you ever go to him directly? So what if he cleans up the outside of the store and still sells long white tees or nike's..would you try to run him out of town. Seems to me that a lot of people who now live in north minneapolis have and these grand idea's about how things should be here. I agree I don't want gangs and shit here but I grew up getting my shoes from Friedmens. He is a old man and his son is the one who is in charge of the shoe to him..

Anonymous said...

how about instead of judging a book by its cover why don't you push to get the DQ on Broadway open again.. heard its gonna be a hot summer..

Anonymous said...

The movers and shakers of NOMI don't need to talk to every store owner, they should know that we expect them to make a good appearance on broadway. If they do not we'll put our thumb on them.