Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Level Three Sex Offender Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer Purportedly Serves A Second Lawsuit On Johnny Northside Blog...

Stock photo and blog post by John Hoff

Prudently refraining from writing about frivolous litigant Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer for a day or two hasn't worked, no more than calling his zookeeper probation officer has worked. After talking it over with Jordan Neighborhood "Super Citizen" Megan Goodmundson, my girlfriend, we decided it was best to tell the disturbing tale of how Peter Rickmyer has been shadowing the Johnny Northside defamation trial and actually purported to serve a lawsuit on me, not just once (I already wrote about that) but TWICE.

As to the fate of the first attempted lawsuit that I wrote about earlier...

I had a conversation with Spanky Pete's probation officer, whose name I will refrain from using for the moment, and that conversation went like this:

March 3

Dear (name of probation officer)

Thanks so much for talking to Megan [Goodmundson] today and telling her that I didn't have to worry about Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer's purported lawsuit, that you were on it, that I don't have to file anything, etc.

What you told my girlfriend verbally is a comfort but I really think that to rely on that I need to at least have it in writing like in an email. Something I could pull out and show if, oh my word, I don't file an answer AT ALL and then somebody (like crazy [name of attorney]) wants to assert I have lost by default.

Can you help me out, here, Mr. [name]?

(He replied as follows)

Mr. Hoff:

Judge Blaeser may be the better authority in this case. According to my conversation with the Judge, his order was clear that nothing can be filed without going through him. The clerks [sic] office has no record of anything and would not even know what to do if you were to respond to it. Perhaps you can stop by the civil clerk's office on the 3rd floor and show them the summons you received.

I am not an attorney nor licensed to practice law. I cannot help you out with any documentation or give any legal advice and my conversation with Ms. Goodmundson was more meant to keep you informed that we were handling the matter and to relay what the Judge had told me.

(To which I responded)

Thanks, [name].

I guess I will have to let the judge know that I want consequences and sanctions for Spanky Pete disobeying the judge's order.

(And so things went until Monday, when...)

I was coming around a corner after lunch on the way to Court Room 655C and there was a flurry of activity as Spanky Pete appeared with papers in his hand. The exact sequence of events that happened will remain shrouded in Spanky Mystery for now, though I do recall saying out loud to Megan, "Call his probation officer." And Spanky Pete made a loud declaration, which shall be (for now) as mute, silent and unquoted as certain anonymous dead victims of deviant psychopath sexual predators who live on the same mental wavelength as Pervert Pete. But suffice to say, it was only much later that I learned the contents of the papers because they weren't (and still are not) served upon me.

What's really annoying, here, was that jurors were in the hallway and this appeared to be Mental Pete's way of committing jury interference.

At some point, I learned (secondhand) what Judge Blaeser thought of this second alleged, purported, and pretended lawsuit document, which was as follows.


However, I am stuck with the fact that:

1. Twice, now, I have heard secondhand that I don't have to worry Pete's lawsuit is, in any legal sense, real. But I really prefer to hear things firsthand and I especially prefer to get things in writing.

2. From an abundance of caution, based on my legal training, it really seems more prudent to file an answer to the purported lawsuits than NOT.

The purported lawsuit in question is (like everything Rickmyer writes) a self-involved and obsessed articulation of specific yet random madness. If the logic were merely circular that would be a simple matter, but it appears to be shaped more like a tangled up fishing line.

The lawsuit-like document is captioned as follows: Peter Rickmyer, Petitioner v. John Willard Hoff, Et, al. defendants. [sic]

Again, please note: the caption on the LEGAL DOCUMENT ITSELF uses "Et, al" by which one would assume Rickmyer means "et al," Latin for "and others." The problem is real lawyers (those who get their legal training somewhere besides the Moose Lake facility for sexual sickos) put all the names of a party on the lawsuit. A phrase like "et al" is used when writing about the case elsewhere, or citing the case, to dispense with having to write out the names of ALL THE PARTIES, regarding which there may be many and...


OK, other things wrong with the lawsuit-oidal document.

1. Appears to cite the Hennepin County Government Center Law Library Rules as on point legal authority. I suppose if you've spent a lot of your adult life being institutionalized then something like "library rules" are about as close to common law or statutory authority as one is likely to experience directly, but for most adults, er, we don't cite cases from Library Court.

2. Here's how the purported lawsuit begins: Plaintiff Rickmyer ("Plaintiff", "Rickmyer", "me", "myself", "I") moves this Court for temporary injunction enjoining the above named Defendants...

3. Rickmyer states I (Hoff) have harassed him "in numerous ways which started after I served his 'buddies' Petition for restraining Order which I was seeking to stop the harassment in May of 2009 till June of 2010 when I dropped all legal appeals."

OK, the reality train is pulling into the station, Spanky, and I am your conductor: You didn't drop all legal appeals. Rather, the Court declared you a frivolous litigant (an event so rare in the annals of American law that you really should be stuffed and put on display in some law library when you are done peacefully living out your pervy, minor-spanking-for-sexual-gratification existence) and the gist of the Court's declaration is YOU CAN'T FILE LAWSUITS. Not unless you go get yourself an attorney, that is to say.

4. The lawsuit says I admitted I took a picture of Spanky Pete in the law library. I have admitted no such thing. I will, however, freely admit (parody font) that I telepathically beamed myself to the 24th Floor of the Hennepin County Government Center, took mental control of Pete's brain, forced Pete to take a picture of himself with his own cell phone, and I had Pete email it to me from one of the computers in the law library. Now, I know that using a non-consenting human avatar to access a law computer is against the law--or will be in the year 2052--but here's the problem, Pete.

Time travelers only have to obey the law on the plane of reality where they momentarily reside. You know it, I know it, and the Solar Council Supreme Authority knows it. I'm afraid there's nothing much you can do about this legal loophole unless you can find a wormhole. I'd start by checking your medulla oblongata. (End parody font)

5. Pete complains that "while doing thinking, research and typing would have to look every minute forward, left, right and backwards" to ensure Hoff was not there or catch him in the act of taking pictures of me and realized he [isn't that supposed to be me, myself, I?] could not concentrate with the threat of Hoff being allowed to stalk and take pictures of me and was unable to appeal.

To which I reply: Pete, I think the reason you couldn't appeal was because, due to the ruling by the Honorable Judge, you needed a lawyer to file that appeal. But if you want to give me credit for being the reason you couldn't file an appeal in your frivolous and expensive lawsuit against so many public officials and decent residents of the Jordan Neighborhood, I shall (as the Apostle Paul wrote) "wear [the accusations] as a crown upon my head."

6. Rickmyer next complains about a Judicial District Court employee, a female he names, who tried unsuccessfully to get Creepy Pete trespassed from the building for, well, being creepy. (The word "creepy" is actually in the narrative text of the report, which appears to be a police or security report) It is numbered 09-001089, 9/25/2009. Specifically, the word "creepy" appears as follows: "[S]he commented that it was 'creepy' having him around but it was better now that the kids were back in school."

My question is: how does Peter act in the county government building when the kids are NOT in school?

This next phrase from the report is very interesting, and comes from the police or security officer: "I told [the complaining party] that RICKMYER had not been trespassed yet because there had not been substantial enough cause to issue a trespass warning."

Uh huh. To which I respond: Since 2009 there have been attempts to trespass this creep from the County Government Building, and the most powerful people in the county can't pull it off. So how is my politically-disenfranchised neighborhood supposed to protect itself from this psychopath? (That last phrase is not figurative, see this newspaper article)

7. The conclusion of Rickmyer's complaint is notable and shows his overall goal: getting back to the Law Library where he would hang out all day, doing nothing productive, figuring out new creepazoidal tactics to creepily creep out people in the Jordan Neighborhood.

The "conclusion" of the legal complaint reads as follows: Unless enjoined above-named defendants will continue to keep me from the H.C.G.C. law library.

Spunkmyer (I mean Rickmyer) then complains I (Hoff) am in "active concert or participation" to violate, inter alia, law library rules.

And it's Thursday, so today we are legally entitled to jello and Wheel of Fortune.

Rickmyer includes a "Memorandum of Law" in support of his puh-puh-purported pleadings, citing the crazy case he so often cites which seems to have nothing to do with anything: re Special Force Ministries, et al., Respondents, vs. WCCO Television, a subsidiary of CBS Inc., et al.

As though it wasn't bad enough that Spanky Pete made a failed attempt to personally serve his own purported lawsuit, today he was also seen and photographed trying to follow a citizen from the Jordan Neighborhood. This on top of the fact Spanky Pete was present in the corridor outside of Room 655C during the first hearing where I appeared with my current attorney. That's a total of FOUR Spanky Pete manifestations over a short period of time, counting Pete's process server as one. This includes two attempts to serve purported lawsuit documents.

At this point, we have gone beyond calling Peter Rickmyer's probation officer, or the supervisor of his probation officer (who is on vacation until March 17) or the substitute supervisor. Our county commissioner has been contacted. How on earth can a Level Three sex offender get away with this stalking behavior and not have consequences? How can somebody declared a frivolous litigant serve purported lawsuit documents? TWICE? Once in the presence of a sequestered jury?

Consider this vexing question in closing: if the people who occupy the County Government Building--the most powerful people in the county--can't deal effectively with Rickmyer, then how is my politically-disenfranchised neighborhood to deal with him, as well as all the other many Level Three sex offenders who have been dumped here?

We ask, we beg, we pray our government officials for severe legal consequences for Stalker Pete, the kind of consequences which involve reinforced locks.

Are you hearing us? Or do our pleas fall on deaf ears?


Anonymous said...

The sweet sound of a bump in the night. Like when you hear the sound of a mouse trap catching its pray in the middle of the night and you roll and smile. Then go back to sleep, content. That is how you deal with Sir spanks alot.

Capt Jack from way back

boathead said...

IT is time for me to step out of the shadows and interview people in the neighborhood where you grew up,Pete, and compile proof of the constant harassing and perverted behavior that was your fucking trademark in the Harrison neighborhood and the countless schools you attended, mainly Lincoln Jr. High, through out your troubled and offensive history. I know your family, will learn more about you after my investigating begins because i am fucking sick of you.This is not about helping John only. Oh no! Do not get me wrong. This has become personal for me. Boat's sick of your fucking ass! One- Adam 12, cocksucker. Hasta la fucking vista!!

Rick said...

John, you've got a lot going on, but I'm sure you and your readers would love to know that Rickmyer (under his real name, Peter Richard Stephenson) has been arrested and is currently in the Hennepin jail:

No details on the jail roster on what the charges are.

Johnny Northside! said...

Ha. I think I was working on my blog post about that subject when your comment came in.

Anybody have more details? Any documents?

Anonymous said...

He can't serve his own papers. But it is a fact that you harass and defame his every chance you get.

Julie said...

How is it that you don't have a restraining order against him? I mean, he's not violent (yet?) but he's clearly disturbed.

NoMi Passenger said...

@ Anonymous 3:37pm, you sound very legally intelligent, so I am optimistic that you can help me understand better this question:

How exactly does one defame a notorious L3SO's character? Also, how is writing about someone on the internet considered harassment when they aren't even supposed to BE on the internet?

And how is it harassment when the so called victim of harassment is the one who KEEPS COMING AROUND THE SO CALLED HARASSER?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

While Mr. Rickmyer cannot access the internet himself, that does not prohibit him from having a third party provide him with information such as the librarian of a public library.
A friend or relative of his could mail him copies of everything posted on the Adventures of Johnny Northside. That would not violate the conditions of his parole.
It would be no different than having the daily newspaper delivered to his door.
While Mr. Rickmyer may be a "notorious L3SO's character", he is still entitled to certain basic human rights, whether you think so or not. Clearly his feeble attempts at getting a restraining order or filing a civil suit are a direct reaction to your prolonged (you and Mr. Hoff) provocations.
As to your harassment question, go ask Paul Godfread. He's pro bono to John Hoff. I charge for my time and I doubt you could afford me, nor am I optimistic you would even pay attention to my explanation. So I shall not waste my time.
But if asked, I would gladly donate my time to assist Mr. Rickmyer in restraining you and Mr. Hoff from intimidating him or making frivolous complaint to his "keepers" as you refer to them. He has the grounds; he just doesn't have the resources, yet.

NoMi Passenger said...

For the sake of a mature discussion, I would welcome your comments and tell me exactly what I have done to harass Spanky Pete.

I'm assuming you know who I am since you are referring to me in the second person pronoun "you".

Anonymous said...

Your question contains your answer.

boathead said...

Hail, Hail Mental fucking Pete has a buddy in arms going by Anonameass 9:28. Hey anonameass,are you a fucking chomo too? Turds of a feather spank together would be the assumption. What kind of legal trouble should the main pervert be in for filing legal documents under a false name?Larry, how do you feel about your imfamous brother-in-law using your last name with it being thrown around in variuos publications? Pissed off, i imagine,just like Booger-Man Bobs family was when he was scraped off the floor .Bring back bad memories, Larry? You wouldn't be reminded of it if your kin wasn't who he is and the fact that he uses your last name. Can you spell FRAUD, children? Contempt? Filing false documents under a false name? I think Stillwater will want you after you get out of St. Peters..that is IF you do!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Screw mature discussion. Now that the precedent has been established, you (I do know who you are) and John Hoff are ripe for additional civil suits. Apparently Mr. Hoff was asleep during hit tort lectures.

NoMi Passenger said...

OK, Anon 9:46. It took me a while to decode your cryptic response but I think I get it.

You are alleging that since I put the word "Spanky" in front of his name, I have then harassed Spanky Pete?

Really? That is going to hold up in court?

The funny thing is there is a Pro-spanky/anti-John comment wating in moderation (I already explained I am much more picky of what I chose to publish and leave stuff to John to decide) and this pro-Spanky/anti-John comment actually calls him "Spanky"! Just Spanky! So, I think that is proof that everyone calls him Spanky Pete these days. Why? Because he was charged with criminal sexual conduct for spanking minors. He should sue his own self.

There are people on the internet calling me a bunch of mean names. Are they harassing me? Guess how I deal with it. I don't read it. Therefore it has no impact on me or my emotional well being. Easy solution, huh?

Trying to continue the mature discussion.

boathead said...

NoMi Passenger, you have nothing to worry about. This man will be doing all of his litigating while he's masturbating and gargling and gyrating in his Mental Pete manner. Spanky,Mental,Pervert, a relative potpourri of monikers apply to this moronic reject from the pedophile factory. A cell, the walled variety type, awaits his shit smelling arrival. St. Peters (behold the fucked up irony) will have a welcoming commitee waiting with drawers down to make you feel right at home, pervert. The final act has Spanky waving to all of his friends on the shores of chomo beach as he is brought out to the middle of molesters lake for one final dip in the drink.The curtain rises and the play is over. Good Evening.

Anonymous said...

Take a Valium Michael and relax, before you end up in St. Peter.

Johnny Northside! said...

To Julie: Why I don't have a restraining order against him, yet.

I guess I've just been busy dealing with, for example, crazy Don Allen threatening to file a restraining order against me, apparently for writing about his fiasco of a contract with the Minneapolis Public Schools. I mean, yeah, I could get a restraining order but then I'd have to be in a court room with Spanky Pete, and it seems like I ALREADY spend too much time in the courthouse being followed around by the Spank-in-ator.

Johnny Northside! said...

Besides, the man is now in jail...

What do I need with a restraining order? He's about as restrained as he can be.