Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Avenue Eatery Replaces Bean Scene Too At 1101 West Broadway Avenue...

Photos and blog post by John Hoff

The Bean Scene Too, (which existed long after the original Bean Scene closed and thus the "Too" part of the name made even less sense than it did before, since the correct spelling would be "Two," wouldn't it?) has been replaced by Avenue Eatery. And not a moment too soon. We desperately need a clean, nice, high-end coffee shop on West Broadway to keep revitalization moving forward. Like so much of the progress on West Broadway, we have Catalyst Community Partners to thank.

Check out the sign which has "faux aging" to make it look like the sign has been around for a while. Very cool.

Naturally, IBNN
"Shake Down Blogger" Don Allen griped about the changes at the former Bean Scene, even before those changes happened. Click here for link to his article.

OOPS! Turns out there's not a live link. What can I say? Mistakes happen.

JNS blog says: Let Don Allen bark all he wants. Don't throw this man a NICKEL to stop barking. Consider: even when the Minneapolis Public Schools paid Don Allen $15,000 he still let loose with critiques about MPS so it turns out you CAN'T pay Don Allen and hope as a result of the payment he will shut up go away. No, you just have to accept the fact Don Allen will keep barking. At least, that is to say,
when he's not busy and occupied with the many porno stars he openly and publicly follows on Twitter, click here.

Yes, I know this is a heck of a way to announce the opening of a new coffee shop. Ideally, I would just say nice things about beverages and sandwiches. But we are in an amazing, vital, controversial, colorful time in NoMi. Changes are moving forward at warp speed. I can't document them fast enough. Can't cover them all on my blog. All the bloggers in NoMi COMBINED can't seem to report on all the rapid changes.

Not everybody likes the changes, but the ones screaming loudest aren't even FROM the neighborhood. I live nearby and I am excited about a new, improved coffee shop with (OMG) wireless internet. Thank you, thank you, thank you Catalyst Community Partners.

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